Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm baaacck ....

Gheesh!!! I love my Mother too much to let you have her but HELLO Mom, it's been a WEEK since I blogged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope my friends out there in DWB land will check my blog after a WEEK of nothing!!! I haven't even finished my 5 questions MOM!!!
At least I am home from vacation. As most of you know, I was at Hershey's house in Virginia while my Mom and Dad went on their vacation to Texas. I had a nice two weeks at Hershey's house. We barked at his mailman, slept a lot, used his baby sister for a lauching pad (I got in trouble for that) and tried to show her how to play with her toys. (She needs help ... really.) We also managed to completely chew up my cloth kennel! Yeah, we rock! No more kennels for me! mwahahaha
So, now I am at home and back to my routine. Mom was sure I was going to ba a basket case being an only dog again ...after all, I've been with Hershey here or at his house for 5 weeks now. But, I am glad to be home and I seem to understand it all. I have heard rumors that Hershey is coming up to see me real soon.
One exciting thing happened to me this week.... I got to go with mom to WORK!!! Yes, I got to go to the office. We took my bed and my leash and I rode in the car and went to work! It was awesome. There was this really nice man there and he gave me dog treats ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy does he rock!!! I also got to meet a little girl. Mom also has this neat window just at dog height that looks out into this busy hallway and I could watch people and bark (a little ... only a little Mom) at them as they walked by. The best part was the treats though. I sure I get to go back again soon.
Come back soon. I hope to blog a little more now that things are settling down and I am home.


Hana said...

I am glad to see you are back and that everything is A-Ok. Cool you got to go into your Mom's work place and get treats!! That's the best life!! I hope you get to go into work all the time, and not have to do work except bark and look at the window and get treats.

Ok, but now serious business... what about your date with Luckie??

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
I am so happy that you are back!! I know you had great time with Hershey but your home is your home!!
Sure you enjoyed going with your mom to her work. I wish I could do that here!!
I will be waiting for your next post!
Have a nice day

Luckie Girl said...

I didn't know your Mom's office was so dog friendly. That is great. Does it mean you'll go to work with her daily now? hehe..guess you'll be bringing back the bacon!!

Lady Lostris said...

You sure do have two very beautiful dogs!