Friday, February 29, 2008

Gotta go ... Day 3 ....

My visit at Roxie, Sammy and Andy's house must come to an end. I need to go and rescue Hershey. Roxie and her brothers can't come with me because they have to help their Mom move. (I've always wondered why they are "Roxie, Sammy and Andy" and not "Sammy, Roxie and Andy"", or Andy, Sammy and Roxie." Oh well, it is ok that they can't come with me. They need to help their Mom. I think Mona is coming with me.

I am catching a train today and I am headed to the North Pole. I've always wanted to ride on a train. My Mommy remembers riding on a train once when she was a little girl. She says she means a real train and not one at Disney World or something like that. She went to her grandmother's house with her Mother and brothers and sisters. She remembers that her Daddy got on the train to help them all get seated but he was not going with them and she was nervous he would not be able to get off the train before it started going. She also remembers being seated across from her brothers and sisters facing them, like you see on TV. That is all she remembers.

I have a sleeping car on my train because I know trains are not as fast as planes. I hope I can get some rest because I need to be rested up for the polar bears. I hope they don't hurt me. These polar bears are walking over a submarine. My Daddy used to ride on submarines. The polar bears look scary, don't they?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 2 ... Texas ...

Well, I'm still on my journey to rescue Hershey from the North Pole. I had a rough night on the plane because my tummy hurt from eating two dinners last night. The flight attendant was up several times in the night listening to me burp and letting me go poddy. That will teach her to check with Dad when she has suspicions that he has been home already.

This morning my plane landed in Houston, Texas. This is where Roxie, Sammy and Andy live!!! I am afraid I caught the wrong plane because I went west and not north as in the NORTH Pole. But since I was in town, I went over to their house and they took me to their house in the country and we had a great time. I sniffed and sniffed with them

and I barked at some cowdogs.

I am really jealous of all of the fun they have out here. My house is boring compared to the country. It is also very pretty here. My Mom would like all of the pretty flowers.

Roxie called Mona and invited her over to meet me. She is very nice. All around it was a great visit. But I have to get on the road again so I can go rescue Hershey. Roxy, Sammy and Andy are debating if they want to go with me as I write this. .............. Gotta go, I see a cowdog and I gotta go bark!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

North Pole or Bust ... Day 1

Hello friends. It is the first day of my journey to rescue Hershey at the North Pole where he has been training to be an elf. I am very worried about him because he has not blogged for a long time. I miss hearing from him and so I am on my way to the North Pole to rescue him so he can take care of his baby.

Some of you have asked if you can come along with me ... sort of like a posse. Yes you are welcome to join me! You are even welcome to have your own adventure and meet me there. I may even stop and pick some of you up on the way. We just have to watch out for the polar bears. I hear they can hurt you.

I started my journey rather late today because Mom went to work this morning and locked the door and I couldn't get out of the house. That messed my plans up but I took advantage of the situation and napped all day. Finally this evening, Dad came home from work and fed me and then left for church. Then Mom came home from work and fed me. When Dad got home they discussed it and found out their mistake. Mom didn't know Dad had already fed me and I DIDN'T TELL HER! So ... I got two dinners! Yes! ..... I got two dinners and YOU didn't!! So after a big dinner I grabbed my suitcase and said goodbye to Mom and Dad and set out on my journey.

Many of you have asked me if I am going to walk all the way. The answer is ... I am not sure yet. So tonight, after a big dinner, I am off to take a jet to rescue Hershey. Goodbye Augusta, Georgia.

Wish me luck friends.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hershey needs help .....

I am pretty sure I need to go help my best friend Hershey. I found this picture of him and apparently he has been training to be an elf.

The only elves I know are at the North Pole so I GUESS he is at the North Pole. This time of year it must be really cold and icy at the North Pole and so I wonder if he is stuck up there and can't get home? If he is stuck up there and can't get home, then he can't help take care of his baby. This is his baby .... isn't she cute?

I hear she is sick with a tummy ache so he definately needs to get home to help take care of her. So I have decided to set out on a journey to rescue him from the North Pole. I have packed my bag and I am leaving in the morning.

Wish me luck.



P.S. I hear they have polar bears at the North Pole. Can they hurt me?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why parents go to work .....

In my last blog I told you all that I sometimes get to go to work with my Mom on friday. My friend Hana asked me the following insightful question:

"So, you will have to tell us, what is this so-called work that our parents do? Why do they chose to go to work instead of spending time with us? Work must be pretty fun, else why would they go?"

Tonight I will try to answer Miss Hana's last question to the best of my ability.

Hana, I don't know.

I have some ideas and here they are.

(1) They go because their office is pretty? This is my Mom's office.

She got to pick everything out which really rocked and she likes it all very much. Maybe that is why she goes to work.? But our house is pretty too so that can't be the reason.

(2) Maybe they go because they get to play on the computer? No, that can't be the reason because Mom does that at home.

(3) Maybe they go because they don't have to do laundry or clean the bathrooms like they have to do at home on Saturday. That may very well be part of the reason but I don't think it is the whole reason.

(4) Maybe they go because there is food there? I know Mom finds bagels at work on Friday. But that can't be the reason because we have food here, most of the time. I know Mom hates to cook but we do have food here. I don't think that is the reason either.

(5) Maybe they go because when it is pretty they can go outside and take a walk? I know that isn't the reason because it was pretty here today and Mom just did laundry and cleaned the bathroom.

(6) Maybe they go because they feel needed there? I KNOW that can't be the reason because I need her and I am at home!

(7) Maybe they go because they like to get away from us? Ohhhhh Noooooo, that can't be the reason!!!!!!!!!

(8) Maybe they go because they get rich? Naaaaaaaaaaaa that can't be the reason.

So Hana, I don't know. Even though I have been to work, I can't tell you why our parents feel the need to leave us and go to work. Does any other dog know?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet my work friends ...

Hi friends. Tomorrow is Friday. On Friday I sometimes get to go to work with my Mom. She has an office. I have a bed and toys and snacks in her office and I like it there. I get to lay in my bed by the window and watch people. The window doesn't look outside to the outdoors, just to a hallway, but that is ok, I get to be with Mom and I get to see people. I don't like it when she leaves and goes upstairs without me though. I don't know where she goes when she goes upstairs, just that sometimes she comes back from there with a bagel and cream cheese and she gives me a bite. Yum!

Sometimes I get to go outside and go for poddy walks. I like it when I get to do that. Mom has a special friend who brings her dogs to work on Fridays too. They sometimes come by my office (I guess I can call it MY office since I have a bed and toys and snacks in there) and say hi to me and one of them tries to take my toys. They get to go upstairs and walk ALL around the church with her because they stay right beside her all the time. I, on the other hand, know that that is B-O-R-I-N-G and I like to explore, so I have to go everywhere on a leash.

Sometimes when we go on poddy walks, we get to go together out to the big baseball field. That is fun... we don't play baseball ..... we just run around. So let me introduce you ....

This is Mac......

He is the 'first dog' and is the oldest. He looks like a dog I saw in a famous old movie ....something about a tornado and a house and some talking trees.... I forget the name of the movie. Anyway, Mac is friendly. He is SO friendly that last week he ran away from his Mom and ran over into the service bay of the car dealership next door and said hi to all the people there!! I, on the other hand, had a dumb leash on and did not get to GO with him!

This is Bonnie.

She is the 'second dog' and is younger than Mac. She is very shy and is never more than three or four feet from her Mom. She won't let my Mom pet her and she won't have anything to do with me. She did stand still for my Mom and let her take this pretty picture of her. I think she is kinda cute, even though she is terribly shy.

So, tomorrow is Friday. Maybe I will get another bite of a bagel with cream cheese and see Bonnie and Mac. It's way more fun than staying home!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm getting my teeth WHAT???

Tonight Mom went outside in the yard with me after she fed me because it was such a pretty day. I saw Miss Cindy in her yard playing basketball with her son. Not only is she one of my favorite people but she plays basketball too! Well, naturally I HAD to go see her so Mom took me over to where she was and let me say Hi. I just love Miss Cindy so much, she always smells so wonderful and she is so nice.

Mom asked Cindy if I could get me teeth cleaned. Miss Cindy said yes, I could get my teeth cleaned and that she would sedate me and maybe even give me an IV if my blood wasn't good. Blood, and sedate and IV and clean my teeth ... all in one sentence??? I am not sure what all that means but it doesn't sound too good. Does anydog know what she is talking about? Is it worse than getting your teeth brushed, because if it is I want no part of it. Speaking of which, you have to look at this dog getting his teeth brushed because you aren't taking my picture LIKE THAT!

Maybe Miss Cindy is not so nice after all. I like my teeth just the way they are, thank you very much.

PS This dog's hair on his ears is WAY too short for a long haired daschund, don't you think? He must have gotten a bad haircut.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Does this bandana look girly on me?

A belated Happy Valentines's Day. Does my bandana make me look like a girl? Miss Cindy put it on me when my Mom and Dad went out to dinner Valentines' Day evening. When they came home I had it on and they were so surprised. I didn't mind wearing it, I mean it didn't bug me or make me scratch or anything. I just wonder if it makes me look like a girl? Oh well, it doesn't matter if it does. I love Miss Cindy. I even know her name. The other day my Mom said "Let's go see Miss Cindy" and I went right to her house. I should have given her a Valentine .... uh oh.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I found Hershey ....

I found Hershey.
He's in training to be an elf.

Sorry dude, the pictures made me laugh.

Love ya Hersh,


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm thinking .....

Meeska graciously awarded me the Thinking Blogger Award. I am completely flattered because, after all, Meeshka is going to be Queen someday. People don't think us dogs think because we don't talk like they do. But, we know differently don't we. I think about a lot of things. Some things I think about are:

1) When is my Mother going to figure out that I am not drinking all of my water and that it is evaporating because air from the heater blows over the bowl. I have figured out how to tell her it is empty but I cannot figure out how to tell her to move the bowl.

2) Why can't I go in the back yard? Are there monsters down there or what? Why do I have to stay on the deck when they go down the long steps to the ground? I don't get it. They tell me it is because there is no fence in the back and that I will run away and they won't be able to catch me. How do they know if they don't try it?

3) What are the squirrels eating in my yard? I see them nibbling on something all the time but as far as I can tell, there is nothing tasty out there. I never find anything to eat out there, except tasty grass, unless it is the day after Halloween and kids have dropped candy in my yard. (That day rocks.)

4) Where is Hershey and why doesn't he blog anymore? Is he still visiting those two black dogs and is too busy? Why doesn't he stay in touch? Maybe he doesn't like me anymore.

5) Why does Dad scratch me in all the right places and Mom just hugs and kisses and pets me? Why does he not hug and kiss and pet me and Mom scratch me sometimes?

Those are some of the things I think about. I hope they have made you think. I am awarding the Thinking Blogger Award to
Luckie, Hana, Pippen, Ivy, and Hershey (if he is listening.) I am also adding The Dachsies even though they make six because they are my buds and I cannot leave them out.

Here are the rules ....

1. You must write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Acknowledge this post.

3. Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post that you wrote.

4. Tell us what makes you think. (Meeska, I changed this rule because some of us are on a diet.)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Bloopers ...........

Dogfriends and Girl girl .... show me your bloopers. My Mom thinks this is the worst picture she has ever taken of me. She is not sure why she has it on the computer. It IS a pretty good picture of the grass though. I am running away with a package in the picture.

Go ahead and show us your bloopers.....

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dog city ...

If you are watching the Discovery Channel right now, you will not see me on the American Kennel Club dog show. My slacker mother forgot to enter me. I am sure I could have won this year. Oh well, I am too tired tonight anyway.

These dogs aren't at the dog show either. Whem Mom and Dad took the baby back to Hershey and her parents, I got to ride along. It was not a long car ride but as I said, I did not get to ride in the front seat in Mom's lap because she was knitting! Gheesh!

When we stopped the car, Hershey was there ... but so were two other dogs. It turns out that Hershey was visiting THEM and not ME! Their names were Duncan and Baxter. They sniffed me and barked at me and said hello. I am the dog on the right in this picture.

This is Duncan. He is the First Dog.

This is Baxter. He is the Second Dog.

He was adopted and he likes to play ball. For some reason I didn't get a picture of Hershey. If you look closely in the picture below, you can just see his tail in the lower left corner of the picture. I think he was being stuck up because he had made two new friends. I was hurt....

We didn't stay very long and so I didn't get to know Duncan and Baxter very well. I don't know if they have any hobbies, besides ball, or what their favorite snacks are or anything. I guess we can ask Hershey. He spent the weekend with them.