Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Mom can't decide .....

If there is one thing I would change about my Mother, I would make her more confident in her decision making. She has soooooooo much trouble making up her mind about things. Take me for example ............ if I had not come to her house with my old owner and introduced myself, I probably would be someone else's dog right now because she couldn't make up her mind if she even wanted another dog. Then I would not have a blog .... or maybe I would have a much more interesting blog ... who knows. But back to my Mom .....

The kitchen light went out. It is a flourescent strip light with 2 bulbs and a plastic cover ... very BLA! I don't have a picture of it because who takes pictures of them ... they are boring. Well, the light is old and greasy and the cover was cracked and Mom has wanted to replace it for a long time. It looked something like this only uglyier.
Now she has the chance to replace it and she can't decide what to replace it with. She says her kitchen is small and boring and plain and has only got 8 foot ceilings. She can't use a fancy chandelier or a light that would hang over an island. She doesn't need a ceiling fan. She doesn't think she wants another flourescent strip light again. She is thinking of getting one of these lights. She is worried that it will be too contemporary for her old fashioned plain kitchen. But then she thinks it might make it look fancier.


Mom says she has been wanting to redecorate her kitchen. So maybe it would help her get started. Please write my poor indecisive Mom and tell her what you think. This is her kitchen.

Mom says she just wants a new house. I don't want to move to a new house because Hershey will not be able to find me at a new house. Besides, I would miss my Miss Cindy.


Luckie Girl said...

Hiya Copper,
Your Mom's kitchen is so neat unlike erm..well...*darts a look at my Mom* I love the blue walls cos the walls at my house are blue too.

I think the modern looking lights will look nice in your kitchen. :)Those flourescent strip lights are very *blah* and the covers turn yellow with age. Mom says you can get those modern lights wired in such way that when you switch it on once, you can say maybe 3 bulbs on and when you switch it on again, you can all 6 bulbs. Different options!

PS : Your Mom is very observant! The hoomans drive on the other side in Singapore.

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie, and I mean WOWIE ZOWIE!!! Is that your kitchen? Do your parents ever use it because it looks way TOO CLEAN!! (not that my kitchen is dirty or anything... but yours looks unused).

My mom says the overhead track lights you have in the new picture are nice. She likes those. But, in the picture, the kitchen looks a bit dark. Maybe those are for accents, like when you have shelves above the cabinets and you want to throw a spotlight on the objects on the shelves? Anyhow, those do look nice. My mom also likes recessed lighting, but that would require more work.

My kitchen has ugly fluorscents that are covered by 6 panes of whitish hard plastic sheet stuff. I don't know how to describe it. My parents changed out the whitish plastic sheet stuff and put new ones in because the old ones were stained and yellowy.

Copper, you're gonna have to get a Dogs with Blogs discussion group account one of these days because I'm sure someone will nominate you for the Awesome Blog Award, and you will want to vote for yourself!

Hana said...

Dear Copper,
Thank you for voting for me and figuring out the discussion group stuff. Yeah, it wasn't entirely clear for me either. Anyhow, I like your blue kitchen a lot. I hope you like blue a lot too because I have a secret which you should find out about soon. :-)
~Hana the Dog

Tansy said...

Oh, Copper, how fortunate you came to meet your Mother - you might never have known Hershey! And Hershey's Mother, who certainly has excellent design skills and perhaps advice for your mom!

Personally, I find overhead fluorescent lighting most unpleasant. I prefer the warmth of the "modern" lights you show. Perhaps you would like warmer colors in your kitchen? The blue walls are lovely, but easier to change than the countertops and/or cabinets. Although I like how fresh it all appears.

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Where I live it's dark all the time (except for the summer when it's light all the time but summer is short so it's dark more than it's light)so I would go for the fluorescent light. We just put a new one in that is called a Puff light. It looks pretty modern for a fluorescent. The lighting people said everyone is putting in recessed lights but that's a bunch of cookie money for a retrofit.

P.S. My mom just found out she is going to be a grandma too. But she's not as happy as your Mom is.

Anonymous said...

Wow... your kitchen looks so home-ie....the lights looks nice.