Friday, April 25, 2008

I have signs in my little yard?

I promised you a tour of my little front yard. Last week my Mom was cleaning out a cabinet and she came across these little plaques that Hershey's Mom made in college.

They are ceramic and Hershey's Mom did not want them. But they have verses from the Bible on them and my Mom just could not throw them away. She decided that since they were ceramic, they would hold up to the weather outside so she threaded wire through their holes and put them on sticks in the garden.

You can also see the tacky netting and white fencing Mom and Dad put up to make "my lot secure" like the verse says. It's ugly but I cannot get out of my yard anymore.

Mom likes the Bible verses and thinks they look cute in her garden. At least they aren't pink.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do you like pink?

Peepol think us dogs are color blind .. at least that is what I have read. Well, little do they know, we see colors just fine thank you very much! Dogs, I ask you ... what color are these flowers? Yes, you're all right ... pink.

You would think pink is the only color flowers come in if you came to my little yard. I guess you can say my mother likes pink flowers. Just look at this rose bush in my yard! Pink everywhere. Mom says this rose bush makes her happy everytime she sees it. Me .. not so much.

Can you see me in the above picture? What is wrong with this woman? Taking a picture of flowers and not me?!

If you look very carefully, you can see a trash can down the street. I bet it has some cool smelling stuff in it. Mom was really excited to see how well the trash can showed up in her picture.

In my next entry I will show you more of my little yard.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I still don't like it ....

Something got into my folks yesterday. They stained my dog house. They stained it brown. It was ALREADY brown. I didn't like it before and I don't like it now. They seem to think it will last longer now that they have put a protective brown stain on it and fixed a couple of boards on the top.

Mom even made a sign with my name on it to make it look pretty. She also hid treats in it so I would have possitive associations with it ... whatever than means. I do like the sign. (See how the wind blows my ears?)

Can I come out of this doghouse now?

Did any treats drop on the ground? Hmm, let me check ...

Do you have any treats? Do I REALLY need a dog house?

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's like I'm in jail ....

I just want to point out how much my parents don't trust me. This is me looking, or TRYING TO LOOK, at the world from the end of my porch. Mom and Dad put extra pickets between the existing pickets so that I could not jump off or FALL off the end of the porch. You can tell the extra pickets because the paint is peeling off of the extra pickets.

Mom says they are going to paint the porch and paint these things but I will believe it when I see it. She is having a hard time deciding on a color to replace the blue. She thinks that she might like to have the porch and the shutters and the door a different color for a change ..... different than dark blue. If you want to suggest a color, it might help her hurry up. Here is a very bad picture of my house. The new roof is gray and the siding is a creamy beige. >p>
Anyway, I can barely get my nose in between the pickets and everydog knows you need to be able to do that.

They may not trust me for a while after my adventure last night. You see we went on a car ride at 9 pm to the drug store. They had to buy something that my Mom had forgotten at the grocery store. I smelled it and it smelled like they do when they get out of the shower, only stronger.... the stuff was in a box and made me sneeze. When we got back, they let me out of the car and I sniffed around a little bit in the front yard, where I never get to go without a leash. The next thing I know, they are freaking out and looking for me up and down the street with flashlights and calling COPPPPEEERRR!!!!! It was like I was a criminal or something. I think they might have called in the helicopters except it was night time. They found me right where I was, sniffing on my next door porch ... I THINK that is part of my yard .... where I smelled another dog. Sheesh ... parents ..... Weird thing is though ... I got scolded AND I got a cookie. I am not sure if I was in trouble or they were glad to find me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The bunny I did not catch ....

Hershey has bunnies at his house. When I was visiting him this weekend, I saw one on the side of his house out in some tall grass where he thought no one could see him. Of course, Hershey and I could NOT see him because Hershey's windows are only for cats. They are too tall for dogs, especially height challenged dogs like dachshunds. Anyway, Hershey's Daddy took Mr. Bunny's picture. Isn't he cute? I really wanted to chase him.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dagels ....

Hey dogfriends ....

It's me Copper.

This weekend I went on a car ride to Hershey's house! Yes, I was a surprised as you! Mom and Dad never tell me when they are going to take me on a big car ride. I just see suitcases out and if I am lucky, I see my soft dog kennel. I ride in a soft sided dog kennel on long car rides ... or at least I do when they won't let me ride in Mom's lap. But I digress ...

So we went to Hershey's house and I see why he never blogs anymore. He is too busy cleaning up food his baby drops from her high chair!!!!!!!!!! What a gig he has!!!! Five times a day he gets to clean up food!!! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a morning and afternoon snack!! He has this awesome baby that drops food on the floor on purpose ... and not accidentally like sometimes happens at my house. Some times she even hands you the food!!! This morning she handed me a bagel from her hugh chair!!!!!!!! Yeah, it totally dissapointed Hershey because I got it and he didn't, but she HANDED IT TO ME!!! What is a dog to do???? It was awesome!

She calls bagels 'dagels' but I don't care what she calls them, they're yummy.

I'm home now .... and I want a baby.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My trip to the spa ...

Hello dogfriends ...

Remember how I said I was going to the spa today? Well, my Mom played an April Fool's joke on me. It wasn't exactly the spa. It didn't look like this

or this

it looked more like this

it wasn't terrible because I was with Miss Cindy, my wonderful next door neighbor who is a vet. She takes such good care of me. She took me to work with her in her car. (I am glad we didn't go on her motorcycle.) She cleaned my teeth and flossed the polar bear fur out from between my front teeth. (I guess I should not rip up polar bear fur anymore.) She also trimmed my nails and the fur between my pads. She said my blood was PERFECT! (Mom is so glad.) My Mom noticed that I weighed a half of a pound more than I did last time I went to see Miss Cindy and so she says I need to exercise more. I wonder what that means.

The people in the office are all very nice. They petted me and they were nice to my Mom when she called and asked about me. It was ok ....

But .....I have to go now. I ....don't feel like this. ....

I feel like this.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .....