Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A baby picture of me!

Due to technical difficulties (Mom's laptop won't connect with Hershey's wireless network) I am having to use Hershey's computer to blog and look what he has! He has a baby picture of me on his computer! How about that! Aren't I cute? I was asleep on the couch.
Hershey and I spent a long BORING day alone together sleeping while our Mom's went ice skating, or fishing, or mountain climbing or something like that. I don't know where they went actually ... they just weren't here with US! Humpfh! What do they do, what do they do? They did come home with bags of baby stuff .. so maybe that is a clue.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wowie Zowie .... a dry place to go poddy!!!

Hey dogfriends! You know how you hate it when you have to go poddy (or 'business' as Hershey calls is) and it is raining .... or snowing? Well, look what I found! It's called the Poop Tent. You set it up in your yard and have your peepol put some of your poopies in it so you get the 'idea' and whala, you have a dry place to go poddy. I know that it is too big for you Huskies and other big dogs and I don't think my Mom would ever spring for one for me since she wouldn't get me a raincoat .. but isn't it a good idea? My guess is you'd have to keep the door flap closed if you expected snow. A looooonnnnng time ago when my Mom had another dachshund and she lived in New England, she had to actually shovel a place for Nutmeg (his name was Nutmeg) to go to the bathroom. If you want to see a video about the Poop tent you can go here.

I am here at Hersh man's house and we are busy chasing Nixon so I haven't had time to take any pictures. We are also each trying to get each other's favorite toys. One of us will blog about it later. Gotta go ...'Hershey, leave that alone it's mine!"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

What my Mom didn't buy for me ...

Mom goes away to a fancy place and spends a lot of time shopping and does she bring me anything? NO!!!! She even goes to a store named after a dog ........ but does she buy me something? No!!! Nothing ... nada ... zilch. I am so disappointed. She did not buy me .....

A new leather leash or collar ....

or a t-shirt with a dog on it ....

She did meet some fancy talking bird. He was red. He said goodbye to her when she left.

and his other talking bird friend. He was green.

She told me she just had to take a picture of this. She thinks it is a cat bathroom or an entrance into the store just for the cat. At least the store was a store about a dog and not a cat.

The hotel was REALLY nice. I don't know about that because I didn't get to GO!
Mom loved this drink set-up. If I had been there I would have fixed myself some hot chocolate.

And I would have tinkled on these flowers.

When Mom got home she unpacked her little suitcase and packed a big one. Then she put my kennel in the car and packed my suitcase with my food and my leash. She told me 'car ride' and 'Hershey.' I am not getting my hopes up but maybe, just maybe, I get to go on a car ride soon. I'll keep you posted. I hope there's hot chocolate and flowers there.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A beautiful day and a suitcase ....

It was a beautiful spring day today and I did a lot of relaxing outside on the porch. I wish the weather was like today's weather more often. It would have been a perfect dog day except I got a BATH. I hate baths. Whenever I take a bath my hair looks all dry and unmanagable for days. I hate that.

Plus my Mom got out a suitcase. She got out the small suitcase and she only put HER clothes in it. She did not put any of Dad's clothes in it and she did not get out my suitcase. She told Dad she was going to this place with some ladies from the church and that DOGS and HUSBANDS were NOT ALLOWED! How unfair is that! She is going to be gone two whole nights! It looks like a very nice place but you notice there are no dogs in the picture. What an awful place. Doesn't it look just awful?

Imagine me in the picture. I could be posing on a leash on these steps right here.

Dad is going to take care of me. I am a little worried about that. He does things different from Mom. No matter how hard I try, I can't get him to feed me early ... even if it is cloudy outside. I guess he can tell time. He also spills my food a lot, and I have to clean it up. (It's a good thing it is dry food or Mom would kill him.) He also makes me sleep at the foot of the bed. He doesn't lay on the couch at night and knit like Mom, but he sits in a different chair. It is an OK chair and he does let me sit with him but it isn't the same. He also never takes me for walks. He is a good Dad, different from Mom, but good. I will miss Mom.

P.S. If you don't hear from me for three days, it is because Mom is gone.

See, wouldn't I look great on this bed? I could eat whatever they have here on this tray. Hmmm.... I bet it's cookies!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Would a cat save you in a snowstorm?

I am a dog .... a dog that surfs the internet. At the risk of starting a war, I would like to share this with all of my dogfriends out there as reason #1 that dogs are better than cats.

(Now, I want to know why anyone or anydog would want to go hiking on Mt Hood in the winter?)

Dogfriends, do any of you have any other reasons (silly or otherwise) why you think dogs are better than cats?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I only did this for treats!

How humiliating ... look what Mom made me do ... model a BABY HAT! She made this for the new baby but she made me put it on!

Can I have the treat now?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

DOGFRIENDS ... Run for your LIVES!!!!

Dogfriends and FuFu .... run for your lives. From reading your blogs, I know that your peepol take pictures of you ... sometimes even MOVIES because I see them on your blogs! My Mom takes pictures of me too. It is bad enough that my Mom has a fancy digital camera and takes pictures ALL the TIME instead of feeding me extra snacks or taking me for slow sniffy walks, but she takes pictures of me when I least expect it .... .like when I am relaxing taking a nap or when I am on alert and watching for squirrel invaders. Sometimes she even takes pictures of me in embarrasing outfits.

Well, watch out because it can get WORSE! Now they can strap the camera on YOU! Get a load of the email I got today! Some evil human suggests that your peepol attach this Gorillapod to your neck with their camera on it and use you to take pictures.

Here it is on an innocent dog named Oscar.

Poor Oscar! Here is is saying, "When are you going to take this off me?"

His peepol used him to take a picture of a CAT! How dumb is that?

This is what most of the poor dog's pictures looked like.

So, run for your lives. If your peepol do this to you, be sure you throw up in their shoe or something.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's all this stuff????

Here's the pink stuff I told you about. Hershey and I weren't allowed to play with any of it so the stuff wasn't for us. I don't get it. No one in this house can wear these tiny shoes ........ Hershey and I don't wear shoes. See Hershey eyeing those shoes? He's afraid he's going to have to wear them. I could so use these blankets I am looking at though. If Mom left them as my bed in the kitchen, I could dig them in a wad, chew on them and tinkle on them.

And this is what my Mom has been knitting and paying attention to INSTEAD OF ME! It doesn't seem worth it. It doesn't fit her ... or me. I just don't get it. She told me to tell you that this is the first knitting thing she has ever actually finished. Big deal!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The baby shower ...

Well dogfriends, it was about presents you dogs said. My Mom and Hershey's Mom went away and then brought home all this pink stuff. They spread it out all over the living room and Hershey and I sniffed everything. I found one fluffy stuffed toy that I was sure was for me and I took it but they caught me and took it away from me. Shucks! I have pictures and will post them tomorrow or the next day. I am too tired from playing with Hershey right now.

My Mom has to drive to Atlanta tomorrow to pick up Mari and Tabitha's Mom. Mari and Tabitha are two girl cats that belong to the grown up boy that used to live here and his wife. The boy and the wife come to see me sometimes but they never bring Mari and Tabitha because they say the drive is too long. They live far away in a place called Texas. The wife's grandfather died. This makes THREE grandparent deaths for this young couple in FIVE months. My Mom wishes this would stop.

This is Mari and Tabitha.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hershey is coming for a baby shower ....



Hey dog friends. Mom just told me that HERSHEY is COMING!
She even opened the blinds so I can look out the window! Except, it is dark outside so I can't see very much. She says Hershey is coming for a baby shower. So does that mean a puppy is coming too and Hershey and I have to take a bath? I hope not because I hate baths. Hershey LOVES baths ... but I don't! Maybe it means that the puppy has to take a bath and Hershey and I get to watch.
I don't get it.
Gotto go .... I gotta go look out the window.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally ... a walk!

It was a beautiful day and my Mother took a break from her knitting to take me for a slow sniffy walk. This is actually a picture from a previous walk ... today my brain burned (from knitting) mother forgot to bring the camera.

I met a miniature dachshund named Harley. I did not even know he lived in my neighborhood! He was a brown long haired dachshund with black tips on his ears. He was tiny and needed his feet trimmed something fierce! He looked like one of those chickens with the hairy feet. Mom wanted to tell them man that his dog needed a trim, but she was polite and was quiet. Thank goodness! I hate it when she is rude.

Then I saw a school bus up close. I walked right past it as the bus opened up the door and I looked inside to see what was in there. A nice little girl got off and said Hi to me.

It was a nice day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knitting, knitting, kniting ....

My Mom is knitting. She just learned to knit and she is either knitting, showing her knitting to Dad, talking about her knitting to her friends or going to the knitting store to get more stuff to knit or to ask them questions about how to knit. I thought my Mom quit her job to stay home with me, not knit.

I think she must be knitting me a sweater. It has been very cold here and I have not gotten to go on a lot of slow sniffy walks because it has been cold .......... and because of the knitting. So, she must be knitting me a sweater. That has to be it. Mom did say something about a baby shower though. Now, Mom takes a shower every day .... but there is no baby here. So, I don't get it.

I like having her home. Today she left me alone and I didn't even have to go in the kitchen. I was a good boy. I will let you know what my sweater looks like ... when I get it.