Saturday, July 28, 2007

X27 Technology

BAM! Ruff, ruff, ruff, grrrr, ruff, ruff ruff ruff, grrrrr, ruff BAM squeal, ruff ruff ......

Sorry dogfriends .... (breathing heavy) that was me barking at Nixon while I chased him upstairs. I told him "GET off my computer!" I bet he is the reason Mom's computer crashed ... evil cats ...........

Hershey and I made up. Now I know Nixon put him up to the birdy thing and so I have forgiven him. We're buds. He is really sorry. You see, he is just a little guy ... only two years old ... so he is very impressionable and can be influenced easily. I'll have to talk to him about staying away from cigarettes. Anyway, we're cool.

If you don't mind listening to Billy Mays, you can go
here and see a chocolate long haired dachshund that looks a lot like Hershey. The dachshund is getting a bath .... er .... he is being DRIED OFF from a bath. You also get to see a very bad wig on a lady that is cleaning her refrigerator, and of course you get to listen to Billy Mays. Don't you know he is really annoying to live with? ... you know, with that voice? There is another dog on the commercial but I can't tell you what kind, just that he's brown and also needed those fancy absorbent towels for some reason.

Speaking of baths, I have heard Mom say the B word today so I am expecting it soon. If she takes my collar off, I know what comes next. I hate baths.

Friday, July 27, 2007

This report just in ......

Cat Nixon reporting ...

Hershey killed the bird. I put him up to it. We come here often. I have seen the bird houses. I have seen the birds from my vantage point in the window. I have attempted to escape previously but have been unsuccessful. The people catch me. I need fresh meat. I asked Hershey to get me a bird. He is my pawn..... my slave. He is not very bright but he has potential as my apprentice. My plan was foiled by the woman. She refuses me fresh running water and now prevents me from getting fresh meat. I WILL try again......



Nixon the Cat

Thursday, July 26, 2007

He's guilty ......

Hey dogfriends and Girl girl ........... it's me again ..... Copper

Hershey is TOTALLY guilty. He killed the bird. I KNOW he did it. He and I saw the bird in question when we went poddy (or 'business' as he calls it) first thing Wednesday morning. Actually it was SECOND thing because we had already gone outside at 5 am when Daddy got up ..... but I digress............... Anyway, we both saw the bird and I DISTINCTLY over heard Hershey say "I'll get you later, Mr. Bird!" I wondered at the time why he said that to the bird. I mean the bird was just hopping around the yard and he wasn't even inside our fence at the time. I don't know what he had against Mr Bird. He was just a juvenile cardinal, minding his own little birdy business. He WAS a juvenile bird though and he 'didn't have his belt through all the loops' so to speak and was spending way too much time on the ground for a bird. But he didn't deserve to die for it. Poor bird.

So we went back inside and I went back to bed. Hershey sneaked upstairs. I have told him that we get in trouble pooping in the house but does he listen? Nooooo! So, when Mom caught him, she made him go back outside. Later, when Mom opened the door to let Hershey back in .... I was still in the bedroom being GOOD ...... there was the poor little teenager bird on the porch right where Hershey allegedly put him, near the front door. When Mom knelt down to look at the bird, Hershey ran over to it and acted like he was going to "get him" and Mom had to shoo him away. She, of course, felt very very sad .... being the bird lover that she is. I mean she has bird houses all over the front yard INVITING them here. Anyway, she shooed Hershey off the poor lifeless little bird and picked him up gently with a paper towel and gave him a respectable burial ....... in the trash can. She told me later that she was worried that he was just 'stunned' so she left the lid off the trash can all day in case he decided to 'come to.' But Dad checked later when he came home and ... snif snif ... he was still in there, DEAD.

So Hershey is definitely guilty and Mom is sad. I didn't think Hershey would kill the bird or I would have warned Mom. Frankly I didn't know he had it in him. He is such a big chicken. But in retrospect, I have heard him talking to Nixon a lot and I think Nixon has taught him some bad habits. It just proves my point that cats are not to be trusted.

PS The picture of the birdhouse is one off the Internet because all of Mom's pictures are still in 'computer crashed never-never land.' Mom doesn't have this birdhouse YET but she really likes it she says. I will have to tell Dad about it. Maybe he can get it for her birthday and we can put it AWAY when Hershey comes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I killed a bird ...... by Hershey

guest blog by Hershey .....

i killed a bird! i killed a bird! i killed a bird! .................. at least i THINK i killed a bird! i'm not sure.....

you see, i am here at copper's house and i pooped in the sewing room .. i couldn't help it, it just came out .... and i had to hear 'no hershey, bad dog .... poopies go OUTSIDE' and then go outside for a few minutes, even though i didn't need to go anymore. when copper's mom let me back inside she found a dead bird on the porch! it was red and brown and it was dead. i may be a bird dog and i don't even know it! i thought i was a dachshund! yikes! copper didn't do it because he was inside. copper's mom had seen the bird 5 minutes earlier when she let us both out the first time. i didn't need to poop then!

he ......or maybe it was a she ... i don't know?! ...... was flying and hopping around outside the white fence. but the next time she saw it, it was DEAD? dogfriends and girl girl, do you think I killed it? I am a big chicken and copper's mom finds it hard to believe i killed it. it wasn't a chicken by the way ... chickens would definately scare me. but this bird was cute and innocent and now it is DEAD. do you think i killed it? i can't remember, maybe i have AMNESIA? will i kill again? have i been hanging out with nixon too much? he never goes outside to kill birds but i think he dreams about it when he looks out the window. i am sorry mr bird. so sorry.......

love, hershey

ps copper's mom was too sad to take a picture of it so here is a picture of lots of pretty birds. it definately wasn't the blue one. if i killed it and i am so sorry ..............

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun in the sun ..... alone .....

Hi dogfriends. I haven't been blogging much because I have been so very busy playing with Hershey and taking care of the baby. Mom has been busy with the baby and Hershey's Mom and ... well, I need her help to blog. She has also had technical problems which I don't understand and she hasn't wanted to go near the computer much. It has made her really moody. Maybe if she gets it resolved and I understand it, I'll explain. It's has something to do with crashing and losing everything on her hard drive and recovery discs ..... I don't get it. The problems these people have.
Hershey is good company. He helps me chase Nixon and he lays down with me on the couch. He keeps me company in the evil kitchen if Mom and Hershey's Mom leave and go somewhere. He helps me beg snacks and he goes out in the yard with me and barks at all of the things you have to bark at when you are a dog. You know how it is ... the responsibilities are endless.
He doesn't like to STAY outside any length of time though unless peepol are out there with him. I am not enough company, he needs peepol. So we go out there and he goes business and wants to come right back in! He scratches on the screeen, which is a big no no with my Mom and gets him in big trouble. So they let HIM IN and I stay outside by myself. This is a picture of me getting some much needed sun .... by myself. Don't I look tan? It is ok being outside by myself I guess. Mom fixed the escape place and I can't get out anymore so I'll just lay down in the grass and get some more sun. Ahhh, that feels good.

How to fix a stuffie ....

I love it when I get a stuffie as a present. I got this really cool cow for my birthday. Mom said it was made of Kevlar and she thought it might last me a while.

HA HA HA HA! I operated on it and managed to do this. It was great. Mom rescued it before I broke the squeaker so she decided to fix it so I could tear it up again.

Here's a close-up below of the awesome damage I did.

So Mom gets out these things .... I'm not sure what they are. She uses dental floss instead of thread because it is tougher.

Here's my Kevlar cow all fixed up again. It only has one leg now but he squeaks again and is good to operate on again. Yea!

No Hershey ... you can't have it ... it's mine!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Taking care of the baby ......

I just want you all to see how well I can take care of a baby. They come with all this stuff first of all. This is a bed. I wanted to jump in there and try it out but I decided not to. It looks deep.

This is me checking out the changing process. They seem to be doing a good job. Like I said, there are a lot of smells involved.

Here I am keeping her hand warm. Am I doing it right?

Monday, July 16, 2007

What?! No pictures?!

Yep, no pictures! Mom says it is technical difficulties. I think she is just slacking off and paying attention to Hershey's BAAAABBBYYYY. Admittedly, she is pretty cute but HELLO! ..... pay attention to me TOO! And I neeeedddd pictures on my blog! So because I don't have ANY pictures, I will have to be delightfully funny so that you will not go visit Meeshka's blog instead .. because I hear it is really funny.

OK, first the baby ... she is really cute but there are RULES! Ivy, pay attention.

1. You cannot chew up the nipple on her bottle (even though it tastes really good with that milk stuff in it and the silicone texture felt really good on my gums. If you chew up the nipple on her bottle, you WILL get scolded.
2. Dogs are no allowed on the bed when Mom changes the baby. I just wanted to check out the neat smells up there, lavender scented powder and diapers and wipes and poo .. it all smelled really yummy. But no, I am not allowed on the bed. (I am always allowed on the beds! not fair)
3. Another rule, I am not allowed to sit in the special chair when Mom holds the baby. Mom lets me sit there with her without the baby but she says there is no room when she holds the baby.
4. I can't lay on the toy blanket baby amusement park thing that has all these crinkly, dangly, stuffies all over it. I am also not allowed to chew on the crinkly, dangly, stuffies.
5. Barking while the baby is taking a nap is not allowed. Even if a lady walks in front of your house in the daytime, you are not allowed to bark at her.

Second, Hershey ....

Mom promised that I could have a birthday party and invite Hershey but we haven't had it yet. There is still some Welcome Home Pound Cake left and I am hoping we can use it to have a party to celebrate my birthday. Hershey is great. He has been practicing his barking technique and he really got into it today when the lady walked past my house. This man came to the house on Sunday and we barked at him really well, till he gave us each a cookie .. then we decided he was OK and could come in. We laid on the porch for a while this afternoon so we could warm our bellies, that was fun. He tinkles on all of my tinkles and he thinks that makes him the boss, but I am older and it is my house! I promise to get some pictures of us.

Third, Nixon ...

Cats are so retarded. Do you know that cats like to drink water from the faucet? We have a perfectly good water bowl in the kitchen but will he drink from it? ... no! He sits by the sink and waits for you to walk by and turn on the faucet for him. Gheesh! Other than sitting by the sink, you never see him. He does have this really neat cat 'jail' set up for him upstairs. He has this awesome food and I can't get to it because it is inside the jail. I'll take a picture of that too.

I promise I'll have pictures soon. Technical difficulties my foot!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hershey is HERE!!!!

Mom told me he was coming several times today but I did not believe her. She always says that and when she does, nothing happens so I have quit believing her. But he is here and we took some neat running video and we'll post it real soon.... as soon as Hershey's Mom get's around to it because it is her video.

I knew something was up today when my Mom baked a cake. She never bakes anything unless she bakes it and takes it somewhere.... which bugs my Dad. Mom is all about watching what she eats, the silly thing. But this is one of her favorite cake recipes. Today she calls it the ......

The Welcome Home Hershey Pound Cake
3 sticks butter
3 cups sugar
1 (8 ounce) package cream chesse
6 eggs
3 cups flour
pinch of salt

Beat first three ingredients until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time. Add four and salt. Beat well. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour and 40 minutes or until it done which might be sooner depending on your oven. Mom's oven takes an hour and twenty minutes or so.

Hey, I tag everyone to share a favorite recipe.
More on Hershey's visit soon. I have to chase Nixon right now, he came too.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

What do you expect ... my yard is boring!

Hello from me again. You know how I have told you I have this cute little front yard, enclosed by a darling little white picket fence? Well, I've had it with the darling little white picket fenced yard and after reading about all of your adventures and digging experiences, I have decided I am ready for some of my own adventures.

A few weeks ago, Hershey left me to go back home so his baby sister could learn to sleep through the night ..... in her own bed ..... and so Nixon could sleep on top of the kitchen cabinets again (I tell you cats are WEIRD!) I said goodbye to Hershey and I was sad. Well, very shortly after he left, my Mom decided to mow the grass outside my little fence and I decided I was lonely and wanted my Mommy. In a few minutes Mom looked down at her feet and thought "My, that dog looks a lot like Copper ... wait... that is Copper!" She decided that maybe, just maybe, she had not shut the gate when she went out of the fence and ... you guessed it ... she put me back in the fence. Five minutes later I was at her side again. What can I say, I was lonely. Hershey had just left and I didn't want to be alone! So, Mom and Dad fixed this elaborate tacky net thing over the gate, right at the place where I can slip though. Tomorrow the fence man is coming to fix the gate and make it so that only super duper skinny dogs (skinner than me) can get through that spot in the gate and so that they can take the super duper tacky net thing off the gate.

Well, last night Mom and Dad left me outside again. It was a lovely night and the neighbor kids were out in their yards playing and talking. A new 14 years old girl (I didn't get to ask her what her name was) just moved in across the street and the 14 year old boy next door was talking to her.... wasn't that nice of him? I am glad he is making her feel welcome in the neighborhood, which was just what was trying to do, until I was rudely picked up .... but wait, I am getting ahead of myself. As I was saying ..... I saw the pretty girl and I thought it would be nice of me to go meet her and welcome her to the neighborhood .... you know, maybe take her some brownies........ ? So I found ANOTHER place I could slip out of the fence and I went across the street to see her. Well, apparently I am not allowed to do that because the big kids picked me up and put me back in the yard and Miss Cindy, who is in cahoots with my Mom, put me in my HOUSE! When my parents got home from their little errand, they thought "Oh, how nice, Miss Cindy put Copper in the house because it was raining! Awww!" They called Miss Cindy to thank her and she RATTED on me!

So, now my Mom is cooking up some sort of maximum security fencing arrangement so that not even baby lizards can get out of my yard!!!! She says I have to go back to staying in the evil kitchen when she leaves the house. No more sunbathing in the yard by myself. No more long cool evenings barking at people as they pass by the house. I am so bummed out. It's so not fair. I was just trying to be friendly.

This is an old picture of me and Hershey when he was a puppy but you can see the fence. The new escape place is on the right side of the picture near the white bench. It won't be there much longer though. Mom is going to fix it with barbed electric razor wire like they have in prisons.

Mom is for sale again. Any takers? Hana, can I donate her to the auction?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

For Me??????????

Well, my Mom finally came through with cake and presents! Today was a Saturday I guess, which seems really wierd because it seems like it just WAS Saturday. I can tell it is Saturday because when it is Saturday my peepol sleep in late and do 'stuff' around the house ... not like on Sunday when they get dressed at the same time and go away .... or weekdays when they get dressed at different times and go away. Today they slept in late so it must be Saturday. Anyway, I digress..... back to the cake and presents........ Mom got me a cake and even let me have a little. She says it is not a birthday cake but a BIRTHDAY PIE. But I don't care because it is for ME and it has FOUR candles on it because I am four years old.

Mom even put raspberries and blueberries on it so it would look red white and blue and be pretty for my blog. She says today was a special day for America, something about being it's birthday too. I tried one of the raspberries and I didn't like it but the blueberry was yummy. Mom said she got a pie instead of a chocolate cake because I could have the pie. Isn't she sweet? She was going to take a picture of me eating my birthday pie but the camera batteries went dead just then. Shucks!

Then she gave me nifty PRESENTS. I got a cow dog like the Dachsies have at the farm. It has a sqeaker in it.

Mom said the cow dog looked 'tough' enough for me and reminded her of Roxie, Sammy and Andy. I think he is made of Kevlar or something because so far, I have not been able to get his stuffing out..... I hope Mom isn't dissapointed. Then she gave me some bone treats

and a real bone for my 'special recipe.' My other bone for my special recipe is worn out. She says that I like to chew so she got me presents I can chew on. I am a strong chewer I guess.

So it was a Happy Birthday for me and for America. Plus, Mom told me today that Hershey is coming in a little over a week. Mom says that I can have another birthday party when Hershey comes. How about that! My Mom ... I think I'll keep her after all.
a happy four year old Copper

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mom for SALE !!!!

Everydog knows that squirrels are evil creatures that attack people and dogs. Ivy tells all about them on her blog. But, alas my very own Mother apparently does not know how evil squirrels can be because today she bought something with a squirrel on it .. for the baby!

You see, my Mom recently came across all of these very old baby clothes in my Daddy's old house. She says they must be fifty years old. That is way older then me, since I am only four. Most of the baby clothes are for girls ... which is really wierd ... because Dad and his brother were baby BOYS. Thre were no baby girls in his family. Most of the baby clothes are handmade and need a lot of mending, but one of the dresses is pink and is in good enough shape for Hershey's baby to wear. So Mom washed it, mended it a little and ironed it and tried to hang it on a hanger. But it was too little for any of her hangers.

Then next day Mom happened to go to the antique store across the street from where she works .... just for fun. She says at her new job, she gets a whole HOUR for lunch and she can go out for lunch, run errands, come home and see me (that's what she SHOULD DO!) or go the the antique store across the street to look around. So, on this day when she was looking around, she found an old style baby clothing hanger and she bought it. ( I don't know why but she does not want me to tell Hershey's Mom how much she paid for it.)

But LOOK AT IT!!! It has SQUIRRELS on it!! Here is a close up picture of the squirrels! Everydog, what was she thinking!!!!

I don't know what I am going to do with her. No presents or cake for my birthday and now this ......

Mom for sale ...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I killed Mr. Peabody .....

Well, it is nearly one week after my birthday and I still have no cake or presents from my Mom ....... or my Dad. My Mom tells me she made a special trip to the doggie boutique on Saturday, but they were CLOSED. The doggie boutique is waaaayyyy over by the fancy furniture store that has a once a year tent sale near the 4th of July. She said she always makes a point of going to the sale and looking at the furniture and so she went by the doggie boutique to see if there was anything ... besides stuffed toys .... to buy me. Why she doesn't want to get me any stuffed toys is beyond me. And why the doggie boutique is closed in the early afternoon on a Saturday is beyond Mom. And why my Mom can't get started on her Saturday errands earlier, is beyond me. So, still no presents. (Copper, be patient.)

Meanwhile Miss Cindy, my absolute favorite vet, brought me a CARD and TWO GIFTS! The card has a picture of an iguana on the front. She wrote me name on the card like this.

Don't you like it? I thnk I may use it for my logo if I ever start my own business. She also gave me a blue picture frame that my Mom can put my picture in. Then she can take it to work and put it on her desk. That way I can be on her mind when she is at work so that she will remember to buy me presents! Then she gave me a stuffie of Mr. Peabody. He is a cartoon character that has a boy for a pet.
All of us dogs know that this is the way it really is, isn't it? The peepol think they own their dogs but we know it is the other way around.
Anyway, this is a picture of me doing a SIT so I can pose with Mr. Peabody.

This is me grabbing him when I am tired of posing.

This is me taking him to the sofa for some surgery. Goodbye Mr. Peabody.