Friday, November 30, 2007

Dogs on walks in Paris

Well, back to Parisian dogs ....
As I said earlier, Mom took the suitcases and went to Paris without me or Dad. She went with some friends from her church and while she was there, she took a bunch of pictures. Pictures are pretty much the only hobby Mom really enjoys anymore. She says she wishes she could take a class or something. She also enjoys knitting but has decided it may not be a really good use of her time because it takes so long to make anything. She also enjoys the computer but has decided that she spends way too much time on that too. Anyway, I digress.
Dogs in Paris must do other things besides walk but since Mom was on the street, she only got pictures of dogs taking walks. The dogs were usually walking away from her but even if they were walking towards her, they were hard to photograph because they were moving. I like taking walks and I bet these dogs like walks too. This second dog doesn't look very happy but I bet he was. Notice that neither of them is pulling on the leash. Maybe they don't know you are supposed to do that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We interrupt this broadcast ....

We interrupt the Paris dog extravaganza to show you a very cool picture of me licking the kitchen floor. Mom was taking my picture while Hershey and his baby were here and she got this very cool picture of me. Unfortunately, Hershey's baby accidentally got in the picture, but oh well ... what can a dog do? The kitchen floor was very tasty by the way.

Hershey got a haircut!! His mother and dad cut all his hair off and he looks like a puppy! Honestly, he looks 10 years younger. Well, maybe not 10 years ... because he is only two ..... but he does look younger. He told me in confidence that he really prefers the new haircut because now things don't chase him. Before when he went outside, leaves and things would jump on him and chase him ... not a good thing for a guy is afraid of his own shadow. Here he is doing some investigative work while trying to avoid the leaves in my yard, which isn't easy right now ... they're everywhere.

Here we are posing on the porch for the requisite Thanksgiving photograph. Seconds after this pictures was taken we both jumped off the loveseat and barked ferociously at something important and dangerous and Mom gave up taking pictures. Maybe it's a good thing.

Friday, November 23, 2007

More doggies from Paris ....

These doggies were in paintings that my Mother saw at Versailles. Mom took their picture ... which is wierd because ... they ARE pictures. But anyway, these doggies have children. I do not have any children .... except for Hershey's baby ... she comes to visit me sometimes. She drags herself along the floor, army style, which is really cool. She can get to her toys ...... and furniture ... and electric outlets .... and other stuff that can get her in trouble. .................... Trouble like I get into when I get her lamb puppet. I have to take a picture of that lamb puppet for you. I want it so bad ....

I think this dog must be getting a bath.

Do you think this little boy is going to drop this dog?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Being thankful ....

My people finished eating their turkey dinner and most thankfully ... they have finished CLEANING UP up their turkey dinner. At least that is what my Mom said. Mom said next year we are eating earlier! It was tough on me and Hershey ... we had to supervise ... so we are exhausted. There were people in every room downstairs and there was cooking and then there was the baby scooting around on the floor, so much to keep up with. I am just not sure about the baby, what she is or anything. I just know I CAN'T play with her toys. That is a big rule. And that is sad because there is one stuffed toy I REALLY want to chew up. It's a white fluffy lamb puppet and I really want it ... I don't think she really NEEDS it....... does she?

I heard my people talk about being thankful. My Mom is thankful for a lot of things, and I am on her list. I am thankful for my Mom and my Dad and my house and my yard and for Hershey. He is my best friend. I wish he could live with me. I am thankful for my food and for walks and for my friends.

I am also thankful for my friend Max. Max was my next door neighbor dog. He belonged to Miss Cindy. I am also thankful for her. Max passed away last night. Miss Cindy said he just took a turn for the worse after the surgery to fix his tummy. Max was the only dog that ever went for walks with me. He was the leader of his pack and he protected the little dog. He was a nice dog and I will miss him. Mostly Miss Cindy will miss him and for that I feel really sad. I have been sad for her all day.

Goodbye Max.

more Paris pictures next time ......

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs in Paris .....

Like I said yesterday, my Mom left me at home and went to Paris for a week. I survived. Dad is really nice and gives me extra cookies so it isn't so bad.

Mom took pictures of dogs in Paris. (Yes, her friends thought she was wierd.) She took other pictures too but she took these pictures just for my blog. This is a picture of a dog statue in the beautiful gardens at the Palace of Versailles. I guess this dog killed a deer and is holding it down. Or maybe they were just wrestling ........ I don't know. I would be afraid of a deer. Mom says she thinks that this is a fountain but it wasn't running.

The Palace at Versailles was beautiful but kinda dark inside. The gardens were amazing!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Where is Paris????

Sorry I have been gone for so long. My Mom left me at home with Dad and went to Paris. I am not sure where Paris is, but wherever it is she had to take a suitcase. She had a wonderful time and she took a lot of pictures ..... and some were of dogs. She says she took them for my blog. So, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, she says she will post on my blog again.
My next door neighbor dog, Max, had to have emergency surgery this weekend because his stomach flipped over. I do not really understand what that means because I am a dog but his Mom said it was bad. His Mom did the surgery and she is taking good care of him. I hope he gets better soon.

Oh, and by the way ... Hershey is coming to visit me in two days. Rock on!