Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A day in JAIL!!!!

I had such a scary day today! It all started this morning when my Mom put my harness on and got my leash out. I was sure I was going for a walk. Pretty soon my neighbor friend Dr Cindy came over and put my leash on me and led me out of my yard. I looked at my Mom like "What is happening to me? Aren't you going?" Then, she put me in her CAR and took me for a car ride. That was fun. When we stopped I was at the scary Dr place! She put me in doogie jail and I had to stay there a long time! Sometimes she would come to see me and take me outside to go poddy but I was so scared and mad at her that I wouldn't go poddy. I didn't like the water there either. One time she took me out and looked in my ears and looked at my itchy spots. They even had the nerve to shave a little place on one of my itchy places! I wiggled really hard to make them stop but they just got more people to hold me and did it anyway! It was just awful. I had to go back in doggie jail some more where the yuccy water was. I could hear the other dogs talking about their 'operations' and how much they hurt. It was awful. Were they going to operate on me? Where was my Mom?

Then, Dr Cindy came and got me and took me on a car ride again. I had to wear my harness and seat belt so I couldn't tell where we were going. Pretty soon I smelled my neighborhood and pretty soon she let me out of my seatbelt and pretty soon I was home!! I ran in and got a big long drink of water and then said hi to my Mom.

Dr Cindy told my Mom that I have a little bit of an ear infection and a skin infection. She gave Mom some drops for my ears and some more cheese medicine. One of the medicines is a 'steer oid" whatever that is. Does Dr Cindy think I am a cow? I am confused.

I am home now and I am going to try to catch up on my sleep before Hershey gets here.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One more day till Hershey comes ....

Hershey will be here TOMORROW night! You see this picture of us sleeping? We won't sleep a wink tomorrow night ... and neither will anyone else. Stay tuned ... we'll take lots of pictures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Count down to HERSHEY time !!!!!!

Hershey is coming to visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mom told me today!!! She said he gets here very late Wednesday night. Mom says Wednesday is in three days!!! I am sooooo excited. We will run ........... and play ........... and chase each other in circles. We will take each other's toys ....... and play catch the ball ........... and do tricks ....... and BARK at everything!!!!!!!! Mom says we are babysitting him while his Mom and Dad go somewhere! WOW! I can't wait!

Oh, Nixon is coming too. We can chase him too.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

You want to see my yard?

Today was Saturday and my peepol stayed home. I had to spend a lot of time outside in my yard. I don't know why I have to be out there ... cause I like to be inside with my Mom the best. While I was out there, I took some pictures to show you.

This is my dog house. I don't like it and I never go in it but here it is.

This is where I like to sit when I have to be out there.... on the furniture. Wouldn't you like to sit on a cushy people chair instead of in a DOG house?

This is the magic light that comes on when I go outside at night to go poddy. My Mom and Dad made it new last week. The old magic one wasn't so magic anymore after the evil man squirted my house with the hose.

This is Pot Man. He just always stands there like this. You can also see my fence and the net my Mom and Dad put up to keep Hershey in when he came to vist when he was a tiny puppy. They keep it up in case they ever find me a baby brother or sister.

This is the window I scratch at when I want to come inside. Mom ... can I PLEASE come in now?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Me and Holly ....

Last night I told you all how I got my name. Tonight I will tell you how Holly got her name. Holly was my big sister. She is not around anymore. I am not really sure where she went .. but she was very old so I think I know.

Holly was a Christmas present to the kids that used to live in this house. The kids were in elementary school and they had watched a Haley Mills movie before Christmas. They wanted to name her Haley at first, but since they got her for Christmas .... decided to name her Holly ... as in a Holly bush. At least that is what they tell me.

One day the girl in the family had to make a certain kind of poem for school and she wrote this:

Holly Polly rode the trolly,
To and from the city.
She was very pretty.
And so was her friend Molly.

My Mom still remembers that poem. If I had been a girl, my name would have been Molly .... I guess. This picture is of me when I was about a year old and Holly was 14.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

How I got my name .....

Hi dog friends.... Tonight to thought I would tell you how I got my name.

I am afraid I am boring you all to death with the stories of my itching. I may be better today ... but them my Mom has been gone so much today she hasn't asked me about it. The jacket did seem to help some. It gave me something else to think about and I couldn't reach some of the really itchy places. And no, I have not eaten or been around anything new ... just that one flea ... and he's gone. Mom can't figure it out. The yard man did spray the yard for weeds and she wonders if that is it.

About my name ... when I came to live here I was a wee little puppy and for a whole week I didn't have a name. Or I had a whole bunch of names ... each for an hour or so. I sort of was a birthday present for my Mom she thought and thought and finally after about a week she named me Copper. My Mom has a hard time deciding things sometimes she says. She told me once that her kids used to watch this movie called the Fox and the Hound and the dog in it was named Copper. I guess if I had a brother dog, he could be named Tod. Anyway, that is how I got my name. How did you get your name?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hello MOM .. it's AUGUST !!!!

Look at me, will you? No ... I have not gone to Alaska or Michigan or Australia.

I am still in GEORGIA ... where it's HOT! Why am I wearing a jacket you say?..... That would be a very good question ......... Because my Mom put it on me! She said maybe it would make me stop itching ... something about a different sensation and she had tried everything else ... I don't know. I don't think it is working. I live in the house where it is air conditioned .... us dogs could not live here in Georgia without air conditioning. But a jacket in August? Talk about embarrasing. I sure hope she takes it off of me when I go outside to go poddy..... a jacket in August! ...........

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

too.... tired to ....

I don't know

what is wrong with me ....

but I am so .....

sleepy ....

I can hardly hold my eyes ...


I am almost too sleepy



I wonder cheese makes you sleepy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It is the squirrels fault ....

Sorry I did not blog the other day but I have been itching so bad I can't even think. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night because I itched so bad. My Mom and Dad are at their wits end trying to take care of me. I got a bath this morning at like 7 am (gosh I hate baths) and my Dr. Cindy neighbor friend brought me some more and different pills that turn into cheese medicine (I love cheese medicine). These pills are suppose to help me not itch and they have made me very sleepy. I can hardly hold my eyes open as a matter of fact. Dr Cindy says maybe I am allergic to summer! That would be terrible considering I live in Georgia!

But Mom went and bought a special comb today and combed me tonight. She called it a flea comb. And guess what! Even though I have had Frontline put on me every month for my whole life, she found ONE flea tonight. HELLO! That is why I am itching so bad! Mom says I am a very delicate and sensitive dachshund if one flea can make me that uncomfortable. Gosh, I wish she could feel how one flea itches you! The flea cob killed the flea and so maybe I can sleep tonight. I know it is all the squirrels fault. I saw him yesterday on my hamberger place and he was itching his tail!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm in LOVE !!!

I got an e-mail from HGTV about America's Most Pampered Pets and this pretty girl doxie made the list. Isn't she beautiful?!

Hershey, if we ever meet her, she's mine.

I also like this fancy bed. If I had a bed like this, I would never tinkle in it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Help me, I itch ....

Today my Mommy came home from work and really quick took me on a car ride. I love car rides! She made me wear my seat belt though .... I hate the seat belt. This is me in the seat belt. Why can't I sit in your lap and look out the window Mom?

The car ride was a long one and I got tired of not being able to see out the window and I did not see the ice cream place. When we stopped, I smelled a lot of pee mail and some danger smells. It was the Doctor place with the shiny metal table!! I went in with Mom, even though I didn't want to, and then I saw my next door neighbor and friend, Miss Cindy! She looked at me and talked to me and petted me and looked at me and talked to Mom ...... but I didn't even get a shot! Mom told her that I was very itchy and they looked at all the places that itch. This is me on the metal table. I did not want my picture taken.

Then I got down off the metal table and stood on another table and Mom got excited and said I weighed 14 1/2 pounds! Dr. Cindy said I weighed exactly 14 1/2 pounds a year ago. She was glad I have not gotten fat. Why would I get fat? I don't get too much to eat... I barley get enough. I just itch! Miss Cindy gave my Mom some pills and some more oil (nanny nanny boo boo Hershey ... I got more oil!) and then we went home. Miss Cindy says I have allergies and dry skin. I wonder what that means.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My scary day ....

Ivy posted today that an evil truck (aren't all trucks evil?) came and put boxes in her house.

Ivy, I have to tell you about something that happened to me once. My Mom stayed home one day a long time ago and I thought it would be a happy day but I was wrong. First of all my Mommy moved a lot of stuff from the soft sofa room into the kitchen. My food bowl and my water and my bed are in the kitchen and I couldn't get to my water! It was very crowded and very messy!

Then an evil truck came and even though I barked at them, they wouldn't go away! The men from the evil truck moved all of the rest of the stuff in my house outside onto the squirrel place where Dad cooks hamburgers. Now the outside of my house was messy too!

I had to go in my kennel and stay there a long time. When the evil men left, my house was still a mess. They came back the next day and this time made the upstairs a mess. It was awful. This is a picture of me checking out the sofa outside.

When the days were over, I had new fluffy stuff on my floors everywhere. Holly's smell was gone and I got a big talking to about tinkling on the new fluffy stuff. (Even though I never do it, I promise.) I like the new fluffy stuff and Hershey really needs to get some at his house because his floors are HARD! His floors are so hard, I had to lay on a plastic bag once when I was there.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I need a puppy friend ....

I would just like to say that I would like a puppy firend to come live with me. If Hershey is going to stay in Virginia in his house with very hard floors, I want a brother or sister. This is a picture of Hershey when he was a baby ... and I think I want a baby brother or sister just like that. Do you think my Mom can just go buy one at Walmart?

Mom says she thinks wants an older doglet.... older than a puppy. But,she does not want one with heartworms or one that hates little children or cats. She does not want to have to drive to Houston to get a friend for me either Dachshies. Alas, I have no friends..... only cyber space friends.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I've been tagged ...

I've been tagged by Indy.

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

5 Wierd Things About Me

1. I like to sleep between my Mom and Dad between their shoulders where there is the least amount of room. I especially like to tuck my legs and claws up under my Dad so my feet stay warm. He loves it!
2. When I know it is time to get locked in the kitchen or take a bath, I hide under the dining room table. Dad calls it my "crystal palace." It never works though.
3. When I go for walks, I don't like to go past these two scary houses where dogs live. Sometimes Mom carries me past these houses. I don't like to go very far on walks either.
4. My tail has a curl in the end even though dachshunds don't have curly tails.
5. I always try to help Mom load the dishwasher. I always try to get in a quick lick on a dirty dish before she tells me to get down.

I tagged Hershey, Isabella, the Dachshies, Raisa and Ivy.

Here is a picture of me tagging Hershey when he was a baby. Notice the strange look on my face. I was not sure if he understood the game.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Look at me on a keychain!!!

Look what I just ordered off the internet! Isn't it cute?! I am going to give it to my Mom for her birthday so that she will thnk of me everytime she goes in the car. Maybe then, she will take me for ice cream and to Petsmart when she goes in her car. I love to go in the car with her. Roxie, Sammy and Andy you can get one too at

You will have to e-mail the seller that you want one because I got the last one! (Look under 'sold') I think you will be able to figure out who made it. Isn't it cute!? I know it was made by someone who likes dachshunds a lot. (Sorry Meeska.)

Friday, August 11, 2006

I got Mail !!!!!

I got mail! I think it is from my Doctor, who also happens to live next to my house. It has pictures of happy pets on it. It makes me happy to get mail! I wonder what it says. I wish I could read it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dogs that help ....

Today I saw a picture on the internet of a pretty yellow dog helping some nice police people at the airport. The yellow dog was sniffing ... something us dogs WAY do better than humans, thank you very much. The yellow dog was helping with a big airplane problem. Isn't that what humans need to do is get us dogs involved in fixing the world's problems? This is not the picture I saw because that picture would not let me copy it. This is another picture that I got off Google. When Meeshka and HULA run the world, I hope they do away with all the scary people that want to blow up airplanes. Today's news is scary enough to REALLY make me tinkle on my bed!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I got a cookie and a party!

This is embarrasing ..... but I got a cookie and a little party today because I tinkled on the tinkle pad my Mom put out when she went to work!

You see, my Mom has to work so she can buy me cookies. I don't know what she does and I am pretty sure she would rather stay home with me but I can't go with her is all I know. I have to stay in the kitchen because we have really nice new fluffy stuff (not as fluffy as Meeshka is I am sure) on the floors everywhere else ..... unlike at Hershey's house - he has HARD WOOD! .....very uncomfortable to nap on, let me tell you! Anyway, I have a bunch of little blankets that I get to sleep on in the kitchen, one at a time. Mommy washes them because ... well.... I am embarrassed to say ... I tinkle on them if she takes too long to get home. This big boy comes and lets me out at 3:30 everyday, but sometimes I can't even wait that long.

So today, I think I got the idea about what that pad was for waayyy over on the other side of the kitchen away from my bed because I DID IT! Please tell me ... my new doggie friends.... if I am doing the right thing. Or please tell my Mom that she should quit her job and stay home with me 24/7, that's what I want her to do. And you big dogs that live out in the country and have fences and razor wire, please don't make fun of me. I have a four foot tall picket fence in my front yard and Mommy can't leave me out in it when she goes to work because she is afraid someone would STEAL ME! Yikes, that would be awful! Almost like getting lost only worse!

Funny picture of me and Hershey ....

I thought I'd share a silly picture of Hershey and me. It was his birthday and we were having a slumber party. Actually, I think my parents had abandoned me for the weekend or something and I was staying at Hershey's house. Anyway, Hershey looks like a puppy doesn't he? I look distinguished and grown up as usual. Not as distinguished as Meshka with a shirt on, but distinguished enough.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Thinking deep thoughts while Mom is at work.....

Mom has gone off to work again! Why does she have to go to work anyway? I could do without a few cookies if it meant she could stay home with me and keep me company. Why does she always turn on Animal Planet for me when she leaves? How does she know I don't want to watch C-Span or something else? Why is it that Hershey never comes over anymore? I wonder if he has torn up my little tan bear? Where do the squirrels live when they are not frolicking on my deck? Who invited them to get on my deck..... I don't have any food for them out there. Why don't I have a cat .... I like cats. Maybe they cost money and Mom would have to work more to buy a cat. Why does she have to leave me to go to work? When are they going to mow the yard!? It needs mowing. I wonder if any Meerkat's, like the ones on Animal Planet, live back there and I just don't know it. Why didn't Mom put more peanut butter in that Kong thing that I finished a long time ago ... I sure wish I still had some. I wonder if Landis is telling the truth and didn't cheat? That would sure stink. I wonder why Mom isn't home yet?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Closets are DARK .....

I finally got to go for a slow sniffy walk tonight. Actually, it was not very slow and sniffy ... but I got to go on a walk. I like to go r e a l slow and smell the roses ... and the grass ... and the mailboxes ... and whatever I want when I walk. My Mom likes to go FAST so she can xercice or something. My legs are short and I don't like to go fast.

Well, when we got home Mom opened up the closet to hang up my leash and I went in to help her and pretty soon it was DARK! I waited quietly for the door to open but it didn't.

I heard Mom turn on the water in the sink.... was she cooking something?

I heard her open the front door ... was she going on another slow sniffy walk without me?

I heard her say "Honey, is Copper upstairs with you?"

I heard Dad say "No, maybe he is in the other room."

I heard Mom say "Copper, where ARE you?"


Then I heard the front door open again.

Then I heard Mom again "Copppperrrrr, where aaaarrrreeee you!"

Then, I saw light and Mom opening the door. I was so glad to see her..... AND get a cookie from the treat can.

You should definately stay out of dark closets. It is scary and dark and there is nothing special in there.

Favorite toy week ......

Ok doggie friends ... let's share our favorite toys.

This is a picture of Armless Bear. He is my FAVORITE toy. I ripped his arms off long ago and I have ripped a lot of holes in him. My Mom sews them up every time. He squeeks and he has this white fluffy stuff inside that I love to pull out. His eyes are sewed on and his nose was sewed on but I chewed that off so he can't smell anymore.

This is me with Armless Bear and my other favorite toy, the one I got in a fight with Hershey over. It is a small stuffed bone that squeeks. I posed for this picture with both toys. It was hard for me to 'stay' and pose for this picture because Mommy had treats.

This is me taking bear back. He does not like having his picture taken.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Links! I have links!

Thanks Hershey! Thanks for helping me!

What's so interesting about birds? continued

The most unusual bird nest we have had this year was the cardinal. She built a nest in the climbing rose bush on my porch I guess we did not have a house she liked. She laid one egg and knocked it out of the nest and it broke. Then she laid another egg and knocked IT out of the nest but this time it didn't break and Mom put it back. She finally had three eggs. Here is a picture of the nest.

The mother bird would sit on the nest everyday all day and even got brave enough to stay in the nest and let Mom take her picture.

Then one day one of the eggs hatched.

Mom and Dad were excited because Mom could put her digital camera right over the nest and take pictures and then look at the camera and see what was in the nest. They were waiting for the other babies to hatch when one day they went out to go to work and the nest was all messed up. There were no babies, no feathers, no egg shells .... nothing ... on the ground or anywhere. The couldn't figure out what happened but they guessed an owl or something might have come and gotten the baby and the eggs. I don't want to blame it on a cat because I have three cats that are friends of mine. The mother was fine. Mom saw her later. But she didn't come build a nest there again. That's my cardinal story. The End.

What's so interesting about birds?

First of all ... the man with the hose came BACK today and squirted my house AGAIN today. I heard Mom say there were some spots he missed (it looked fine to me.) I alerted her the minute he drove up but she had the nerve to make me sit and stay inside the house while she went out and talked to him so I did not get to bark at him ... well at least where he could see me. I barked plenty when he squirted my windows! How dare he! But, he's gone now so ...

I can tell Roxie, Sammy and Andy about all of the birds! My Mom doesn't really have a lot of sense sometimes. She likes birdhouses and she puts these birdhouses up and ... yeah, you guessed it .... birds come and make babies in them. I don't know why, but she is always amazed and surprised. She always says it is amazing to see the things that God has made. One time Meeshka, I almost got to meet one when it first jumped out of the nest and it couldn't fly. Mom was afraid I was going to hurt it and made me go in the house! I was just going to introduce myself!! Gheesh! Here is a picture of it. Pretty ugly I think.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ahhhhh .....

That man with the hose did not come back today, and the furniture is back on my porch. I can rest now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Very scary day ....

I had a scary day! This morning my Mom put all the porch furniture in my poddy and went to work. Then this man came and sprayed water all over my house. It was loud and Mom wasn't even home to sit with me. I can't believe she left me. I was so scared. When she got home and let me out, my poddy was still full of furniture. I don't know what to do!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Queen Mari ...

I told you about Tabitha. Now I want to tell you about her big sister Mari. This is my favorite funny picture of her. Mari likes to get in small places and she got in this box and was being goofy and Mom took her picture. Yes ... my Mom and the camera again! Mari is a queen. She used to be a princess but she is a queen now. She is a queen because her new kitten sister is the princess.

Here is another picture of her.