Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello .... my name is Tabitha ....

Hi, what's your name? I'm Tabitha. I heard that my prissy big sister Mari blogged on somebody named Copper's blog and I want a turn. I don't even know who Copper is. I've never met him before. I hope he doesn't come and chase me or something. (Can we play frisbee now?) I will post all my good pictures for you. I am very beautiful, so I have lots of pretty pictures of me. Don't I look regal and superior in this picture? This is me watching for birds from the back of my Mommy's chair.

I live in My house with MY people, my MOM and my dad, and my sister Mari. My MOM is my FAVORITE person. I sleep next to her and stay close to her side wherever she goes. I love love love to lay in her lap if she has the red blanket. (Can we play frisbee now... please?) I love my dad too but my MOM is my FAVORITE. My MOM takes care of my place and keeps it clean and my dad is really good a playing frisbee. Do you have a favorite person? I don't care if you have a favorite person, because I do.
These strange people came to my house. I think I remember them from when I was a kitten. They are staying in my cat room and keep me from watching the birds at the birdfeeder and upsetting my schedule.

The strange lady, I think she is Copper's Mom or something, put this blanket down for me in my sunshine window (I lay in it in the afternoon because of the sun). I guess she's nice. She seems to like cats and animals in general, I suppose. I haven't gotten to play frisbee as much as I would like (can we play NOW?) and my Mom has been cooking alot, so I can't sit in her lap much. Most of all, I haven't been able to play frisbee like I want to. (I think it is time to play now, isn't it?)

Your's truly .... The Superior Cat,


Anonymous said...

What is this, a cat blog now?!?

Where is Copper???

Luckie Girl said...

I hope Copper is doing fine. Seems like you cats have taken over his BLOG totally!!
PS : I can tell you really lurve FRISBEE!!

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Hello, Tabitha. Copper's Mom is a great person. She has a dog! All great people have at least one dog. We guess we need to go to Hershey's blog to find out what Copper is doing. (And, yes, you are very pretty.)

Gwyn Valentine said...

Hi Tabitha,

Copper mum is really nice to give you the blanket! It must be really comfy lying on it.


Lady Kaos said...

You play frisbee? I love to play frisbee! I didn't know cats even knew how to play frisbee!

Rafe said...

Dearest Tabitha,

You are real pretty. I like your Colors. Our Elder Cat Looks like you. Hope everydog respects you.

I like frisbee too. Is that what you're playing in the last picture?

Quiet Woof,