Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's pollen season ....

Hi dogfriends. Here are the pictures of the pollen I promised you the other day. This is what was in my water. I finally got my slacker Mother to take some pictures for you.

Here it is on a table on the porch.

Here is is on the porch.

And here it is on my NOSE.
If you look carefully, you can see white stuff on the edges of my nose.
Awful stuff, that pollen.

Friday, March 30, 2007

It's COOPER ....

Cooper .... It's a perfect name for my dog statue friend!! Thank you for all the suggestions but Copper is PERFECT. The reason it is perfect is that my Grandaddy sometimes makes a mistake and calls me Cooper, so it is a perfect name. And the fact that he is a strong (cast iron) silent (never barks) type like Gary Cooper, well that is just icing on the cake .......... or is it peanut butter in the Kong?? My Grandaddy is visiting me right now and I will tell him my dog statue's name is Cooper. He really knows me name is Copper but he has been through a lot lately and ..... well ..... everybody gets mixed up sometimes. I love him a lot! Thank you very much friends for helping me name him.

Meet my friend .......... Cooper

Guess what dog friends ... Hana nominated me for the Awesome Blog Award. I am so humbled because the dogs that get nominated for that ....well, they are awesome dog bloggers. Ivy and Hana and the Dachsies and lot of others have been nominated or even won. What an honor, what an honor. I just don't know what to say. Thank you very much Hana.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Help me name my dog friend ....

Today my Mom and I worked in the yard a little. We washed the pollen off of the porch furniture and the porch, not because pollen season is over, but because we are having company. My Grandaddy and some other people are coming to visit and Mom wanted people to be able to sit outside on the furniture. I really have to stay clear of my Mom when she gets that hose in her hand, sometimes I get wet if I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. And getting wet is worse than having your feet wiped!
While I was out on the porch with Mom, she moved the "dachshund statue" off the porch to wash the porch. She brought this metal dachshund home one day and he sits on the porch. He is very heavy and black and very quiet. He NEVER barks! Mom decided he needs a name. I can't help her. Do any of you have any ideas. I think he is a boy dog.

Another reason people need us ....

Look what I found on the internet............

Ok, dogfriends ... practice!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Please send the water quality inspector .........

I have slipped away from my Mom to post tonight. She is in a bad mood and I am trying to stay out of her way. She had a garage sale today and she has been in bad mood ever since. Even though I was a really good boy and didn't bark at too many people (mostly because she let me sit in her lap) she said she was NEVER having another garage sale EVER again. It has something to do with too many people wanting to pay her a quarter for things when she only asked for a dollar and the things were like new and cost $20 or $30. She says that you can't buy ANYTHING ANYWHERE for a quarter. I am not sure what that means, but it has put her in a bad mood.

Then tonight a boy and a lady came to my house (I only barked softly at them as they left.) and asked my Mom if any people came to her garage sale and gave her any twenty dollar bills. It turns out that three people came together to this lady's house and each bought something for fifty cents or a dollar and each gave her a COUNTERFEIT twenty dollar bill. She had three of them and had lost close to sixty dollars. She was a nice lady and had looked in the paper for other people who had also had a garage sale today and had been going around to their houses to see if they had also taken any counterfeit twenty dollar bills. She wanted them to call the police so that the police could maybe catch these bad people. My Mom says that she does not think any bad people came to my house, just cheap people.

On another note, I just have to show you what was in my water the other day. My Mom is very nice (except for right now) and I have a water bowl inside and outside, so that when I am outside not barking at people (because I hardly ever do) I can get a drink of water. Well, the other day this is what my water looked like.

Aside from the dead bugs that you floating in the water, can you see that green stuff? That is pollen. As you know, I live in Augusta, Georgia. It is beautiful here in the spring ........... except for the pollen. This green pollen you see in my water comes from the pine trees. It gets all over everything outside and a lot of things inside. It is awful and it is really bad this year because it has not rained. My Mom and Dad say that they can't open the windows (so people can hear me bark from inside) because the pollen gets all over everthing in the house. In fact, Mom wiped my feet three times today when I came inside. So, the other day when Mom saw me drinking my water, she changed it and made it clean again. The only thing is she would have to make my water clean every hour and she won't do that today because she is in a bad mood.

I will take some pictures of the pollen on other things tomorrow (like my black car) so that you can all see what I am talking about. It is terrible ........... because I hate to have my feet wiped.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ahhhh, this is the life .....

Thanks to Isabella's computer skills, I was able to go to that fancy hotel my Mom went to recently. I loved it there. The bed was soft and the cookies on the tray .... well, they were delicious. Thanks Isabella!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The mailman brought ME a package ......

Imagine my surprise when I got a package today in the mail. I never get any mail ... well, actually I did get all those Christmas cards from all over the WORLD a while back. This package was from Hana, my dog blog friend that makes ribbon necklaces. She is so talented.... and so white and so pretty. I smelled the package .... it smelled good and a little like ....... California.

I opened it and guess what .... it was a ribbon necklace! I have been asking my Mom to make me one but she hasn't done it yet for worrying about her silly kitchen light. Since I know Hana is having a fashion show on her blog, so I tried it on and posed in a variety of different poses. I wonder which one she will choose? Which one do you like?

There's the 'sun in my eyes' look in my dog house.

There's the standing up on the porch version. (Here you can see my slashed nose.)

There's the 'sleepy laying down pose' ........

the 'straight ahead regal' pose .....

and my personal favorite .... the innocent sideways glance pose.

A present from a girl! Does this mean we are in a serious relationship? Does this mean I have two girlfriends since I gave Ivy cookies? Does this mean I need to get Hana a present? What can I possibly get her and how do I get it ... I can't drive!?

What to do? ... What to do? .....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Mom can't decide .....

If there is one thing I would change about my Mother, I would make her more confident in her decision making. She has soooooooo much trouble making up her mind about things. Take me for example ............ if I had not come to her house with my old owner and introduced myself, I probably would be someone else's dog right now because she couldn't make up her mind if she even wanted another dog. Then I would not have a blog .... or maybe I would have a much more interesting blog ... who knows. But back to my Mom .....

The kitchen light went out. It is a flourescent strip light with 2 bulbs and a plastic cover ... very BLA! I don't have a picture of it because who takes pictures of them ... they are boring. Well, the light is old and greasy and the cover was cracked and Mom has wanted to replace it for a long time. It looked something like this only uglyier.
Now she has the chance to replace it and she can't decide what to replace it with. She says her kitchen is small and boring and plain and has only got 8 foot ceilings. She can't use a fancy chandelier or a light that would hang over an island. She doesn't need a ceiling fan. She doesn't think she wants another flourescent strip light again. She is thinking of getting one of these lights. She is worried that it will be too contemporary for her old fashioned plain kitchen. But then she thinks it might make it look fancier.


Mom says she has been wanting to redecorate her kitchen. So maybe it would help her get started. Please write my poor indecisive Mom and tell her what you think. This is her kitchen.

Mom says she just wants a new house. I don't want to move to a new house because Hershey will not be able to find me at a new house. Besides, I would miss my Miss Cindy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's spring at my house .....

It is just beginning to be SPRING at my house. Since I am now three years old, I can remember when the weather did this before. The grass starts to get green again and this really yummy spring grass grows in the yard along with what Mom calls the 'good' grass. I love to eat the tall yummy grass but Mom tells me not to eat it. It tastes yummy so sometimes I do.... and then I usually I throw up.

Then these pink flowers she calls azaleas bloom. These are the bushes that block my few of people walking down the street so I don't care if they bloom or not ... I wish they weren't there.

Then birds come and poop on my Mom's car.... she hates that. Maybe, if you didn't have FIVE birdhouses out in the front yard, they wouldn't come Mom!

Then Mom messes with these sticker bushes that are in the front yard, the ones she calls roses. This year she has not messed with them much and so they look kinda hungry. These are the bushes that scratch me if I walk under them when I am trying to see around the bushes that block my view of the peepol walking down the street. Can you tell that Mom did not do her landscaping with ME in mind?

Then she digs in the dirt and makes nice cool holes for me to lay in ....... I love that. Then she puts plants in the holes and messes up the cool holes, darn. At least I get to lay in the grass and enjoy the warmer weather. What season is it at your house?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm baaack ....

I'm back home now and boy am I tired! I have been doing a lot of napping to rocover from my visit to Hershey's house. This is how I rode in the car. For those of you that ride in kennels when they are in the car, all I can say is ..... I'm sorry. No, actually I have a kennel that I usually ride in too but Mom didn't take my picture with me in it. I did get to ride like this most of the way this time.
Hershey told he is a little tired of the baby thing and it isn't even here yet. Here is a picture of him in the baby swing ... trying it out to see if it is fit for the baby. His Mom and my Mom thought ithis was so funny. Aren't they sick?
Since I got home, I have been sleeping in my kennel at night. I know, my Mom was amazed too. I slept in it with Hershey every night that I was with him at his house. Our Moms said it was so we did not jump out of the big beds and run around and play with each other at 5 o'clock in the morning. (Isn't that the best time to play?) So when I got home and Mom put the kennel in the bedroom, where it usually sits for show, I went and got in it and laid down. So she has made me sleep in it. I whined a lot last night and she just ignored me. It was awful. We'll see if I can convince her to let me out tonight. She usually gives in after a while.
Well, I have to go back to bed. I am still tired.

Friday, March 09, 2007

It was terrible ......

Today my Mom and Hershey's Mom went on an adventure without me and Hershey. They almost always go without us. ....... I know it's terrible. ...... They went to a place called eye-key-a or something like that where they did not buy me ANYTHING! ......... I know .... it's terrible. This is what they should have bought me.

........ They also stopped by Ivy's house and took her some of MY dog biscuits. I don't know why they did not take ME to see Ivy ...... I have a terrible crush on her. So while they were shopping at eye-key-a for things that were not for me, Hershey and I were at home in the bathroom. It is a lovely bathroom and we had nice comfy towels to lay on and some water. We had toys and they even opened the blinds in the batroom so it was sunny. They have left us here a lot and we have always done really fine.

Well, today we did not do really fine. Today there was a lot of blood. The white towel had tons and tons of spots of blood all over it, and there was blood smeared on the tile and on the door. Mom and Hershey's Mom were TOTALLY freaked out. They looked us both over from head to toe. They looked at our teeth and our bottoms and our ears and our feet and our tummies. They finally found a raw pink place about a half an inch long on the top of my nose right where my fur starts. I would show you a picture of it but the camera batteries are dead. You can look at a picture of Hershey's nose instead.

I am not telling them what happened and neither is Hershey and we aren't telling you either. It's a secret. I am fine except my nose is sore and now my new name is Scarface.

If I was a girl ....

If Hershey and I were girls we would carry this purse. But we are NOT girls!
One more day until I go home to see my Dad. I will really miss Hershey. He and I sleep together at night in my kennel which Mom and Hershey's Mom really like. I will miss Hershey. But maybe I can come back to see him when the baby is born. I would tell you what we have been doing but it has not been very exciting..... just sleeping and barking..... and a little toy tugging.
Today My Mom and Hershey's Mom are going on a big adventure. They aren't taking us with them. I wonder what they are going to do?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life with a cat ...

This is Nixon. He is a spy. I have mentioned it before in my blog. I am SURE he is a spy. I know he is a spy because of the things he does. Mom and Hershey's Mom set up this really nice place for the baby and he has taken it over as a spy place. He must be receiving evil messages from the cats that live outdoors and telling the outside cats to attack us when we go out.


Cats are also wierd. This is Nixon here on the bathroom counter. He is waiting for a drink from the faucet. WHY does he have to drink from the faucet when there is a bowl of nice water in the floor of the kitchen? Hershey and I drink from it and it tastes perfectly fine. We will leave him alone long enough for him to get a drink! He even wakes up Hershey's mother to turn on the faucet. It does not go over well with her and this morning he got locked in the bathroom for over an hour. Ha ha!

I don't understand cats.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hershey barks a LOT .....

Since I am still staying at Hershey's hosue and using his computer, tonight you get to look at some of the artwork his Mommy does. She is very talented.
She sure puts up with a lot though. He is one of the biggest barkers I have ever met. For a doglet, he sure takes his job as home protector seriously. This morning when we went outside to go to the bathroom, he barked at a CAR that drove by. It was a nice looking car, not even a mean one. When any kind of doorbell or bell or something that sounds sorta like a bell comes on the TV, he runs to the door and barks. (I only do that if it sounds like MY dorbell.) When the mailman comes to the door to put the mail in his mailbox, he goes NUTS!!!!!! just NUTS!!! He hates the mailman. (My mailman at home drives by my house at a safe distance in a car and puts my mail in my mailbox.) Funny thing is he admited to me that he does not bark at bicycles ... just everything else.
He is a good friend though and he and I have been doing alot of napping together between his barking episodes. It is too cold to do anything else. It is supposed to rain and maybe snow tomorrow and Hershey tells me I won't like it if it snows. I have never seen snow. Mom and Hershey's Mom are finished getting ready for the baby .. whatever that is ...... and Hershey's Dad is still far far far away out of town. The baby is supposed to be here in 7 weeks. I wonder if I will be here for 7 weeks.
That's all I guess. I'm going back to sleep ............

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's cold ....

Us dachshunds like to be covered up with blankets. They say dachshunds like to be covered up because we used to hunt badgers. I guess badgers live under blankets ... I don't know. All I do know is that it is cold in Virginia, so Hershey and I have to cover up when we take a nap on the couch.

I am napping a lot because my tummy hurts. Yesterday I had an upset tummy and horka'd up all of my dinner. I haven't been hungry today at all. Mom has been a little worried about me. She wasn't so worried that she couldn't go to the movies with Hershey's Mom last night though. They went to see a movie about a Queen and I don't think it was Queen Meeshka. They said it was very good if you can figure out what Queen they went to see. (They should have stayed home and held my paw.)

This is day six of my visit at Hershey's house and we have two more days to go. Mom and Hershey's Mom have been washing baby things and shopping and eating out while Hershey's Daddy is out of town. Mom says that Hershey's Mom is ready for the baby to come. It will come in about six or seven more weeks. They made a really great place for Nixon to sleep. They call it a 'changing table' but Nixon calls it 'nap central.'

Hershey and I have chased Nixon every chance we get. He isn't alot of fun to chase because he has a lot of hiding places and he gets away easy. We have napped, and barked at the neighbors, and eaten some stuff in the yard, and traded toys. Hershey always wins at the toy swapping. I just let him win.

Right now Hershey and I need to go back to sleep so I'll write later.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hershey and Copper's Great Adventure ....

What you can smell at a Pet Store....

You can smell lots of stuff. You have to walk really fast so the smells come at you faster and you can smell all of them. You can smell where people have walked.
You can smell dog food. Yum!
You can smell baby puppies ....

You can smell lots of Fufu type animals ....

You can smell crickets ...

You can smell baby Yorkie-Poo puppies that cost $899.99. Wow! That's expensive.
I hope none of my blog dog friends were that expensive!

You can smell cats! Yum.

And .... you can smell COOKIES! We got to buy some cookies.

I want this kind Mom. They're big!