Friday, August 17, 2007

Question number 2 ... no, number 3 ....

Hi friends .....

Last night I told you I was taking over my blog and that I was going to answer the 5 questions Luckie answered on her blog. I am going to do them one at a time though. I said last night I was going to do question 2 about tricks and treats but I have changed my mind. I am still seperated from my Mom and so she can't take a video of me doing any tricks right now. So tonight's queston is ........... drum roll ..............
If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would do and with whom?

Hmmmmm, I have to think about that one. My first thought is I would spend the day playing with Hershey, but I have been hanging out with Hershey for a few weeks now so I don't think I would pick that. This is what Hershey looks like when he is playing. You have to be careful of those teeth. For details on this picture, check out his blog. (By the way, no babies or animals were harmed in the making of this picture.)

I might say I would spend the day with Luckie in Singapore. Maybe we could go on a date to the DWB Party for their annual holiday . That would be fun. Only problem is, that party was just the other day ....... it's over now.

Maybe I would spend the day with Hana and lay in the sun on her window seat. I love to lay in the sun and sleep and I think there is room for me on that bench. That would be fun.

Maybe I would spend the day with Ivy at the beach. I have never been to the beach ...ever. We could dig up some sea shells and smell the ocean air and feel the wind in our fur. That would be fun.

But I think if I could spend an entire day with anyone at all I would spend it with my Mom and do anything she wanted to do. I miss her very much right now and I think she misses me too. I get to see her in two more days. Maybe she will spend a whole day with me soon real soon.


Lorenza said...

I love to spend the entire day with my mom too!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper -
Are you asking me on a date? Okay, what time are you coming to pick me up?
The national day pawty is over but I am sure there will be more pawties coming soon.
I can't wait to see you do your tricks!

Duke said...

Such great ideas and choices but I think mom will win out! Moms are pretty special people!

Love ya lots,

Hana said...

Awww, Copper. That is so sweet that you choose to spend the day with your Mom. Everyday would be Mother's Day. You are a nice boy.

Hana said...

Hey Luckie! Are ya there? I think Copper asked you on a date for next year and also Ivy, too, well, for the beach with Ivy.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Hershey does have sharp teefies there. Oh if you come to Singapore, we'll have a welcome Copper pawty. hee :)

~ Girl girl

Tansy said...

Dear Copper,
You made the Choice I make as well! Spend the day with your Favorite Person. What a Delightful thought!
Although I confess that Running by the Ocean with Ivy would also be Lovely.

By now you are with your Mom, so you must be Happy!


Hana said...

Copper, are you aware that Luckie is waiting patiently for you to pick her up for your date? Oh, I can't wait to see pictures from your date. It's a double date, ya know? With Tad too. Luckie is a very lucky girl to be going on a date with 2 boys. She looks very pretty and she is using the new purse you gave her. Be sure to compliment her on how pretty she looks and how her perfume smells nice.

Isis said...

Woof! I go crazy when my hoomans leave. They have to take me everywhere cuz i get all depressed and wont eat.

I'm sorry you miss yer mom but i'm sure she misses you too!

Have fun on all your dates! You're a busy boy!

Gwyn Valentine said...

WoooOOooo A DATE!!!

And if you are in Singapore, do drop by and say hi to me!