Friday, June 27, 2008

Take your dog to work day ...

Hello dogfriends. There has been a flurry of activity here tonight ... lots of vacuuming and washing and cleaning ... an unusual activity for a Friday night. Then, Mom brought in a laundry basket full of toys.... and they aren't dog toys. I sense something is up but I don't know what it could be. Any ideas, dogfirends?

I had another very busy day today. I got to go to work again. I like going to work with Mom. People pet me and say hi to me and Mom's boss gives me treats all day and scratches my neck. Here I am helping Mom out with some email.

And my side pose. The other day was National Take Your Dog to Work Day and I participated!!!!! My Mom didn't even know there was such a day, but I was at work that day anyway.

This is what I do all day. Lay here and watch the world go by. Can we go home now Mom?

Monday, June 23, 2008

I don't want to talk about it ...

Hi everydog and cat and everyone else (except you creepy people that leave weird comments on my blog) ... I had a great day. Well .... it was great till I got a spanking for ... well, I don't want to talk about it. I know, I know ... I am knew I wasn't supposed to do it and I have been scolded before for doing it .... but one was at home so .... I just did. So shoot me.. or scold me ... oh wait, that's what you did. I remember now. Oh well, I guess you have forgiven me because you fed me dinner and you are letting me sit on the couch with you. I promise I will never do it again. Promise.

Dog friends ... I know you don't know what I am talking about but Mom does and so well ... I don't want to talk about it. And no, I did not take pictures!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Use CAUTION when approaching this plant ...

Blogger was uncooperative the other day when I was trying to upload my tomato plant pictures so here are the rest of them. It's still growing. Here you can see it is growing over the fence towards my 'car ride' car.

This is a picture of me sniffing a bug. "Hey bug, stay away from Mom's tomato plant!"

And this is what Mom hopes happens soon ... lots of red ripe tomatoes.

(She painted these on with the computer.)

Sigh..... I am so bored.

Monday, June 16, 2008

It's going to get me ....

Surely everydog has heard about the evil salmonella laced tomato epidemic that is plaguing America ... or is it the world? The one that is forcing restaurants everywhere to post little signs saying they aren't serving them.

Well, while your people are doing without tomatoes, mine are growing them and are just starting to get some red ones.

They started this tomato plant as a teeny slip of a thing way back in March and now look at it. It has taken over the flower bed that it calls home and threatens to take over my little yard. If you click on the picture, you can see it better.

Here I am posing in front of it (Mom made me) at great peril.

Mom and Dad do not remember what they used for fertilizer but they think they may have used too much.

Happy Father's Day ...

This is my Daddy. Today is his special day. I actually am not sure it was a very special one for him, but I did all I could do, I took a nap with him today.

He is a wonderful Dad to me. He always feeds me at 5 o'clock if Mom is not home or if she has not fed me yet. (Mom feeds me anytime I ask after 4, pretty much .. she is much more of a softie in that area.) Dad lets me leave my fenced in yard and go through the garage into the house. Mom doesn't. He scratches me a lot ... Mom doesn't. Dad never gives me baths of trims my nails, which I hate to have done. He is a good dad. No you can't have him, he is mine.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yes, dogs do this ....

I'm not commenting on these pages in Mom's book except to say that I don't have to pull a tab to do this either.

More on the snake .... my Dad leaves for work early and it was not really light out yet. He moved my Mom's car out from behind his car and that is when he ran over the snake. When he walked back to get in his car, he saw the snake and thought it was a rattlesnake. He put the snake in the trashcan and called my Mom to warn her in case she decided to put anything in the trash can. It was trash day and the can was at the curb. Mom naturally had to go LOOK in the trash can and SEE the snake and she took it OUT of the trash can and put in in the bushes outside my pretty fence. Then she looked it up when she got to work and discovered it was a Copperhead. All this snake moving was done with gloves and while it was dead. Mom was kinda freaked out that I had a Copperhead in my yard. When she told me, I told her I was SURE it was on it's way to attack me just like Roxie, Sammy and Andy's Copperhead tried to do. Gheesh, a dog isn't safe in his own yard. I do not like snakes.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More about Mom's book ..... and A SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom must have been thinking about me when she bought this book. I am doing a lot of ear shaking and scratching lately. When someone with opposable thumbs pulls the tabs on the end of the pages, the dogs shake and scratch. ............ I do it without opposable thumbs.

But my big news of the day is my Daddy killed a baby Copperhead snake in my driveway today when he backed out of the driveway this morning!!!!!!! The copperhead was surely on his way to get me I bet. Yikes!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What do you blog about when you have nothing to blog about? My life is so boring sometimes. I did go for a walk tonight. Mom has started taking me for walks but this is the second time she went on a loooonnnnggg walk. I tell you, I nearly died! I told her I wanted to go back home several times but she told me that if we kept going, we'd get home faster. I don't know what in the heck THAT means! I do know that I hate to walk in tall grass and on rocky ground so a couple of times Mom carried me. Yes ... she carried me. I think I need a stroller. Sorry I don't have any pictures of Mom carrying me.

Mom went to buy a present for Hershey's baby the other day and she found this book.

She just had to have it so she bought it for herself. (She justifies buying it because she says that someday she'll be able to read it to her grandchildren ... that is if they ever come visit her.) Anywho, it is about dogs. Mom is collecting books about dogs. I'll have to show you the others. But here are a few pages from this book. I'll post the other ones soon... drag it out, ya know.

These pages are about dachsunds. Naturally Mom is partial to dachshunds.