Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween .....

Well, I got my cape! Mom made me a green cape with bats on it. I keep stepping on it but it's OK. See here it is.

Mom carved a picture of me in a pumpkin too. My neighbor called it a Copper lantern or something like that. See, here's the pumpkin. It's certainly not as scary as Ivy's. Infact it's pretty boring.

I sure had to bark a lot tonight. All these kids kept coming to my door and Mom gave them treats. I vaguely remember this happening last year. I got a few treats too, mostly for "stay." My Dad told me to stop barking so much, but I told him barking is my job!

Monday, October 30, 2006

It's not very halloweeny at my house....

It's not very Halloweeny at my house ... yet. Depite blogging about the costume I want, I still don't have it ... or ANY costume .... to wear tomorrow. I do have a pumpkin costume I can wear as a last resort but I was so hoping for something with a cape. Maybe Mom will come through for me before dark tomorrow night. She does have candy to give out and she did carve a really lame pumpkin tonight. ........ By the way, this costume is really extreme. I would REALLY roll on the ground to get THIS off.

Speaking of dark .... everydog was your dinner late today? My dinner was an hour late today. Dusty Doodles says his was too! I don't understand.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Visiting with my Grandaddy

My Grandaddy has been visiting me. He is really nice. I can tell he is very sad and so I have tried to stick really close to him and sit in his lap and let him take me for walks. This is a picture of me sitting in his lap. Tonight, I helped him out and shared one of his cheesey tasting chips. He eats these yummy chips and mmmmm are they good. I took one when he wasn't looking tonight. He gave me one the other night so I just figured it was OK to take one for myself. My peepol didn't like it. I am so confused. Why do peepol give you chips and then get angry at you for taking one for yourself?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

There are CHICKENS in my refrigerator!!

My mother brought home some real live chickens today! Well, she says they are just eggs but they smell like chickens to me! I smelled them over and over and they are CHICKENS! I've never even met a chicken, but something tells me that's what they are!

She said a lady at work gave them to her. The lady's Daddy has chickens that lay eggs and she brought some eggs to the people at work today. Mom put them in the refrigerator and I WANT THEM! See right here Mom ... they're in there!

They do not smell like the eggs she buys at the grocery store. They are chickens! I can't bite them ... or I know I'm not suppose to. See they're right here .... snif snif.

I know they're in there!

I want them and I am going to wait right here for them!

Monday, October 23, 2006

What would you wear for Halloween?

No this isn't me. I would never wear all this stuff. I would roll on the floor until I got it off which is why my Mom knows better than to buy me a Halloween costume that is this fancy. BUT, if I would wear it and my Mom would spend this much money on a costume for me, this is who I would want to be for Halloween..... I think. I think I would want to be Batman. What would you want to be? Go find your dream costume ... on the internet of course ... and tell us what you'd be.

Wouldn't I look cool in this?

Friday, October 20, 2006

I just have to show you this picture ...

I just have to show you this picture. No it's not me ... it's Hershey. Yeah, Hershey. His Dad took this picture, he's quite the photographer. It's it funny looking? He was taking a nap in a cat bed before he had a real dog bed of his own. I would never sleep in a cat bed.

Speaking of beds ... Mom bought me a new bed. She found one for only $10 at Walgreens and thought it was cheap enough to buy me. CHEAP ENOUGH! Am I not worth more than $10. True, I have been known to tinkle on my bed when Mom does not come home from work for HOURS and HOURS! And, I have been known to tear holes in my bed and pull all the stuffing out. And yes, I have been known to shred my beds up until she had to throw them away. But, she does buy the beds for ME right? Isn't it my right to personalize them? This is a picture of the new bed. You can see how small it is. It isn't as crowded when I am the only one it in and since Hershey has gone home, it fits me fine.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Squirrels are evil .... and so I chew them up ....

Mommy bought me a squirrel the other day. She said it reminded her of Ivy's blog. I was so excited to get it! This is me posing with it when I really just wanted to run away with it and chew it up.

Here is is with all four of it's legs.

This is what it's fur looks like. I pull it off and leave little bits of it all over the house.

One leg off.

No you can't have it! It's mine!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Decorating glass .....

How to decorate glass with nose wipes

Decorating glass is an important part of being a dog. To do a good job, you first need a wet nose.

If your nose is dry .... and you are a dog .... you are sick you may need to go see the doggie doctor. Maybe getting a big drink of water may help.

Take your wet nose and apply it to the window or door or glass of your choice. Car windows are especially good for this application. Press your nose onto the glass. You will be able to see through the glass BETTER if your nose is pressed onto the glass. Swirl your nose around, or look through several different places on the glass.

This will leave nose wipes all over the glass, not just in one place. You may see different things when looking through different places of the glass. Let dry. Repeat as needed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a day .....

What a day! Today is Sunday and it is Hershey's last full day with me before he goes back to Virginia and his house with hard floors. (He loves my fluffy carpet. He keeps rolling around on my floors!) I just wanted to play zoomies with him and chase him around the living room but we didn't get to it. First of all Hershey isn't in the mood for it much because his Mom isn't here for him to show off for. Then this morning we had to go in the kitchen while Mom and Dad went to church and we can't really zoom in there very well, certainly not when there is no one around to watch us. So, we took a nap instead in my new soft bed. It was a little crowded.

Then, we had to spend some time outside because it was a pretty day. I like it outside when it is a pretty day. Hershey and I barked at some people that had the audacity to walk past my house. Then Mom had to take our picture ... again. The sun was in our eyes so we didn't cooperate very well.

Then we had to keep Nixon inside the house. He keeps trying to escape. Here is a picture of him at the front door. Earlier, I returned his spy ID card to him and told him we were wise to his plan but here he is trying to escape again.

Here is one of me keeping guard over him. "No, Nixon ... you can't come out here. Only us dogs are allowed out here."

It's been a lot of work but it has been fun having Hershey here. I wish he did not live so far away. He is my best freind. I hope he comes down again soon or get to go visit him soon.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nixon the spy escapes to rendevous and I am a HERO!

News update ..... Saturday 10/14/06 ...

I have more evidence that Nixon is a spy! Today he escaped to rendevous with his spy contact! Yes, while my Mom was away and Dad was here with us, Nixon escaped from the house and went on a mission. I was a HERO and found him! Yes! It's true!

Dad noticed I was barking outside like he had never heard me bark. He wondered what was up so he thought about it and wondered if Nixon was out again. He had escaped for just a second last night as Mom and Dad came in from having salad pizza. He searched the house and could not find Nixon. So, he put me on a leash and took me outside and give me instructions to "FIND NIXON!" I searched the garage, and caught his scent and led Dad around the back of the house, under the deck to the side where the big bush is. I have never been over there before but I had smelled Nixon and I was on a mission! I saw him lurking under the big bush and I barked at him. I told him "Get back in the house! Even though you are a spy, your Mom and Dad will be mad if you get lost outside! You are an inside cat and you aren't allowed outside! We are babysitting you and those are the rules! " Just then, he jumped back in the yard and ran inside my dog house. I ran inside the dog house and blocked him in so that Dad could catch him. Dad came around and reached inside the dog house and caught him! Then he put Nixon back in the house and he gave me a COOKIE! He said I was a HERO!

Hershey did not help me at all. He did not even know Nixon was missing!

Sorry I have no pictures. It was too exciting and besides ... Mom wasn't home to take pictures.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nixon IS a spy!

If you are reading this post, be sure you read the one below it first.

Hershey and I were happily chasing Nixon again this afternoon and in his haste to get away, he dropped something! Hershey and I quickly picked it up and examined it and discovered it was an I.D.card! HE IS A SPY! The I.D.Card says he is a member of C.A.T.S. ... which according to the card stands for Canine Annihiliation & Termination Syndicate! His spy number is 003!

What are Herhey and I going to do?

I think Nixon is a spy!

Hey dog friends. I am taking a break from running around the living room with Hershey. A guy gets really winded doing that when you aren't used to it and you have to rest a lot. Go to Hershey's blog and you can see what I mean. Hershey's Mom has this cool new camera and she posted this video of us chasing each other and running around. It's what we do when we are not sleeping or defending the house ... for some reason the house needs a lot more defending when we are together. We hear more stuff to bark at when we are together - teamwork I guess. Two dogs are better than one!

One thing we hear alot of is Nixon jumping down off of the furniture. Unfortunately he always comes along too when Hershey comes to visit me, which would be cool if I could just get to his cat food ... it's yummy! Nixon has these super powered ACME turbo legs and he can jump up on anything, even if it is way up high on the furniture! Man, what I wouldn't do to be able to jump like that! I could jump on the counter when Mom is defrosting meat ..... and I could jump over the plexiglass gate when I get put in the kitchen. But I can't do that .... Shucks! Anyway, Nixon almost never says anything, but he makes a lot of noise jumping down from things.

I have decided he is a SPY! Watch the video on Hershey's blog and you'll see what I mean. We are running around having fun and he is on the hearth just watching us, spying on us! He is always sneaking around where you can't see him, spying on me and Hershey. Then he slithers away quietly and goes somewhere .. maybe to report back to somebody on what we are doing??? Why would he do that unless he is a spy from some evil organization???? I haven't figured out what organization he is spying for just yet. Maybe some of you dogs have some ideas?

Here he is ... doesn't he look like a spy?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This dog saved a boy's life ....

Read this article that I found about a very brave dog.

Lost Boy is Kept Alive by His Friend’s Dog

Steven and Ethan, ages 9 and 8, were friends out on an adventure with Steven’s dog, Elmo, a 4-year-old Labrador/Collie mix. But their fun outing turned into a nightmare when they found themselves trapped in a swamp. Lost and frightened, Ethan became entangled in brush and mud. A terrified Steven ventured off in search of help. Eventually emerging from the woods, wet up to his shoulders and shivering from the cold, Steven made his way home. Elmo, possibly sensing that Ethan was in worse danger, remained in the woods with him rather than follow his owner home. Elmo remained by Ethan's side providing warmth and comfort, which would save the young boy's life. Local police and their canine unit, a helicopter, fire team and community volunteers all started a search for Ethan. With no sign of him as night fell, the search and rescue team contemplated suspending rescue efforts. In a final attempt before darkness set in, a firefighter saw a pair of eyes in the light. A shivering Elmo and a nearly unconscious Ethan were discovered. Suffering from hypothermia, paramedics rushed Ethan to the hospital for treatment. Throughout the ordeal, Elmo refused to leave Ethan's side, led him away from danger and kept him warm and awake. The police believed that Ethan's survival was a direct result of Elmo's heroic actions.

Wow! What a hero!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Watching for Hershey ....

Hershey's is coming to see me!
Hershey's coming to see me!
Na na na boo boo
Hershey's coming to see me!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Mom is not paying attention to me ....

My Mom is ignoring me. Well, she isn't really ignoring me ... she fed me ... and she lets me sit beside her, but she is not helping me blog as much as I'd like and she is paying attention to this. It is knitting and crocheting. She has these sharp things and balls of string and is paying attention to them and not me. She says it is for Hershey's baby. 1. Hershey isn't here. 2. Hershey doesn't have a baby. 3. What is a baby anyway? Will I have to wear these shoes? ..... because I don't like shoes.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The squirrel place ....

I'm so frustrated! My Mom is trying to teach me something but I just don't understand. You see, I have this squirrel place at my house. It is outside and it is on the back of my house near the kitchen. My Dad goes out there almost every day to cook yummy food (that I don't get to eat) on a thing that gets hot. The squirrels run around out there and I can see some other dogs out there. I LOVE to go out there and bark. Well, sometimes I sit and wait by the door to the squirrel place waiting for somebody to open the peepol door and let me out. I wish I had a doggie door like some of you. Mom says I will never get one because she is afraid I am going to fall off the squirrel place, because it is high up and opens up to a place without a fence. I can't go out there by myself.

Well, when the peepol open the door to the squirrel place I bark REALLY LOUD to let the squirrels know I am coming out and I rush out of the door REALLY FAST!!! Mom doesn't like it. She says I hurt her ears. (Get over it Mom, is what I say.) So, she has started making me "SIT" and "STAY" far back from the door. Then she takes FOREVER to open the door and she expects me to "SIT" and "STAY" and WAIT quietly (what torture!) until she opens the door and says "OK." I am so frustrated! Why do I have to play these manners games when all I want to do is bark on the squirrel place?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is not me ....

Hey ya'll. I had another really boring day. I didn't do anything worth talking about really. Well, I did wake my Mom up again at 4:30 am to go to the bathroom. I just like to go out early in the morning. Mom has stayed up late and made me go out and go poddy at midnight and I sitll want to go poddy at 4:30 in the morning. Its quiet outside then and no one is up to watch you .. you know? I don't see why she thinks it is such a big no no. She says it is because she can't go back to sleep and before she knows it it is time to get up. Big deal, doesn't she nap during the day like I do, isn't that what she does at work?

Well, since I have nothing to report, I thought I'd show you a picture of a beautiful long haired dachshund. My Mom found it on the internet when I was a puppy and she was trying to decide how long my hair was going to grow (not long ... is the answer.) Isn't this dog pretty? I think it is a girl.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Christmas Cards ......

I just signed up for Miss Sunshades Christmas Card Exchange. This is a picture of me taken last Christmas when my Mom was thinking about putting me on her Christmas card. She didn't do it but maybe now she can! If you sign up to send me a Christmas card and I will send you one too. It would be fun to get cards from dogs all over the world.

Monday, October 02, 2006

What dogs like best ....

Tonight I thought I would share these cool pictures. The boy that used to live at my house took the pictures. This dog just wanted to go for a ride in the truck with his Dad. He got to go. Aren't they cool pictures.

Hey, if you have not gone over to see Ivy's blog at Squirrels Are Evil, she is the featured blog of the month at the dogs with blogs website. I love Ivy's blog. Her pumpkins are cool. My Mom had to buy her pumpkins and they don't even have names!