Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm baaack ....

I'm back home now and boy am I tired! I have been doing a lot of napping to rocover from my visit to Hershey's house. This is how I rode in the car. For those of you that ride in kennels when they are in the car, all I can say is ..... I'm sorry. No, actually I have a kennel that I usually ride in too but Mom didn't take my picture with me in it. I did get to ride like this most of the way this time.
Hershey told he is a little tired of the baby thing and it isn't even here yet. Here is a picture of him in the baby swing ... trying it out to see if it is fit for the baby. His Mom and my Mom thought ithis was so funny. Aren't they sick?
Since I got home, I have been sleeping in my kennel at night. I know, my Mom was amazed too. I slept in it with Hershey every night that I was with him at his house. Our Moms said it was so we did not jump out of the big beds and run around and play with each other at 5 o'clock in the morning. (Isn't that the best time to play?) So when I got home and Mom put the kennel in the bedroom, where it usually sits for show, I went and got in it and laid down. So she has made me sleep in it. I whined a lot last night and she just ignored me. It was awful. We'll see if I can convince her to let me out tonight. She usually gives in after a while.
Well, I have to go back to bed. I am still tired.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

It must be fun to go visiting a good friend. I am an expert car-rider! Looks pretty comfy in your car too.

I know I've said it before...kennels are so bad... :)


Fu Fu said...

Hi Copper, that sure sounds tiring. I hope you've nap enough to recover already. :)

~ fufu

Luckie Girl said...

Hi Copper, Welcome back home. Looks like the long drive back made you real tired. That's a great spot to sit in the car.
I have a kennel that I use and I like going inside to take a nap.
Poor Hershey, he's becoming a substitute to test out stuffs before the hooman baby comes along! :P

Anonymous said...

Bet it's nice to be home and sniff out all your favorite spots!

Hana said...

Copper, how is your nose doing? All healed up I hope! Car rides are so much fun that it makes me tired.

Anonymous said...

i am so tired of having to try out baby products! i need to start being paid for my services! so far i have tested a baby sling, a stroller, and a swing! what's next? the changing table! the crib! or the rocking chair! (oh, wait i jumped on that on my own) enough already! i quit!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Poor Hershey- it's not fair that he has to try out everything! On the other hand, when the kid finally arrives, he won't have to be testing everything. Bet your are glad your are home.