Friday, May 30, 2008

Uhh ... can you move over please?

Everydog knows that beds are very important. People like them too. I am really good and share my bed with my people. Here I am sharing it with Hershey. See how big it is? It's plenty big enough for Hershey and I to nap in. Notice we are just napping here because the sheets are not not turned down. Us dachshunds like to sleep UNDER the covers at night. But to remain ever vigilant during the day, sometimes we sleep on TOP of the covers so we can hear danger coming.

Sometimes I nap in actual "DOG BEDS." I hesitate to admit it but I do. They are soft and cozy and easy to get into for quick naps and best of all, they are ALL MINE. I never have to share them with my Mom or my Dad. Here I am sharing one with Hershey. We weren't napping here because a treat was coming, as you can see by our faces. But we have napped together in this bed ...believe it or not. These little dog beds also make great teeth sharpeners/stress relievers/chew toys.

Hershey has his own dog bed in the kitchen of his house. Sometimes he has to relinquish it to Nixon unfortunately. At least he got to sleep on a nice fluffy towel, I guess.

Why am I writing about beds? Well it seems that my Mom and Dad are thinking about getting me a new bed. And I don't mean a dog bed. I can sleep in it at night but I will have to share it with them. They say my people bed is old and worn out and I need a new one and since I like to sleep between them up by the pillows, they think I need a KING size people bed. Everydog, I am not sure what that means. Does that mean I will be a king? Will it look like this? Because I think this looks kinda sissy-fied.

I have seen pictures of this other bed on my Mom's computer. I wonder if this is what she is talking about? It looks comfy and I think there is room enough for me .... AND Mom and Dad. It comes in black and cream but Mom says it is wishful thinking.

I don't really care what color she gets ... as long as she doesn't hog the covers. Ahhhh .... bye for now, I have to take a nap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow, and I just got to take a Heartworm pill ...

My Mom has a new friend at work and her dog got out of the yard this weekend. She drove around in her car looking for him and put up signs and even posted something on the internet. (My Mom is now curious how and where you do that.) She went to the pound today and didn't find him there and just as she was leaving the pound, a lady called. He had been at a neighbors house playing with her dogs and her kids all weekend. She was so happy to have him back. Here is her note:

I would like to thank everyone for their many
prayers that brought Reese home! He decided
to take a Memorial Day Weekend off and visit
some neighbors. They ate pizza, played fetch,
watched tv and even took a bath! He was
mad that he had to come home.

I asked God to take care of my dog and he
got treated better than at my own house.

Thank you to all my friends. You are such
a blessing to me.

Many Blessings Back to You!,

Wow, the highlight of my weekend was I got to take my Heartguard. I love that stuff. Where is that hole in the fence again?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Adventures with wildlife ...

Tonight I read Roxie, Sammy and Andy's blog and discovered that they had a huge adventure. They defended their household form a vicious snake named Copperhead! They risked their very lives to take care of their family! What brave dachsies they are! It was so serious, they had to go to the Texas A&M doggie hospital!!! They are ok though.

Their terrific tale reminded me of the vicious animal I killed in my yard the other day. According to my mother's research, it was a Five Lined Skink or a Blue-tailed Skink. This is what he looked like before I killed him.

This is what he looked like after I killed him. Notice he doesn't have that blue tail anymore!! Bwa haha. I ate it!!

This is a picture of me. Don't I look brave?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wrestling chapter 2 ....

When I was at Hershey's house this weekend, I found a toy under his cabinet. I smelled it and I did the limbo to get under the cabinet to get it for myself. I found out it is "sleepy bear" and was a baby toy until Hershey's parents gave it to him. But it was lost under a cabinet and I found it! Well, as soon as I found it, Hershey said I couldn't have it and he tried to take it away from me. I would not let him. We tugged

and tugged

and tugged.

Finally Hershey started to fall asleep!! But, he woke up when everyone laughed at him. He finally won the tug and took the toy for himself. On well, it is his house.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrestling on many levels ...

With a lot of effort, I have wrestled my blog away from Hershey's baby. Sure she's really cute AND my Mom is totally in love with her. Sure she misses her and doesn't get to see her often enough but I AM RIGHT HERE MOM! Right in front of you!!!! Pay attention to meeee please!

I had an awesome weekend. I went on a car ride to see Hershey! (and his baby.) Mom and Dad took me and Grandaddy on a long car ride. We drove and drove and when it was way past my bed time we got to Hershey's house. Mom and Dad stopped the car and handed me out the window to Hershey's family and DROVE AWAY! Yes, they drove away!! I forgot about them really quickly because, of course, there was running and humping to be done. Hershey and I ran and chased and did zoomies all around the house in the dark until Hershey's Mom and Dad grabbed us and wrestled us still in bed and told us it was 2:30 in the morning and time to sleep. So we slept.

We had a great weekend. We slept together and chased and barked and chased and barked. Every now and then, Mom and Dad came by and ate or played with the baby, or watched tv. But I stayed with Hershey. Hershey and I also did high chair watch. This is high chair watch.

Hershey has a great gig going here. Three times a day he gets to do high chair watch. This is what you do.... you stand and watch the baby eat and wish that she will not like what her Mom gives her to eat. If she does not like it, she whisks it off her chair and SHAZAM, you get to eat it!!! Ham, cheese, bananas, strawberries, sweet potatoes, peas, bagels, crackers ... you name it .. it's a veritable smorgasbord.

The only problem is ... Hershey's mother is very strict and the minute the baby throws her food on the floor, she gets it taken away from her, so we only got a little bit and it is only one shot. But it is still way more food than I ever get at my house.

Wrestling chapter 2 .. tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

at least he's teaching her ...

Hershey sent me this picture of his baby. He has taught her to walk on all fours like a dog. My Mom just adores this picture. It makes her smile every time she sees it. Hershey tells me she is pretty obsessed with dogs. She calls them "doddy" and she barks like a dog in baby talk. Pretty cute huh!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Thermal nutron fraction increases over core life ....

I ran across this article on the internet the other day. It starts out as a question from a 'reader':

"Our family is finally ready for a dog, but we want to have a really smart one. Which breeds are the smartest and which should we avoid?"

A really smart one? What about a really LOVING one, or a really DEVOTED one, or an extremely SWEET one? Nooooooooooooo, this family wants a S M A R T dog. Do they want a dog that can do help with homework? or remodel their kitchen? or maybe they want a dog that can answer the phone? Oh, please ....

Mom says I am a smart dog. She thinks I am not as smart as Holly was (the previous dachshund that owned my family) because Holly was 'allowed' to go outside when there was no cute little fence and she did not run away. I on the other hand, given half a chance, would be in Kansas in a heartbeat. But I say to you ... who is smarter.... a dog that comes right back or one that likes road trips and adventure!?

"I wonder what's out there?"

Speaking of smart ... I went to work again today and I stayed the whole day... 8:30 to 5. I got treats from Mom's boss, and I got a treat from Mom and I got a treat from the nice lady in the office. NOW, who is smart!