Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hana lives in California??!! I can't believe it! I checked Hana's blog and she lives in California. Mom tells me it is WAY to far for me to walk to her house. Once again, I'd have to fly on a plane or drive a long way.

I am just going to have to maintain a long distance relationship with these girlfriends. But that seems appropriate because I hear people meet on the internet all the time. I guess dogs can meet on the internet too! Sorry Luckie, sorry Hana.

Meanwhile Hershey arrived this afternoon. He is going to visit me again while his Mom and Dad go somewhere. That rocks!!! He and I are such buddies. Sometimes I wish he could live with me all the time.

Hey .... I just checked..... and Mexico is far away too. I can't go see Lorenza either. Gheesh!


Lorenza said...

Ay Copper!!
Have you checked in your neighborhood?? Maybe there is a nice girl that you can meet and start a relationship!!
Say hello to Hershey and have fun with him!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can walk to California .. it would just take you weeks and weeks and weeks ...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. so sad that the girls all live so far away from you Cooper.

~ Girl girl

Hana said...

This is a disappointment, Copper, but I understand that it is just too far to walk and too expensive to fly on a plane. But, I have an idea on how you can go on a date with a girldog!!! You know how Hershey dropped by your house this afternoon? WELL, when his parents come to pick him up, you just hitch a ride with them and then you just walk one more hour and you can go on a date with IVY!!!! I hear she lives near your best friend's house!!

Luckie Girl said...

Internet love isn't that bad Copper. Things worked out between my Mom and Dad. OH wait, but it wasn't a long distance relationship though.

Asta said...

I found out these things a while ago, and I was cwushed too...all my boyfwiends live a gillion miles fwom me..and I'm bwoke too....I hope you have agweat weekend anyway. I know all youw giwlfriends awe dweaming of you
smoochie kisses

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Copper, the next time your Mom and Dad come to visit the boy who used to live in your house, come with them! You can visit us and Roxie can be your girlfriend. We know she likes lots of the boys dogs - especially the dachsies. Maybe she will go home with you.

Sammy & Andy

Putz said...

we are the dogs who formed a business to make squirell gut into dental floss...i didn't know how close all you dogsw= livec by each other...we are all back in utah...ivy is our closest friend but the army of four and hana and copper and gus our become our friends sandy duke sadie and speedy the hearing dog..did you know that most dogs do not even know the job duties of a hearing dog

Anonymous said...

dude! we should have totally gone to see ivy! when you were here hanging out with me! next time we will get our moms to drop us off in her back yard while we go to ikea! i mean she has a doggie door, but i bet randy and lindsey would think we were a bit strange!

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Copper,

Just wanted to let you know I changed my URL to reflect the antics of my new sister! If you click on this picture of me it should take you to my new URL. :)


Isis said...

hi copper!

I'm sorry you're so far away from all your girlfriends.

Thats really sad.

But you're right, doggies can meet on the internet too, just like hoomans.