Monday, December 31, 2007

The wind blown look ....

Hershey and I went for a walk the other day when it wasn't raining. It has rained a lot lately which is awesome because we haven't had much rain this year. But before it started raining, Granddaddy took us for a walk. It was a windy day. Don't we look handsome?

I hear that Hershey is going home tomorrow. I sure wish he did not live so far away because he and I are like brothers. I love him.... except for today when he tried to take my new toy away from me. Usually I let him have whatever he wants because ... well, I am just nice like that, but today I said no. We growled very nicely and quietly at each other and guess what happened? Mom took the toy away and put it up on the way up high place! Shucks. She says I can have it tomorrow.

I guess Hershey will be taking his baby sister home with him too. She is super cute and she tastes really good too. I love to lick her right in the face and she doesn't seem to mind. Her Mom does though. She also eats in a highchair and she drops things. We sit beside the high chair and man do we score sometimes! Twice she has dropped these awesome biter biscuits. Hershey got to it first each time though. I think he has more practice at catching her drops. I will keep trying. Her she is eating some ribbon. I don't eat ribbon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

HERSHEY almost SCORES !!!!!

Hey dogfriends! You know how we all dream of chasing and catching squirrels because they are the evilest creatures ever? I mean, they come in your yard and steal your hickory nuts and run around in your trees and stuff like that. I know they must do lots of evil stuffs that dogs can't even imagine. Ivy has some links on her blog about them and even named her blog Squirrels Are Evil because of them.

Well .... Hershey, the little chicken that he is ... almost caught a squirrel! He asked to go outside the other morning. All he does is ask to go outside ... but he wants a peepol to go outside wif him ... because he is kind of a scaredy cat and doesn't like to go out there wihout any peepol. Plus, I think he thinks he will maybe find his Mom and Dad out there, cause they are staying at another house in town.

Well!! This is what happened. As soon as he went through the door to the outside place, he saw a squirrel and RAN AFTER IT. Well, the squirrel tried to run away but he was in my little fence and all of a sudden he couldn't get out because my mean Mom and Dad put up this little "Copper can't escape anymore" net over the fence on the inside of my yard. The evil squirrel couldn't get out fast enough and Hershey ALMOST caught him. I am not sure what Hershey would have done if he HAD caught him. My Mom said she sure didn't want Hershey to catch him because she said he would get scratched and bitten. Yikes. Squirrels scratch and bite??? Now, I know they ARE evil!!!
Go Hershey!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Marry ... I mean MERRY ...Christmas to all ......

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.
Love, Copper

Sunday, December 23, 2007

very busy mom ....

I apologize for not writing very much lately and for not visiting other dog's blogs very much. My mother, who helps me with my blog, has been very busy. First she went to Paris,

then had 1,276 people and a baby at the house for Thanksgiving

and then flew to Texas (without me) for Mari and Tabitha's Daddy's graduation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Masters of Arts in Christian Education - she is very proud of him),

and then she had to shop for Christmas and now it is Christmas and she has company again. But she says she has her Christmas shopping done and only has to bake some cookies. Yum, I love cookies. Maybe she will drop one.

Last night something wonderful happened! I got to go on a car ride and when we stopped, Hershey was there and he came home and spent the night with me! He is still here! His Mom and Dad and his baby and Nixon are staying at another house in town but he is staying with me because we are best friends. I really do want to be best friends with him but I do not want to share my Mom with him. Last night Hershey and I were laying on the couch with my Mom and Hershey had the best spot. I watched him and watched him and leered at him and then I came up with a plan. I play bowed to him and jumped down off the couch like I wanted him to play. When he jumped down, I jumped up on the couch and got in the best spot and looked at him like "You can't have my Mom, she's mine!" My Mom laughed and laughed at me! Then she called Dad and Grandaddy and told them what I did! My feelings were hurt.

Which brings me to a question. Since I like to be with Hershey so much, and my Mom works, she has been wondering if it would be a good idea to get me a packmate. Meeshka has a pack, the Dachsies are a pack, and Pippen has a pack and a lot of you have packmates. She thinks about it for a while and then she decides it would be a bad idea, and then she thinks about it again and then she decides it would be a bad idea. So she can't decide. She would not want a baby puppy again so she has been looking at adoptable doxies. This is a goofy looking guy she saw the other night. She wrote the sdoption people about him but she has not heard anything yet. I am not sure about him.
He might like to get in the best spot on the couch and take my Mom away from me. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I scared them away!

Look closely at the bottom of the picture and you can see me guarding my house from a terrible threat. Some pretty girls came to my house tonight. They stood outside my fence and SANG CHRISTMAS CAROLS! I barked and barked and finally scared them away. Whew! That was close!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Paris dog extravaganza finale' ....

Finally, my Mom took this picture, the last of the dog pictures, when she was in Paris. She and her friends were walking and walking and walking and walking .... to a special place to get hot chocolate. On the way, in a touristy part of Paris, Mom saw this dog. A man who was begging for money had apparently trained this dog to lay like this with his toys in front of him so that people would feel sorry for him and give him money. My Mom admitted to me that she did feel sorry for the dog AND the man but she did not give him any money. Poor dog. I wonder if he really didn't have a home.

Speaking of homes, I left mine today ... to go to the vet for a check-up. Yikes. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. Since Miss Cindy is my doggie doctor, I like to go to the vet. I even wanted to go in the back because she has taken me back there before. I think I like it there. I got a shot and some blood drawn but Miss Cindy did it all so I didn't mind. I have gained a pound and a half though and she says I can't gain another ounce! So Mom came home and changed the cup in my food bowl to a smaller one and says we need to go for walks. Yeah! Bring on the walks Mom!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The baker's dog ....

On the first night my Mom was in Paris, she and her friends missed dinner. When they went to find something to eat, it was very late and all they could find open was a bakery. (This was to be somewhat of a theme that week ... being too busy to eat.) Mom found out that the French people are very into bread and pastries and deserts and she did not understand why they were not fatter than they were considering they seems to eat all this bread. But I digress. She and her friends each bought a pastry or a croisant from this bakery. The baker had a dog and Mom took his picture. He sure looks like and old dog doesn't he? He was quite at home at work. I bet he goes there a lot.

Speaking of going to work, I got to go to work today...... Mom's work. Mom says I have been often enough now that I know my way around the area her office is in. Today she moved my bed by the window and I got to look out at the people passing my her office. She forgot to take the camera to take a picture of me there AGAIN. She promises she will take my picture for you next time she takes me to work.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Can you see the dog in this picture?

and the Paris dog extravaganza continues ....
Can you find the dog in this picture? It is walking without a leash. This was an old road in Paris. Mom's friends told her it was a 'Roman Road.'

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A dachshund on a walk ....

This is my Mom's favorite dog from Paris picture. I bet you can guess why. This dog was taking a walk along the River Seine. Mom says if she had a beautiful place to walk like that, I would get to go on more walks. Mom loves the way this man has his hands behind his back. He looks like he is really enjoying the walk. Notice that, unlike the previous two pictures, the dachshund is pulling on the leash. I am glad that some dogs in Paris know what to do.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dogs on walks in Paris

Well, back to Parisian dogs ....
As I said earlier, Mom took the suitcases and went to Paris without me or Dad. She went with some friends from her church and while she was there, she took a bunch of pictures. Pictures are pretty much the only hobby Mom really enjoys anymore. She says she wishes she could take a class or something. She also enjoys knitting but has decided it may not be a really good use of her time because it takes so long to make anything. She also enjoys the computer but has decided that she spends way too much time on that too. Anyway, I digress.
Dogs in Paris must do other things besides walk but since Mom was on the street, she only got pictures of dogs taking walks. The dogs were usually walking away from her but even if they were walking towards her, they were hard to photograph because they were moving. I like taking walks and I bet these dogs like walks too. This second dog doesn't look very happy but I bet he was. Notice that neither of them is pulling on the leash. Maybe they don't know you are supposed to do that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We interrupt this broadcast ....

We interrupt the Paris dog extravaganza to show you a very cool picture of me licking the kitchen floor. Mom was taking my picture while Hershey and his baby were here and she got this very cool picture of me. Unfortunately, Hershey's baby accidentally got in the picture, but oh well ... what can a dog do? The kitchen floor was very tasty by the way.

Hershey got a haircut!! His mother and dad cut all his hair off and he looks like a puppy! Honestly, he looks 10 years younger. Well, maybe not 10 years ... because he is only two ..... but he does look younger. He told me in confidence that he really prefers the new haircut because now things don't chase him. Before when he went outside, leaves and things would jump on him and chase him ... not a good thing for a guy is afraid of his own shadow. Here he is doing some investigative work while trying to avoid the leaves in my yard, which isn't easy right now ... they're everywhere.

Here we are posing on the porch for the requisite Thanksgiving photograph. Seconds after this pictures was taken we both jumped off the loveseat and barked ferociously at something important and dangerous and Mom gave up taking pictures. Maybe it's a good thing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

More doggies from Paris ....

These doggies were in paintings that my Mother saw at Versailles. Mom took their picture ... which is wierd because ... they ARE pictures. But anyway, these doggies have children. I do not have any children .... except for Hershey's baby ... she comes to visit me sometimes. She drags herself along the floor, army style, which is really cool. She can get to her toys ...... and furniture ... and electric outlets .... and other stuff that can get her in trouble. .................... Trouble like I get into when I get her lamb puppet. I have to take a picture of that lamb puppet for you. I want it so bad ....

I think this dog must be getting a bath.

Do you think this little boy is going to drop this dog?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Being thankful ....

My people finished eating their turkey dinner and most thankfully ... they have finished CLEANING UP up their turkey dinner. At least that is what my Mom said. Mom said next year we are eating earlier! It was tough on me and Hershey ... we had to supervise ... so we are exhausted. There were people in every room downstairs and there was cooking and then there was the baby scooting around on the floor, so much to keep up with. I am just not sure about the baby, what she is or anything. I just know I CAN'T play with her toys. That is a big rule. And that is sad because there is one stuffed toy I REALLY want to chew up. It's a white fluffy lamb puppet and I really want it ... I don't think she really NEEDS it....... does she?

I heard my people talk about being thankful. My Mom is thankful for a lot of things, and I am on her list. I am thankful for my Mom and my Dad and my house and my yard and for Hershey. He is my best friend. I wish he could live with me. I am thankful for my food and for walks and for my friends.

I am also thankful for my friend Max. Max was my next door neighbor dog. He belonged to Miss Cindy. I am also thankful for her. Max passed away last night. Miss Cindy said he just took a turn for the worse after the surgery to fix his tummy. Max was the only dog that ever went for walks with me. He was the leader of his pack and he protected the little dog. He was a nice dog and I will miss him. Mostly Miss Cindy will miss him and for that I feel really sad. I have been sad for her all day.

Goodbye Max.

more Paris pictures next time ......

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs in Paris .....

Like I said yesterday, my Mom left me at home and went to Paris for a week. I survived. Dad is really nice and gives me extra cookies so it isn't so bad.

Mom took pictures of dogs in Paris. (Yes, her friends thought she was wierd.) She took other pictures too but she took these pictures just for my blog. This is a picture of a dog statue in the beautiful gardens at the Palace of Versailles. I guess this dog killed a deer and is holding it down. Or maybe they were just wrestling ........ I don't know. I would be afraid of a deer. Mom says she thinks that this is a fountain but it wasn't running.

The Palace at Versailles was beautiful but kinda dark inside. The gardens were amazing!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Where is Paris????

Sorry I have been gone for so long. My Mom left me at home with Dad and went to Paris. I am not sure where Paris is, but wherever it is she had to take a suitcase. She had a wonderful time and she took a lot of pictures ..... and some were of dogs. She says she took them for my blog. So, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, she says she will post on my blog again.
My next door neighbor dog, Max, had to have emergency surgery this weekend because his stomach flipped over. I do not really understand what that means because I am a dog but his Mom said it was bad. His Mom did the surgery and she is taking good care of him. I hope he gets better soon.

Oh, and by the way ... Hershey is coming to visit me in two days. Rock on!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My dishwasher habit ....

So you don't think that my bad habits are confined to tinkling in the kitchen when Mom is at work and escaping from the fence, I present for you .......

my dishwasher habit .....

Yes, almost everytime my Mom loads the dishwasher .... she has to keep me from doing this. She gave in momentarily this one time so she could take my picture and show you. One time I was doing this and I got sprayed with some water and I quit for a while. It made such a huge mess in the kitchen that Mom hasn't done it in a while.

On a happier note, I went to work today. I got to go to Mom's work with her. Nine people petted me and they all said I was beautiful. Except for the times people were petting me, it is boring. Mom doesn't do anything interesting there. And the man with the treats wasn't there. I don't know why she even goes there. I like home better.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I was good today.....

Well, dogfriends I was a good boy today. At least that is what my Mom told me.

First of all, I must apologize for not blogging much lately. Mom has been really busy and ... well, she just hasn't been too attentive to my blogging needs. (She also told me she is running out of things to blog about.) Anyway ..... back to being a good boy.

Mom stayed home from work for four days and I was very glad to have her for company for a change (it wasn't just for you Copper.) When she went back to work today, she says she tried an experiment (it was an experiment Copper.) She locked me in the evil (Copper, it's not evil!) kitchen and gave me a white towel to lay on. No fuzzy soft $10 Wallgreen's bed, or downy soft blanket like I usually get (and that you tinkle on Copper.) Just a single white towel (it was white so I could see if you tinkled on it Copper.) It was .... Spartan .... but I survived. Then, she emptied my big water bowl and gave me a little drink of water in it, (maybe 1/8th of a cup or less). She turned on the radio for me and then she gave me my Kong with a tiny bit of peanut butter and my toys and my bone and said, "I'll be back at lunchtime." "Back at lunchtime?" I thought.

I waited. I napped. I chewed. I drank the water. I napped. I waited. I listened to the radio. I napped. But I did not tinkle. Then ... I heard the car in the driveway ... I know that sound. It was Mom's car! And it was .... LUNCHTIME! I greeted Mom and showed her the towel .... no tinkle! I went outside and went poddy and got a "GOOD BOY COPPER!!" I was so happy to have her home and at lunchtime!!! Then ............ yes, you guessed it .... Mom ate lunch. I did not eat lunch. (You don't eat lunch EVER Copper.) Then, after about 15 (very short) minutes, Mom locked me in the kitchen, gave me the same toys and and the same towel and the same radio and the same bone and the same little bit of water and left for work AGAIN. I napped and I drank and I chewed and pretty soon .............. Mom was home again. And I didn't tinkle on the towel this time either!!!!! (We had a little party didn't we Copper.)

Mom says she is going to try to do this for a while, even though it uses a lot of gas and wastes her lunch hour, whatever that means. I think I am loving it. Mom says to tell you all I really am housebroken and except for this "I hate you working tinkle on the blanket thing." I am a really good boy all the time..... except ......

.........I found another escape place in the fence this weekend. But I am not telling you where it is because Mom will find out where it is. Mom says no more staying outside unsupervised. Shucks. I guess that means I am on restriction. Miss Cindy says I am "clever." mmmmm ... 'Clever Copper' .. has a nice ring to it ......

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My big Friday adventure.....

Hello dog friends,

Tonight I am taking a break from my poetry streak to tell you about my big Friday adventure. I just can't write poetry about it because it's just too exciting.

Friday was a beautiful day and so my Mom left for work and left me outside in my little front yard that I love so much. It is cute and just the right size for me and I have a great big front porch to lay on if it rains. My Mom and Dad had fixed all of my escape places and so she felt is was safe to leave me.

Well, as soon as my Mom left, I noticed that Miss Cindy's car was next door and I am a smart dog and I know that if her car is there, that she is there.
I was bored and so I decided to find a new escape place and go see her. It was very very hard but I sucked in all of my bones and squeezed through a slightly larger place in the gate. (The same gate above but that is a picture of it after they fixed it.) Miss Cindy saw me do it and she said I had a really hard time wiggling through and that I got stuck some but that I finally make it. She put something over that hole and put me back in my yard. I was so sad ... and still lonely, so I looked and looked and I found another escape place that I had never noticed before. Notice my muddy foorprints?
I had never noticed it (Mom - and I hadn't either) because there used to be a big great smelling bush of lemon balm over this place. Mom had trimmed the bush lately and boy am I glad. It was realy huge! (Mom says if you ever want a nice smelling big bush, plant lemon balm.) So, I hopped through the hole and escaped and went to Miss Cindy's house again and rang the doorbell ... er rather, cried at the door. Can I tell you how awesome it is to be free and run to the neighbors when you are bored? They let you in the house and let you smell all their smells and lay on their sofa! (I bet she even gave me snacks!)
Well, Mom and Miss Cindy were not so happy about my escapes. Miss Cindy just brought me back to my house after a while and put me in the evil kitchen and called my Mom (who felt like a REALLY BAD MOTHER over all of this) and I spent the rest of the day in the evil kitchen ... alone.
So yesterday, Mom and Dad worked in the yard to fix all of my escape places. They put more pickets in the gate so I cannot get out there. They also put rocks in the ground under the gate so that they don't get moved by anyone making a place for me to escape. If you look closely you can see the rocks in the ground under the gate.
They also found my most secret lemon balm escape place and put a big metal rod in that place. See the green rod?

This is the face I made when they fixed all my escape places.

Before you all freak out and tell my mother she is a BAD MOTHER, she wants you all to know what she is thinking of doing. First of all she is never leaving me in my little yard again when she leaves the house. For some reason, I only want to escape when she is gone. She will leave me in the kitchen. She is also going to check out a doggie day care near her work and figure out if she can afford to take me there sometimes and if I would like it. She has also thought of getting another dog to keep me company when she is gone. She is also thinking of working with me more to like being my myself more. (She is not sure how to do that.) She already asked Hershey's Mom if I could come live with her but Hershey's Mom said she has a cat and a dog and a baby and so she said No. She is also going to get me microchipped when she takes me into the vet for my check up in a couple of weeks. Gheesh!

So, that's my big Friday adventure. It's over now. I survived and it was a lot of dog fun.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm not speaking to her ....

It's time, it's time.
Time for another rhyme.
Time for a rhyme about crummy.
Yes, I said crummy .... my Crummy Mummy.

She packed up a suitcase
and left me and Dad in this boring place.
We fended for ourselves,
and ate stuff off the shelves.

While she went on a business trip,
her very first EVER business trip.
To a HOTEL miles away
and up towards Hershey's way!

She met up with Hershey's baby,
who is becoming such a Cute Little Lady.
She rocks on her hands and knees
and sucks her thumb if you please.

Hershey was not there because he couldn't come either.
It was so not fair, not him, not me ... neither.
We stayed home while they had fun.
I've had it with my Mum.

Would any dog like a new Mother?
Wouldn't you like another?
With my Mom I am perturbed,
so therfore, I'm not speaking to her.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

And now a word about Hershey ....

Here I am again dear friends
writing you with rhymes.
My life is so mundane and boring
I do nothing novel with my time.

So Mom decided one day to make a poem,
so her brain would be a little challenged.
She doesn't do suduko puzzles like her Dad;
she thought this was something she could manage.

Some of you have asked about Hershey.
I believe he is as fine as a dog can be.
I know he hasn't blogged in quite a bit,
and of course he hasn't written to me.

I think his baby sister
is taking up his Mother's time
as babies have a tendency to do.
You know, they play and they eat ..... they whine.

Maybe a rescue mission is in order,
we could all go up and see the bore.
We could let him know we miss his tales,
and wish he'd blog some more .

Now I hope he forgives me
for calling him a name.
I hope he know it's only
because my rhyming is a game.

Hershey, I love you buddy. Your friend, Copper

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A sudden burst of poetry ...

Today was a Saturday
and I stayed home with Dad
Mother shopped for furniture
to replace the stuff we have.

She wants to have a special dinner
on that day you fix a turkey.
She needs to seat all the family
and what we have just doesn't worky.

Worky is not a real word
but it works in my rhyme
I hope you can overlook it
just this one time.

New dining room furniture
seems to me like a bore
just to have a place to eat
why can't they just eat on the floor?

Dogs don't require chairs and tables
when we eat our dinner.
People should be more like dogs
and their life would be much simpler.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I barked at a bug ....

Outside, outside ... today I'm out here
Mom is at work and I am sniffing the air that's so clear.
The grass is green, and the sun is not hot
I am a happy dog right here in this spot.

I can bark all I want in my little front yard
there are lizards and bugs and chasing them's not hard.
I can bark and bark at people that pass
and nap in my bed and simply relax.

When Mom gets home she'll give me a kiss
and I'll tell her about the things she missed.
She'll take me inside and feed me my dinner
What a wonderful day, I am truly a winner.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I got to tinkle on a tree....

Oh where oh where is my Mother dear,
While I'm in the evil kitchen here?

I bet she's at the office now,
She took me there once ... somehow.

A nice man gave me some treats
and everyone there was really sweet.

There's a new dog bed there just for me
and I got to tinkle on a tree.

But here I am in the kitchen now,
How is this fair ... I ask you .... how?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Max is my pal .... letter #2

Hey friends,

I told your there was more to the story. Like I said, I went to work with Mom yesterday. (No, she didn't take pictures.) I need to remind her to do that next time. While I was there, Max wrote me about what they were doing to my house. This is letter number 2.

Hi Copper, me again ...

I was mistaken, it doesn't say Bull Dog, it says Big Dog, but I didn't see him either, not even a little one. Anyway, you should see what is happening to YOUR house.

roof 1: There are all these men on top of your house and they are ripping it up. They look like they know what they are doing, because they seem very good at the ripping, sorta like you and I are, they should have asked us to help. They better clean up their mess though, or they are gonna get in trouble. I got in trouble just today for ripping up a couple of tissues, and they are ripping the HOUSE.

roof 2: OK, so these hoomans have this big box on wheels next to your house, and it says 'for sale' on the side, and they throw all the stuff they have ripped off the house into the for sale box. Maybe we should try selling the stuff we ripped up so our mommys aren't so mad at us for doing it.

roof 3: then there is this strange man on the back of your house, and there is no for sale box so he is just making a mess. He is hanging on to a rope so he won't fall off your house.

roof 4: Now what. Somebody just pulled in front of your house with another big box on wheels. And this one has $ painted on the side of it. You can't really see it because of the sunshine. Maybe the stuff in the box is what they bought with the money that they got for the 'for sale' ripped up stuff. Everything in this box looks like new stacks of paper or something, only they are not white paper. Hmm. Peepul are sure strange.

Well, Copper I am sure sorry you're missing all this.

Your friend, Max
So, friends. When I go home, my poddy yard was covered in a blue tarp and sharp nails and gravel stuff. Mom had to move the blue tarp so I could go poddy. Mom says that she has been needing a new 'ruff' for a long time and so I guess this is what they do to give you one. I ruff for her all the time and she just tells me to hush. It was a big mess and if it wasn't for Max, I wouldn't have any pictures because I was at work! My Mom will take some pictures and show them to you soon, when she can take them in the daytime. Mom says to tell you that she had nothing done to her trees ... that was the other neighbors doing.
(whose house is better looking now)
P.S. Thanks for the secret cookies Max. They are yummy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A letter from my neighbor Max ....

Hi dogfriends .....

Today I got up like usual and went poddy and got a cookie .... wait, I didn't get a cookie ......Mom says she is out of cookies .... but aside from not getting a cookie, it was a usual morning. Mom was doing the work day routine ... which is different from the church day routine, and the stay home with ME day routine, so I was getting ready to go hide under the dining room table when all of a sudden .... Mom got out THE LEASH! I had heard her talk on the phone and say the word 'roof' and "too noisy for you Copper' and then she got the leash out and told me I was going on a car ride! Shazam!

When we got in the car I saw this big truck and these men and Mom talked to Miss Cindy and said something about the neighbors must be taking out trees and I was getting a new roof. Mom also said she was sorry that Miss Cindy had to be home sick on such a noisy day. So I went to work with Mom and while I was there, I got this email from Max. He lives next door with Miss Cindy. (Yeah, his Mom is a vet. I wonder if she does that awful temperature thing to him every day at his house?!) Yuck. Anyway, here's his letter.

Hi Copper,

Boy are you sure missing out. I saw you in the car with your mommy this morning. Sad day for you. Although... I guess you' haven't gone to see your vet for unspeakable tortures since my momma is right here with me. She keeps telling me to shush when I bark at ALL the peepul and stuff outside. Let me try to fill you in.

I guess you were in your mommy's car and you saw the big tree this morning, in the road, and then it disappeared inside of the big truck that says Bull Dog on it. I haven't seen the bull dog yet. Nor the tree since. Hmmm ......

then tree 2: there are these strangers in the tree across the street, right by where the last tree disappeared, and all this loud noise and the limbs just keep coming off, and I know it is getting cooler and leaves are falling, but limbs?? And I am still keeping my eyes open for that Bull Dog, or a small dog.

tree 3: Right outside my house is this BIG black truck, and there is a man up on top of it. Maybe the dog is inside that truck.

tree4: this little machine thingy, my momma says its a bobcat, it has these trees in its jaws. That is very scary. I have never seen a cat that big, and if it is really a cat, I don't want to mess with it. George, the cat believes my momma though, because he was grinning when she said it. I am sure he will use that BIG bobcat against me one day. Blasted.

tree5 : Well anyway, this 'bobcat' has trees in its jaws, and it lifts them high above the truck and puts them in it. And then goes for more. Scary.

All this excitement, and you are not here to yell to and I am told to shush. All this, and they are so loud, I can't sleep. Maybe you are better off where you are. house......hahem........well, I'll explain later.

Love, Max

There's more to the story but you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the rest of it.

(what a mess!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A middle name?

Roxie, Sammy and Andy are playing the middle name game. They didn't tag me but that's ok, I am going to play too.

But, I asked Mom and .... er .... I don't have a middle name. How embarrasing. Mom said she didn't need to give me a middle name because she didn't send in those special purebread doggie registration papers on me. She says it wasn't 'Necessary' .... whatever that means. But, she does call me Copper Bopper sometimes so I am going to use Bopper as my middle name. (Roxie, Sammy and Andy didn't have middle names either so I don't feel too bad.)

Here are the rules.

1. Post the rules before you give the facts.

2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged.

OK, here goes:

B - That's easy, I'm a BOY. I tinkle like a girl, but I AM a boy, so there.

O - Opossum killer. Actually, dachshunds kill badgers but badger starts with a b so I'll say I kill opossums. They're probably bad too.

P - P stands for pee in the kitchen. For some reason, I can goo all night without having to go poddy, but if Mom leaves for an hour, I have to pee on my bed (Mom washes them and I get a new one every now and then) or my blanket in the kitchen. If I get to stay out free in the house, I am fine. Mom says if you figure it out, let her know.

P - Purple grapes, or green ones. I love them. I know I am not supposed to have them but I love them if they get dropped.

E - Evil ... the kitchen is evil. I hate going in the kitchen.

R - Right in the middle of Mom and Dad, that's where I sleep. I like to put my claws under Dad. He loves it.

I tag Hershey because he hasn't blogged in a while and he's never told me his middle name.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Family ....

Well, I'm back home now. I got to go on a car ride and go see my Grandaddy. My Mom and Dad helped him put together a new computer desk and then helped him re-set up his computer..... you know, all those wires? While they worked I took a nap in the blue chair. If I lived with Grandaddy, this would be MY CHAIR.

Mom says that Grandaddy amazes her. He can do pretty much anything he wants to on the computer and he even uses a blue tooth with his cell phone. He is 78. The new desk is fun and makes him happy and it is good for him to be happy since he still misses Grammy.

They all left me alone at Grandaddy's house and went to church and then put flowers someplace for Grammy.
Grammy went away a year ago. Grammy would not like getting the flowers because she did not like getting flowers when she was alive. But the flowers make Grandaddy happy and that is all that matters. They also took flowers to my other Grammy and Grandaddy, the ones that knew my Dad. That Grandaddy passed away eight months ago. Mom and Dad are sad sometimes, I guess because of all these flowers.

While they were gone I tinkled in the house and clawed at the door. I didn't get in trouble though. I don't know why I didn't get in trouble.