Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boy do I miss my Mom ....

Hey dog friends. My Mom is gone. My Dad came back yesterday and I ran out to the car to find her but she was not there. I am happy to have my Dad back but I really miss my Mom.

Dad tells me that Mom is taking care of Hershey's Mom and Hershey's baby. He says she has lots of pictures of the baby and she would love to show them to you but she wants to give Hershey's Mom and Dad that privilege. Dad says the baby weighed just he right amount and is doing really well. Mom wants to show you the blanket she worked very hard to make for the baby. She even made an "M" in the blanket for Miriam.
I am sorry we missed the cheese thing this weekend. I love cheese. I hope you all got some cheese.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where are they???

Hey dog friends. I don't know where my Mom is. She has been gone for a day or so. I miss her soooo much. I wonder when she is coming home?

I had a VERY exciting day today though. I went to work with Miss Cindy and I didn't even have to get my temperature taken or get a shot! I helped her take care of some dogs and cats and I even got to watch her do a C-Section on a beagle. She had eight healthy puppies! I stood on a desk and watched her deliver the puppies though a window. Miss Cindy has been taking good care of me. How lucky am I to have a neighbor who is a vet and will take care of me when my Mom is gone. She even smells wonderful.

Speaking of deliveries, Mom has this news. Hershey's baby came today and here is a picture of her with my Mom and Dad. The baby is fine. Her name is Miriam. I bet Hershey can't wait to smell her.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How dogs can be GREEN .....

I over heard that it was Earth Day the other day. Then yesterday I heard them talking on the TV about saving the environment and being green. Even though my Mom says she is old enough to remember another time when people were frantic about the environment and she is not worried too much about it right now, I have decided us dogs are doing our part. I have been thinking about it and here are ten things us dogs naturally do that help.

1. We don't use toilet paper, not even one square.
2. We add valuable nutients back into the grass.
3. We drink out of our water bowl without washing it over and over again.
4. We don't wear clothes that have to be washed over and over and over.
5. We don't waste water taking a lot of baths ..... ghesh ... I hate baths.
6. We help clean up kitchen spills, so people don't have to use paper towels or nasty chemicals.
7. We don't shop and bring home things in plastic bags.
8. We don't eat chocolate that is from beans picked in the wrong places.
9. We eat kleenex instead of throwing them in the landfill.
10. We don't turn on lights to bark.

Can you think of some more things?

P.S. I am definately losing in the Awesome Blog Award Contest. The other dogs must have snappier blogs than me. But, it's OK because Hershey's baby will be here soon and pretty soon I will be an UNCLE. Stay tuned .... I will tell you all about it as soon as it happens.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I have FOUR votes !!!!!!!!!

WOW! Hana nominated me for April's Awesome Blog Award over at Dogs With Blogs. Hana is one of my girlfriends. She is so pretty and white .... and she gave me this beautiful collar. Hana, since I am a boy dog, I feel more manly if I call it a collar.

I am so flattered because the other dogs that are nominated are all so awesome. There are six of us nominated. The other five are ....

They are all really great dogs with awesome blogs. They have much more tech savvy secretaries than I do. You can vote for the one you think is best right here. Please go vote today.

If you want a reason to vote for me, you can vote for me because I will become an UNCLE anyday. My friend Hershey is getting a baby sister and I am going to be an uncle.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Hey, guess what! I got a present today from my best peepol friend Miss Cindy. She is my next door neighbor and a vet and she gave me a PRESENT! This is what it is.

My Mom tells me it is toothpaste and toothbrushes! Wow, I did not have any toothpaste or toothbrushes ........but now I do. Mom let me taste the toothpaste tonight on her finger, it was yummy! She told me it is supposed to taste like Filet Mignon ..... which some of you dogs may have tasted ..... I never have so I can't say. But tust me .... it is yummy. Mom says I get to taste it everyday! Wow.

Do you think I am going to like it a lot, dog friends?

It even had a sticker for the fireman that Mom put in the front window that tells them I live here. Wow! You can get one of these presents for yourself right here. You can watch how it works here. Do you think I am going to like it?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm just going to catch my nail in this ....

My Mom made something today that made her really happy. She planted a herb garden in my yard the other week and along with the herbs, she planted a tomato plant for my Dad. My Mom hates tomato plants. She loves tomatoes and cooks with them all the time, but she hates the plants. They grow tall and ugly and you have to support them with ugly tomato cages. She really hates the tomato cages more than she hates the tomato plants. But Daddy likes to grow tomatoes and so she was nice and bought him a plant.
Today she went to a gardening center and looked at things to hold the plant up. She found one really nice black thing like you would put in a large pot, it is like a tall wire pyramid. She really liked it and wanted to buy it but it was $25 and she did not want to spend $25 on this tomato plant. But from looking at the tall black thing, she got an idea and brought home a tall tomato cage and made this.

She used a saw and took off the top ring of the tomato cage so that it would have new legs when she turned it upside down. Then she gathered the real legs together and wrapped them with copper wire to hold them together. Then she bent the old legs down for decoration and so she wouldn't bend over it and poke her eye out.

The trouble is, I am going to get caught in it and break a nail.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The BAD and the GOOD ....

The BAD .......

I got a bath today. I tried my best to hide under the dining room table but she got me. It was a long bath. Mom said my ears were greasy looking. After the bath was over (at last) Mom took pictures of me. Ugh ....the indignity of it all! Here I am ..... for all the world to see ... naakkedd and wet.

Here I am trying to dry myself off. Mom never gets me completely dry. Do you do this?

The GOOD ....

I got to go on a walk tonight. It was a long one too. Yea!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're on BABYWATCH.....

My Mom tells me that we are on BABYWATCH. You see, everybody tells me a baby is coming to Hershey's house. I am not really sure what a baby is, but I have seen some of it's stuff...... they have alot of stuff. Mom tells me that it should be here very soon.

She told me the other day that when the baby comes, that she and Daddy are leaving to go see the baby and that I HAVE TO STAY HERE BY MYSELF! She says Miss Cindy will take good care of me and that I will only be by myself for a few days but that I can't go with them. She says that there will be too much going on and that I need to stay here. Miss Cindy is my next door neighbor and is a vet and I like her a lot. She will feed me ........ and let me in and out ......... and play with me. I really don't think it is fair that a baby gets to go see Hershey and I don't, but I don't think I get to decide.

In case you were wondering how to hold a baby, here are some examples. Moms and Dads sometimes do it differently. This is Hershey when he was a baby. I think both ways are good.

How Mom holds a baby.

How Dad holds a baby.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mom took me to the park ...

Finally, Mom took me on an adventure! The other day she took me to the park where she meets some friends several times a week to work-out. It is such a pretty place .... and she goes several times a week and she FINALLY took ME there!? Gee whiz Mom!

Here I am smelling some pee mail. Hmmm, I don't think I've ever met this dog.
Hey, Mom ... walk faster so we can catch up to that cute white dog.

Nope, never met this dog either ....

See, I told you it was a pretty place.....

Gee Mom, I am hot now. I don't want to pose for pictures. Can we go home?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

'Robin's egg blue'

I told you this place was for the birds .....

Some robins nested in the climbing rose bush on the front porch. Mom named her Rosie or Rose because she is in a rose bush.

"Will you please stop looking at me?
You're scaring me. Go away, I am trying to sit here on my eggs."

Three so far. I read they lay usually lay four eggs. This is where they get the color ..... 'robin's egg blue.'

Then Mom decided the Daddy robin should be Charlie after the character on 'The African Queen.'

This is Rose and Charlie from the movie.

Is this Rose or Charlie? I can't tell.

Monday, April 09, 2007

This place is for the BIRDS ....

Hana asked me about one of the bird houses in one of my blog entries and so I thought I would show you all of the bird houses my Mother has set up at my house. Isn't she nuts?

This is probably her favorite one. It looks like a church.

Birds nest in this one every year.

This is her newest one. It really would be a nice place for the birds to nest because it has a real opening, but I don't think the birdswill like it here on this table.

This is the one Hana asked about. Somebody made it, but my Mom didn't.

My Mom and Dad and the kids that used to live here went on a vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia once and bought this bird house. It is a replica of one they used to make a long time ago. Birds nest in this one every year too.

This one was a gift from a little boy and girl at my Mom's old job. It is new and we'll have to wait and see if the birds like it.

Last year a cardinal built a nest in the climbing rose bush on the front porch. This year a robin built a nest in the rose bush. Mom can tell it's a robin because the eggs are blue.
Like I said, this place is for the birds!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The things my Mother does without me ....

Today my Mother had another big adventure without me. She took her Daddy to this big grassy place and walked a lot. She says she had a wonderful time and will always remember it as a very special time with her Dad. It didn't matter that she doesn't care much for golf or that the tickets were a pain in the neck ....... or that I COULD NOT GO! She was glad to be able to take him to this special place. She took these pictures just for me to post on my blog.

She tells me that this dog was selling tickets (and buying tickets if you were willing to sell them) at an appropriate distance from the gate. Mom didn't need to buy a ticket from him but she took his picture anyway.

This is a big sign. It does not have my name on it.

My Mother did not have a special chair like this to sit in.

She was happy to sit in the lovely green grass ....

and look at the beautiful trees ....

and the gorgeous flowers .....

and the scenery ..... It was a lovely day.
Everydog ........and every peepol ...... spend some special time with your loved ones while you still have them.

Monday, April 02, 2007

It was the Easter Bunny ... I'm sure of it!!

Tonight Mom took me for a walk and I saw the Easter Bunny! He was hopping through a yard in my neighborhood. I can't be sure but I think I saw him carrying some candy! I sure hope he brings me some candy! He was brown and cute and he ran really fast. Mom let me try to get closer but, can you believe it, I couldn't catch him!

If you want to know more about what rabbits DON'T like to eat go to this site. But just know if you plant this stuff, the Easter Bunny might not come to your house.