Thursday, November 30, 2006

What I am thankful for ....

Thanksgiving is over ....... I know ..... but it is always good to be thankful

and I am in a thankful mood tonight

so tonight I will share with you what I am thankful for:

1. I am thankful for my Mom. Even though I love my Dad very much, my Mom is the love of my life because she .... well she is just my favorite person. I am always by her side ... if she is home. She also helps me blog.

2. I am thankful for Hershey, my best buddy in the whole world, and that we get to see each other occassionally. I am also thankful that he doesn't hump me quite as much as he used to.

3. I am thankful for soft beds and carpeted floors, pillows and blankets. I hate hard floors.

4. I am thankful for hollow bones stuffed with treats, my favorite recipe.

5. I am thankful for short sniffy walks. I got to go one one last night! Yea!

6. I am thankful for rides in the car. It doesn't matter when we go, I just like to go.

7. I am thankful for my grassy fenced yard and that Mom FINALLY raked up the leaves in my grassy fenced yard.

8. I am thankful that my peepol take good care of me and buy me good dogfood and medicine and buy me toys.

9. I am thankful for my friend and Doctor - Miss Cindy.

10. And last, but not least, I am thankful for all my dog friends and Dogs With Blogs. My Mom and I are soooooooo enjoying getting cards in the mail each day. Today we got one from Bogart, Holly, Freda, and Boo.

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving Everydog

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pleeaasse take this off me ....

That's what this dog is saying. Don't you agree?
How embarrasing!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cats are spys ....

Now that Hershey and Nixon have gone home, I want to share with you the only picture we got of Nixon the whole time he was here visiting us. I told you he was a spy ..... and here is the proof. He stopped his spying at things outdoors to spy on my Mom's knitting! See the knitting needles in the picture? I bet he is trying to figure out what she is making for Christmas ... if she ever gets to finish it that is. You cannot see it in this picture but he has a new collar .. indicating that he has switched spy organiazations. Whatever organization he is now with, does not require him to rendevous with anyone here at the house because he did not try to escape this time.

I got three more cards today from my dog friends. It is fun to get mail. I get more Christmas cards than my Mom! I am going to save all the cards and send them to Hershey so he can see them. Have you noticed how fun it is to see the stamps from the other countries? I am glad I have friends.

To those of you who have followed my life in my new kennel/prison ..... I have done REALLY well. I have not tinkled in it yet! My Mom is really curious to know if I lay down in it without soft blankets and take a nap and so today she tried to sneak inside to see me in it before I could hear her. It didn't work. I had three hard bones and one soft stuffed toy in there with me today and the stuffed toy was still in one piece when Mom got home. As soon as she lets me outside, I go poddy and want to come right back inside where I go right to the kennel/prison and get all the toys out one at a time and take them in the dining room and play with them. Mom think that I should be bored with them after being with them all day, so she thinks that is wierd. Maybe I am taking a nap after all.

Have you noticed there is no Cats With Blogs organization?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Our Christmas Cards are READY!!!

Hershey and I worked on our Christmas cards today and they are ready to go. We sure are glad they are done because we are starting to get cards in the mail already (and Mom needs to get the house decorated for Christmas.) We got one from Cubby and Butchy and Snickers today. We are amazed at how clever and talented dogs and their people are.

Here we are giving them our final inspection and counting them to make sure we got them all. Yeah, there's the one to Fu Fu. We were surprised at how many there are to Singapore. We sent one to the Army of Four anyway and we even figured out Ivy's address ... we hope it's her address anyway (the internet is amazing).... and sent her one.

We hand addressed them ... just to be different. Hershey is showing you here that he used a red pen to address his. I used a green one.

We sure hope you like them. Hershey and I worked together on the design. They will come to my house but I will forward them on to Hershey. Hershey goes home tomorrow. I will miss him. I will not miss Nixon because ... well.... we hardly ever saw him all weekend. He stayed hidden and never tried to escape.

Friday, November 24, 2006

guest blog from Hershey!

hey, this is hershey, we decided to guest blog on each other's blog! yesterday my mom and dad had to go have thanksgiving at my dad's mom's house. (she won't let me come in her house, so i'll let you guess who is my favorite grammy!!!! and she wonders why i don't know who she is whenever she visits mom and dad??!!!) so i stay with copper and i LOVE IT!!!! but i really really really love it when my mom and dad are here with me and copper. so i was really SAD and BORED when they had to leave. AND copper's mom made us stay outside for most of the day while she made yummy turkey! but secretly we love it out here, i mean look at us we look very happy! in the sun and on the sofa and together. aren't we cute... let me in...i want turkey!!

where is my mom and dad! when are they coming home??!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jail mates

He did have to go in the black cage! But HE HAS HIS OWN!!! We're both in prison!!!!

No, really ..... Mom just put us in here to to take our picture. She wanted us out of the way while she brought in groceries, we just wanted to lick the turkey!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prison ....

Ok, enough of the boring cotton. It's time for a new blog. I do not have much to blog about though because I have been in PRISON for TWO DAYS!

On Sunday, my Mom and Dad went to church like they usually do and when they came back they found I had .... yes .... tinkled on my blanket again. They leave me in the kitchen where there is a hard floor and I just can't help it, I tinkle on the blanket. Miss Cindy, my vet, says I have separation anxiety....whatever that is? I hate being in the kitchen and I hate Mommy leaving me, that's what I say! I think she should take me with her everywhere she goes like this Mom does.

So, after she got home from church, she took me to Petsmart! It was fun but it made me nervous. I rode in the cart some of the time. I got a new hollow bone and some treats and a harness for riding in the car and a big box! When we got home Mom put the big box together and it was a black cage. When I went in the cage, there was a yummy bone stuffed with treats but it was hard in there like the floors at Hershey's house and I couldn't get comfortable. Miss Cindy even came over and saw the black cage and told me it was not a cage but a bed! Huh!! It is not a bed! Beds are soft and warm and have covers. This is not soft or warm and it doesn't have covers.

So, yesterday and today I had to go in the cage (with the yummy bone) while Mom went to work. I can't tell you but I think I sat up the whole time because it is so hard in there. I just can't lay down in there. There was no blanket to tinkle on (or lay down on) so I had to hold it all day till Mom came home. I did thought and, it made Mom so happy! I don't get it, but I think I better get used to it because the cage is still here and Mom seems pretty happy about it. You all can all just imagine what the cage looks like because I am NOT going in there to get my picture made.

I don't know what we are having for Thanksgiving dinner Isabella because my Mom is a slacker and has not gotten anything yet. She says that it is because she has been busy hosting a dinner for 300 people at work, whatever that means, and has been too preoccupied to think about feeding me and Dad a turkey dinner. Plus it is sleeting here (yes .. sleet in NOVEMBER in Augusta, Georgia!) so Mom says she is not going to the grocery store tonight, Thanksgiving or not!

Last night Mom was talking to that silver box thing she has and I heard her say 'Hershey' a bunch of times. Then she put the silver box to my ear and I heard somebody say my name. So, I am not sure what's up. Hershey is not here and I do not hear his car. If he comes, he better watch out because there is a black cage here and he may have to go in it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

That's a whole lot of blue jeans ....

Well, what can I say ..... I have a boring life. I don't have a game on my blog like Ivy. My Mother doesn't put shirts on me like Meeshka and I don't have a sister or brother like Isabella or Max and I don't ever go anywhere like Roxie, Sam or Andy.

But I have pictures of cotton.

Yes, my Mom took these pictures when she was driving is southern Georgia (without me!) last weekend. They were harvesting cotton and she thought is was interesting so she took pictures. Meeshka, this is what your dreaded shirt is made of.

This is the cotton on the bush.

This is a field of cotton.

This is what they do to it after they pick it with machines.... squish it into these big bales.

You cannot tell how big it is in the picture, but it was as big as a semi truck.

P.S. Hershey is coming to visit me on a few more days!!! Yipee! Then we can work on our Christmas cards.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This cute doggie can do tricks like me ....

Ok, everydog go to this link and try it out. This cute little dog does tricks if you type the command in the space provided. I can a lot of tricks. I can't play dead though. How can my Mom teach me that one?

Hershey, the leaves are still here. Bring a rake when you come see me for Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Please somebody bring a rake ....

While my mother was gone, all the leaves fell out of the trees and landed in my bathroom. I can't find a spot to go poddy. I sure hope somebody comes to rake the leaves up soon.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This is my Grammy .....

I won't be blogging for a few days. My Mom is going away for a few days to go take care of something related to my Grammy who died recently. This is a picture of her when she was younger. It was taken at Texas A&M where Grandaddy went to school.

Grammy was a special lady. She had lots of dogs, mostly dachshunds, and she loved them and took care of them really well. She was fun to visit. Holly, the doxie sister I used to have used to send Grammy letters and postcards and Grammy wrote back. I will miss her a lot but Mom really misses her a lot right now.

Please come back and read my blog on Sunday. My Dad is staying home with me to take care of me but he will not let me use the computer. He thinks I don't know how to use it .. ha!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I killed Purple Monster.....

Sorry friends but I don't have a picture for you today. Worse, none of you will know what I am blogging about ... except Hershey.

I killed Purple Monster. Purple Monster was Holly's stuffed squeeky toy and was the last toy of her toys we had. Purple Monster was purple and had green polka dots, with googly eyes but no legs and no arms and yet it still squeeked. Holly used to chew on Purple Monster whenever she traveled to visit Grammy and Grandaddy in the car. It was her favorite.

I didn't mean to kill it. First it got really smelly when I tinkled on my blanket and accidentally on Purple Monster when Mom was taking forever to come home from work one day. So Mom decided to wash it with my new round almost too small cheap enough for me $10 bed from Walgreens. But one of the places Mom had sewed up on my bed came apart in while it was in the wash and fine blue fuzz got on everything, including Purple Monster. Mom got so mad and frustrated that she threw it all away!! She threw away my bed and Purple Monster. She tells me that I have to sleep on a plain old flat blanket tomorrow when she goes to work. Whever I sleep I will be without Purple Monster. Oh well, maybe I will get some new toys for Christmas.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Some dogs need love ...

Yesterday I learned from Isabella that Dr Susan from Pet Peeves is blogging again and I went and read her blog today. She talks about the opportunity she had to help some unfortunate dogs in Bimini.

I told my Mom about Dr Susan and she told me about the unfortunate dogs she saw in Thailand one summer. Here are some pictures she took of them. Mom says there are unfortunate dogs and cats everywhere .... dogs and cats who have no one to give them food at all .... even ONCE a day, or to take them to see the doggie doctor to get ouchy shots and keep them from making more unfortunate dogs. They have no one to trim their nails or make them capes or brush the stickers from their fur. They don't have crates or toys or soft beds. They have no one to write them blogs either. It makes my Mom very sad. I guess everydog should give their Mom or Dad a lick and thank them for all the love and care they get.

This guy lived at an elephant farm.

This dog ate bananas that the elephants dropped.

Hi, will your give me some bananas?

This little guy needed a haircut.

This scrawnie kitty lived at the elephant farm too. He needed food and a bath.