Monday, December 31, 2007

The wind blown look ....

Hershey and I went for a walk the other day when it wasn't raining. It has rained a lot lately which is awesome because we haven't had much rain this year. But before it started raining, Granddaddy took us for a walk. It was a windy day. Don't we look handsome?

I hear that Hershey is going home tomorrow. I sure wish he did not live so far away because he and I are like brothers. I love him.... except for today when he tried to take my new toy away from me. Usually I let him have whatever he wants because ... well, I am just nice like that, but today I said no. We growled very nicely and quietly at each other and guess what happened? Mom took the toy away and put it up on the way up high place! Shucks. She says I can have it tomorrow.

I guess Hershey will be taking his baby sister home with him too. She is super cute and she tastes really good too. I love to lick her right in the face and she doesn't seem to mind. Her Mom does though. She also eats in a highchair and she drops things. We sit beside the high chair and man do we score sometimes! Twice she has dropped these awesome biter biscuits. Hershey got to it first each time though. I think he has more practice at catching her drops. I will keep trying. Her she is eating some ribbon. I don't eat ribbon.

Friday, December 28, 2007

HERSHEY almost SCORES !!!!!

Hey dogfriends! You know how we all dream of chasing and catching squirrels because they are the evilest creatures ever? I mean, they come in your yard and steal your hickory nuts and run around in your trees and stuff like that. I know they must do lots of evil stuffs that dogs can't even imagine. Ivy has some links on her blog about them and even named her blog Squirrels Are Evil because of them.

Well .... Hershey, the little chicken that he is ... almost caught a squirrel! He asked to go outside the other morning. All he does is ask to go outside ... but he wants a peepol to go outside wif him ... because he is kind of a scaredy cat and doesn't like to go out there wihout any peepol. Plus, I think he thinks he will maybe find his Mom and Dad out there, cause they are staying at another house in town.

Well!! This is what happened. As soon as he went through the door to the outside place, he saw a squirrel and RAN AFTER IT. Well, the squirrel tried to run away but he was in my little fence and all of a sudden he couldn't get out because my mean Mom and Dad put up this little "Copper can't escape anymore" net over the fence on the inside of my yard. The evil squirrel couldn't get out fast enough and Hershey ALMOST caught him. I am not sure what Hershey would have done if he HAD caught him. My Mom said she sure didn't want Hershey to catch him because she said he would get scratched and bitten. Yikes. Squirrels scratch and bite??? Now, I know they ARE evil!!!
Go Hershey!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Marry ... I mean MERRY ...Christmas to all ......

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.
Love, Copper

Sunday, December 23, 2007

very busy mom ....

I apologize for not writing very much lately and for not visiting other dog's blogs very much. My mother, who helps me with my blog, has been very busy. First she went to Paris,

then had 1,276 people and a baby at the house for Thanksgiving

and then flew to Texas (without me) for Mari and Tabitha's Daddy's graduation from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Masters of Arts in Christian Education - she is very proud of him),

and then she had to shop for Christmas and now it is Christmas and she has company again. But she says she has her Christmas shopping done and only has to bake some cookies. Yum, I love cookies. Maybe she will drop one.

Last night something wonderful happened! I got to go on a car ride and when we stopped, Hershey was there and he came home and spent the night with me! He is still here! His Mom and Dad and his baby and Nixon are staying at another house in town but he is staying with me because we are best friends. I really do want to be best friends with him but I do not want to share my Mom with him. Last night Hershey and I were laying on the couch with my Mom and Hershey had the best spot. I watched him and watched him and leered at him and then I came up with a plan. I play bowed to him and jumped down off the couch like I wanted him to play. When he jumped down, I jumped up on the couch and got in the best spot and looked at him like "You can't have my Mom, she's mine!" My Mom laughed and laughed at me! Then she called Dad and Grandaddy and told them what I did! My feelings were hurt.

Which brings me to a question. Since I like to be with Hershey so much, and my Mom works, she has been wondering if it would be a good idea to get me a packmate. Meeshka has a pack, the Dachsies are a pack, and Pippen has a pack and a lot of you have packmates. She thinks about it for a while and then she decides it would be a bad idea, and then she thinks about it again and then she decides it would be a bad idea. So she can't decide. She would not want a baby puppy again so she has been looking at adoptable doxies. This is a goofy looking guy she saw the other night. She wrote the sdoption people about him but she has not heard anything yet. I am not sure about him.
He might like to get in the best spot on the couch and take my Mom away from me. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I scared them away!

Look closely at the bottom of the picture and you can see me guarding my house from a terrible threat. Some pretty girls came to my house tonight. They stood outside my fence and SANG CHRISTMAS CAROLS! I barked and barked and finally scared them away. Whew! That was close!

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Paris dog extravaganza finale' ....

Finally, my Mom took this picture, the last of the dog pictures, when she was in Paris. She and her friends were walking and walking and walking and walking .... to a special place to get hot chocolate. On the way, in a touristy part of Paris, Mom saw this dog. A man who was begging for money had apparently trained this dog to lay like this with his toys in front of him so that people would feel sorry for him and give him money. My Mom admitted to me that she did feel sorry for the dog AND the man but she did not give him any money. Poor dog. I wonder if he really didn't have a home.

Speaking of homes, I left mine today ... to go to the vet for a check-up. Yikes. Actually, it wasn't bad at all. Since Miss Cindy is my doggie doctor, I like to go to the vet. I even wanted to go in the back because she has taken me back there before. I think I like it there. I got a shot and some blood drawn but Miss Cindy did it all so I didn't mind. I have gained a pound and a half though and she says I can't gain another ounce! So Mom came home and changed the cup in my food bowl to a smaller one and says we need to go for walks. Yeah! Bring on the walks Mom!

Friday, December 07, 2007

The baker's dog ....

On the first night my Mom was in Paris, she and her friends missed dinner. When they went to find something to eat, it was very late and all they could find open was a bakery. (This was to be somewhat of a theme that week ... being too busy to eat.) Mom found out that the French people are very into bread and pastries and deserts and she did not understand why they were not fatter than they were considering they seems to eat all this bread. But I digress. She and her friends each bought a pastry or a croisant from this bakery. The baker had a dog and Mom took his picture. He sure looks like and old dog doesn't he? He was quite at home at work. I bet he goes there a lot.

Speaking of going to work, I got to go to work today...... Mom's work. Mom says I have been often enough now that I know my way around the area her office is in. Today she moved my bed by the window and I got to look out at the people passing my her office. She forgot to take the camera to take a picture of me there AGAIN. She promises she will take my picture for you next time she takes me to work.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Can you see the dog in this picture?

and the Paris dog extravaganza continues ....
Can you find the dog in this picture? It is walking without a leash. This was an old road in Paris. Mom's friends told her it was a 'Roman Road.'

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A dachshund on a walk ....

This is my Mom's favorite dog from Paris picture. I bet you can guess why. This dog was taking a walk along the River Seine. Mom says if she had a beautiful place to walk like that, I would get to go on more walks. Mom loves the way this man has his hands behind his back. He looks like he is really enjoying the walk. Notice that, unlike the previous two pictures, the dachshund is pulling on the leash. I am glad that some dogs in Paris know what to do.