Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hana lives in California??!! I can't believe it! I checked Hana's blog and she lives in California. Mom tells me it is WAY to far for me to walk to her house. Once again, I'd have to fly on a plane or drive a long way.

I am just going to have to maintain a long distance relationship with these girlfriends. But that seems appropriate because I hear people meet on the internet all the time. I guess dogs can meet on the internet too! Sorry Luckie, sorry Hana.

Meanwhile Hershey arrived this afternoon. He is going to visit me again while his Mom and Dad go somewhere. That rocks!!! He and I are such buddies. Sometimes I wish he could live with me all the time.

Hey .... I just checked..... and Mexico is far away too. I can't go see Lorenza either. Gheesh!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Dogfriends, did you know that you have to fly on an AIRPLANE to go to Singapore!?!?! And dogs have to fly in a CRATE! And finally.... yes, it get's worse .... it costs MONEY! Even if I was willing to go in a crate (which I am not) Mom says I don't have enough money to fly to Singapore so I can't take Luckie on a date!! I am so dissapointed! I had hoped to take her a rose too and Mom says that the customs people wouldn't let me take the rose either. Gheesh! I thought she lived just down the street!

I had hoped to take her on a long walk in the park (key the romantic music) where we could leave pee mail on the bushes and then for a lovely candlelit dinner afterwards. She could carry the purse I sent her. I had hoped to see her apartment and see the little place she has in her kitchen. Then, I had hoped to give her some pointers on doing surgery on her stuffed animals. But alas, it wasn't meant to be I guess. It's too bad because she is so cute.
I am going to look into going to see Hana next. She is a little tall for me but I hear she is serving chopped liver .............and that sounds yummy. I think she lives just down the street. I can walk there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Goodbye Mom ....

Errr Mom .............. can you open the door? No ... I'm not going out to poddy ....... well I am going to poddy FIRST but .............. I'm going somewhere and I'll be gone a really long time. Yes .... I know I just got home from Hershey's house but ........... this is important. I need to go see Luckie in Singapore. ................ Yes, I sorta have a crush on her .... (blush) and I'm taking her on a date. I bought these roses to take to her. Do you think she'll like them?
What!! You don't think I can carry them? And the liquid in the vase might be misunderstood at airport security? Gheesh .. you people and your rules! Ok, maybe I'll ............. wait I have an itch!
Maybe I'll take just one rose. I can carry it in my teeth. Do you think she'd like a white one like this ...............? or

a red one like this? ................ What, you think red? Ok, red it is. I'll be back soon. Love you Mom.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm baaacck ....

Gheesh!!! I love my Mother too much to let you have her but HELLO Mom, it's been a WEEK since I blogged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure hope my friends out there in DWB land will check my blog after a WEEK of nothing!!! I haven't even finished my 5 questions MOM!!!
At least I am home from vacation. As most of you know, I was at Hershey's house in Virginia while my Mom and Dad went on their vacation to Texas. I had a nice two weeks at Hershey's house. We barked at his mailman, slept a lot, used his baby sister for a lauching pad (I got in trouble for that) and tried to show her how to play with her toys. (She needs help ... really.) We also managed to completely chew up my cloth kennel! Yeah, we rock! No more kennels for me! mwahahaha
So, now I am at home and back to my routine. Mom was sure I was going to ba a basket case being an only dog again ...after all, I've been with Hershey here or at his house for 5 weeks now. But, I am glad to be home and I seem to understand it all. I have heard rumors that Hershey is coming up to see me real soon.
One exciting thing happened to me this week.... I got to go with mom to WORK!!! Yes, I got to go to the office. We took my bed and my leash and I rode in the car and went to work! It was awesome. There was this really nice man there and he gave me dog treats ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy does he rock!!! I also got to meet a little girl. Mom also has this neat window just at dog height that looks out into this busy hallway and I could watch people and bark (a little ... only a little Mom) at them as they walked by. The best part was the treats though. I sure I get to go back again soon.
Come back soon. I hope to blog a little more now that things are settling down and I am home.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Question number 2 ... no, number 3 ....

Hi friends .....

Last night I told you I was taking over my blog and that I was going to answer the 5 questions Luckie answered on her blog. I am going to do them one at a time though. I said last night I was going to do question 2 about tricks and treats but I have changed my mind. I am still seperated from my Mom and so she can't take a video of me doing any tricks right now. So tonight's queston is ........... drum roll ..............
If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone what would do and with whom?

Hmmmmm, I have to think about that one. My first thought is I would spend the day playing with Hershey, but I have been hanging out with Hershey for a few weeks now so I don't think I would pick that. This is what Hershey looks like when he is playing. You have to be careful of those teeth. For details on this picture, check out his blog. (By the way, no babies or animals were harmed in the making of this picture.)

I might say I would spend the day with Luckie in Singapore. Maybe we could go on a date to the DWB Party for their annual holiday . That would be fun. Only problem is, that party was just the other day ....... it's over now.

Maybe I would spend the day with Hana and lay in the sun on her window seat. I love to lay in the sun and sleep and I think there is room for me on that bench. That would be fun.

Maybe I would spend the day with Ivy at the beach. I have never been to the beach ...ever. We could dig up some sea shells and smell the ocean air and feel the wind in our fur. That would be fun.

But I think if I could spend an entire day with anyone at all I would spend it with my Mom and do anything she wanted to do. I miss her very much right now and I think she misses me too. I get to see her in two more days. Maybe she will spend a whole day with me soon real soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

5 Questions .... one at a time ....

Hello again .....

I am still at Hershey's house on vacation. My Mom is BACK from her vacation and is home without me. I miss her but I am having a way cool time with Hershey and so I guess I don't miss her all that much. (I bet she misses me a lot.)

Tonight I am taking my blog back. My blog has been taken over by cats and monsters and monster vehicles while I have been on vacation ...... can we say B-O-R-I-N-G ??? Well, I've had enough about cats and monsters .... tonight's blog is about ME!

I am borrowing an idea from Luckie tonight. I am going to answer 5 Questions but I am going to answer then one at a time. That way, it will last longer and maybe it will make the time (till I see my Mom) go faster.

Question #1

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Wow. Do you mean at night, or when Mom is on her computer, or when Mom is at work, or when I am in the yard .. because I sleep in all those places. At night I sleep in the big bed with my Mom and Dad. It's comfly and warm and I like to sleep between Mom and Dad up by the pillows. If they insist, I will sleep at the foot of the bed .... but I don't like to. (What they don't know if, I sneak up between them when they are asleep. haha) If I am staying with Hershey or he is staying with me, we camp out in my tent. Hershey and I suspect that we have to camp out in the tent together because we often NEED to chase Nixon in the night. (Nixon needs a lot of chasing.) This is a picture of us on Mom's bed. The covers are all messed up here.

When Mom is in the living room watching TV or on the computer, I sleep on the couch right next to her. We have this cozy red blanket and I sleep on it or under it depending on if it's cold. I love keeping Mom company. I don't have a picture of me on the couch because if Mom got up to take a picture, I would get up too!

Next .... when Mom is at work, I have to sleep in the kitchen. Alas, I have no choice on this one. I have this cute little soft bed that Mom paid a whole $10 for (uh ...hello! can you find one cheaper Mom?) and I sleep in it. It is nice and soft and just the right size for me. It is a little tight if Hershey and I sleep in it together but we manage.

Lastly, when I get to stay outside and I need to take a nap, I sleep on the loveseat on the front porch. That way I can wake up quickly and bark at invaders or mailmen or evil UPS trucks. Sometimes birds or squirrels need to be barked at too. It's my job. (Have any of you noticed how evil UPS men are anyway ... ever dog I know barks at them.)

So that is where I sleep. Next post .... Question #2 ...... tricks for treats !!! .....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a space ship .... and barking ....

Only five more days till I get to see my Mom. She wants to show you this picture. She says it is the model of the Millenium Falcon used in the making of a movie. I am a dog and I don't watch movies so I don't know what she is talking about. Mom says to look for the holes in the ship that are supposed to look like they were made by something hitting it. (They are just below that thing that looks somewhat like a satelite dish at 3 o'clock.) Mom says it was very interesting to look at it up close, even though it was in a plexi-glass case. It was made to look like it was a patched together bucket of bolts. It had bent places and burned and melted places all over it. (Only the holes show up in the picture.) The model was maybe 3 feet in diameter. Mom says that aside from the costimes, she thought it was the most interesting thing at the exhibit.
All I know is I miss my Mom and can't wait to see her. I will be super duper bored when I get home though. Then I will miss Hershey and barking at his mailman. My mailman drives by in a truck. His mailman comes to the DOOR!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Monsters I would have barked at .....

Hey dogfriends and Girl girl .....

I am up at Hershey's house on vacation. Hey .... people get to go on vacation right? Dogs need to go on vacation too! Hershey and I have been barking at things we NEED to bark at ... some rude German Shepherd dogs walked past Hershey's house today and WE BARKED AT THEM!!! Then we barked at the MAILMAN!!! He walks right up to Hershey's front door and makes a terrible noise almost every day!! Then later today, the washing machine went into the SPIN CYCLE and we barked at that!! Ok, so maybe we overreacted on that last one, but hey .... we are on alert .... even on vacation!
My Mom went on vacation with my Dad and they saw some things that I would have definately barked at if I had been with them. I mean, look at these MONSTERS!!!!! Aren't they scary?!?!? I sure hope those monsters never come to my house!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where is my Mom?

Hi dogfriends .... I'm here at Hershey's house in Virginia. I went on a car ride without my Mom and when we stopped I was at his house, without my Mom! Now I see that Tabitha and Mari have blogged on my blog! That means my Mom has gone to Texas without ME! Me oh my, what is going to happen to me? Am I going to live with Hershey now? Am I going to have to be careful around a baby forever? Will I ever get to see my Mom again? Will my blog be taken over by cats? Me oh my .... what will happen next.

Hello .... my name is Tabitha ....

Hi, what's your name? I'm Tabitha. I heard that my prissy big sister Mari blogged on somebody named Copper's blog and I want a turn. I don't even know who Copper is. I've never met him before. I hope he doesn't come and chase me or something. (Can we play frisbee now?) I will post all my good pictures for you. I am very beautiful, so I have lots of pretty pictures of me. Don't I look regal and superior in this picture? This is me watching for birds from the back of my Mommy's chair.

I live in My house with MY people, my MOM and my dad, and my sister Mari. My MOM is my FAVORITE person. I sleep next to her and stay close to her side wherever she goes. I love love love to lay in her lap if she has the red blanket. (Can we play frisbee now... please?) I love my dad too but my MOM is my FAVORITE. My MOM takes care of my place and keeps it clean and my dad is really good a playing frisbee. Do you have a favorite person? I don't care if you have a favorite person, because I do.
These strange people came to my house. I think I remember them from when I was a kitten. They are staying in my cat room and keep me from watching the birds at the birdfeeder and upsetting my schedule.

The strange lady, I think she is Copper's Mom or something, put this blanket down for me in my sunshine window (I lay in it in the afternoon because of the sun). I guess she's nice. She seems to like cats and animals in general, I suppose. I haven't gotten to play frisbee as much as I would like (can we play NOW?) and my Mom has been cooking alot, so I can't sit in her lap much. Most of all, I haven't been able to play frisbee like I want to. (I think it is time to play now, isn't it?)

Your's truly .... The Superior Cat,

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hi, my name is Mari ....

Allow me to introduce myself ...... My name is Mari, the princess cat. I live at my Mommy and Daddy's house now but a looonnngg time ago, in a land far away, I lived at Copper's house for a while. His Mommy gave me permission to write on his blog. I sure hope Copper doesn't mind.

I am a cat and I do the things cats do. I jump inside baskets and small cozy places, sleep on top of funny things, and I lay in sunny window sills. I keep a very particular schedule. I must have my treats at 9 o'clock at night and I eat my dinner promptly at 5 pm. I can take my breakfast whenever my Mom gets up, but I will not tolerate eating it any later than 8 am.
I have a sister cat named Tabitha. I was the FIRST cat. She came to live with us later. It WASN'T my idea. She is unkind to me sometimes and does not let me in the TV room. Tabitha gets really hung up on being in charge, being first, and getting all the attention from my Mom and Dad. I don't really care about all that sort of stuff.
I got to blog first as a guest on Copper's blog because I am the princess and because Copper's Mom remembers me. I remember her too. I am sure Tabitha will want to take her turn.

This is me getting my nightly treat. This is my begging stool. I use it to beg for all kinds of stuff - cheese, ham, pepperoni, pretty much anything my parents are eating. Its been my stool since I was in college (I lived with my mommy in college). Even though I lived with my Mom - my Daddy is my favorite. He came by all the time in college and we used to play a lot. Dad will always be my favorite. I sleep in his lap when Tabby is not around and he lets me hang out in his office with him while he works.

I have to go now its my bedtime - I have to sleep a lot.

Friday, August 03, 2007

An exciting day!

Today Hershey and I woke up early as usual and went poddy and got a cookie. Then when we went back outside Hershey, the hunter, found an already injured cicada with one wing. All he could do is spin around in circles and make noise. We pawed at it and sniffed it and watched it. Mom went to get the camera to take a video but when she did Hershey grabbed the bug and ran off inside the bushes where no one could find him. Mom had to pull him out of the bushes by his tail. She didn't get any pictures and thinks he ate it. Yum!

Then, Hershey's Mom and Dad came to my house. Hershey was soooo glad to see him. They told him it was time to go home, back to his house in Virginia. I was sad. I hate it when Hershey leaves to go back home.
But wait ... what's this? Is this MY dog stuff in MY dog suitcase?

IT IS!!!!! There's my leash ... and my food .... and my traveling water .... and my traveling bowl ..... and my teeny teddy.

Wait ... where are they taking my dog suitcase??

Uh oh ... now I am in Hershey's car! Am I going on a car ride? Am I going home to Herhsey's house with him?! Are you coming Mom?

Kissing the baby

Hershey and I love to take care of his baby. She is very sweet.
Here Hershey gives her a little kiss on her hand.

Muuuaaacckkk baby! Here's a kiss right on the mouth.

Ok, we'll stop kissing her.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What? Hershey and I don't count?!

Hi dogfriends. I bet you thought something happened to me because I haven't blogged in so long. Well, I'm Ok. Hershey and I are still buddies and no more birds have been killed, although I did hear Mom warn one when Hershey and I were outside today.

I wish I could say I have been really busy but I can't. Mom on the other hand has been really busy. She has been working and getting ready for something. I am not sure what it is. I'll keep you posted when I find out. I has something to do with laundry and changing the oil in her car.

Tonight Hershey and I got to go for a car ride though. It was very exciting! First we saw a bad wreck near my house and we had to go around another way which meant Hershey and I got to see some different sights. Then we drove and drove and drove. I don't know where we went, but we heard, "Hershey get in the back seat" and "Copper get back there." Then Daddy stopped the car at a light, and we felt a BUMP! Daddy said "Oh nooooo." He got out of the car in the middle of the road and went and talked to a lady. Pretty soon a policeman came and talked to my Daddy. Mommy sat in the car with us so we would not bark. The policeman had a funny hat on and he had lots of things on his belt. I don't know how he kept the belt on it had some many things on it.

The policeman said there was a new rule and he had to know how old all of the "PERSONS" were in the car. So Daddy told him how old he was and how old Mom was .............. but he didn't tell the policeman how old Hershey and I are! What?! Don't we count as persons? I was so hurt. I don't think Hershey cared, but I was hurt. I don't have any pictures of it because it was dark and Mom didn't bring her camera anyway. Mom says to tell you it was only a little fender bender and that no one was hurt. She forgot about my feelings though!