Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monsters I would have barked at .....

Hey dogfriends and Girl girl .....

I am up at Hershey's house on vacation. Hey .... people get to go on vacation right? Dogs need to go on vacation too! Hershey and I have been barking at things we NEED to bark at ... some rude German Shepherd dogs walked past Hershey's house today and WE BARKED AT THEM!!! Then we barked at the MAILMAN!!! He walks right up to Hershey's front door and makes a terrible noise almost every day!! Then later today, the washing machine went into the SPIN CYCLE and we barked at that!! Ok, so maybe we overreacted on that last one, but hey .... we are on alert .... even on vacation!
My Mom went on vacation with my Dad and they saw some things that I would have definately barked at if I had been with them. I mean, look at these MONSTERS!!!!! Aren't they scary?!?!? I sure hope those monsters never come to my house!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
So, it was a barking day??
I don't do that much but sure I'd do it if I see those monsters near me!
I hope your mom and dad are having fun at their vacations!
Have a good night

Lady Kaos said...

Those are Star Wars characters! I LOVE watching Star Wars with my Dad and I would definatley bark at them if I saw them in real life.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
How's your vacation coming along? :) Yeah, I have to agree with's those Star Wars mumbo jumbo.
Barking is *always* FUN!

Hana said...

Those things look scareyyyyyy! I would have peed in my furpants! Then I would have barked.

Ivy said...

oh yeah! i wud totally haf barked at all those things... well except maybe the spin cycle. i mean come on boys. sheesh!

Gwyn Valentine said...

Good on you for barking rude dogs! They need some dogs to teach them manners!

Oh and those things look scary! Monster from outta space?


Asta said...

Hi Copper
I would bawk my head off if I saw those monsters...eeek!
glad you're having fun while your pawents awe away
smoochie kisses