Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's cold ....

Us dachshunds like to be covered up with blankets. They say dachshunds like to be covered up because we used to hunt badgers. I guess badgers live under blankets ... I don't know. All I do know is that it is cold in Virginia, so Hershey and I have to cover up when we take a nap on the couch.

I am napping a lot because my tummy hurts. Yesterday I had an upset tummy and horka'd up all of my dinner. I haven't been hungry today at all. Mom has been a little worried about me. She wasn't so worried that she couldn't go to the movies with Hershey's Mom last night though. They went to see a movie about a Queen and I don't think it was Queen Meeshka. They said it was very good if you can figure out what Queen they went to see. (They should have stayed home and held my paw.)

This is day six of my visit at Hershey's house and we have two more days to go. Mom and Hershey's Mom have been washing baby things and shopping and eating out while Hershey's Daddy is out of town. Mom says that Hershey's Mom is ready for the baby to come. It will come in about six or seven more weeks. They made a really great place for Nixon to sleep. They call it a 'changing table' but Nixon calls it 'nap central.'

Hershey and I have chased Nixon every chance we get. He isn't alot of fun to chase because he has a lot of hiding places and he gets away easy. We have napped, and barked at the neighbors, and eaten some stuff in the yard, and traded toys. Hershey always wins at the toy swapping. I just let him win.

Right now Hershey and I need to go back to sleep so I'll write later.


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

We sleep under blankets too! Mom buys five or six towels from Wal-Mart and uses them as blankets. Andy likes to chew holes in them so she won't buy real blankets.

Don't eat things in the yard and maybe you won't get sick.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

When we eat grass we puke - maybe you should stay away from grass. You guys look like little lumps in those blankets - do the humans ever sit on you?

IndyPindy said...

Awwww, I'm sorry you have an upset tummy Copper, that stinks. Yeah, I would stay away from eating things in the yard.

I'm glad you get to have fun with Hershey! I hope your separation anxiety is better. If your mom needs more help with it tell her to email my mom, ok?


Indy said...
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IndyPindy said...

Hi Copper,
Since your mom has time off right now, this is the BEST time for her to start working on your separation anxiety, so that way if she ever does need to go out and leave you at home, you will be okay.

This web site:

has some excellent ways that your mom can start gradually getting you used to being left alone, a little bit at a time. If she starts working on this now, then maybe by the time she starts a new job (if she does) then you will be okay to be left alone.

Are you okay when you are alone with Hershey and the people leave? If so, your mom may want to consider getting a second Dachsie also. Good luck!

Isabella said...

Hope your tummy feels better. Emmy eats stuff in the yard, too, but she never gets sick. I think her tummy is used to weird yucky stuff- she's pretty weird and yucky hersef- hee hee!
Big Wags,

Luckie Girl said...

Poor Copper ~ Get well soon. I ate up a lot of cotton stuffing from my toy a few days back too and my tummy had those wierd sounds all day long. Mom said she found those cotton stuffs in my poo. heh heh...what can i say? I like cotton candy.

Fu Fu said...

I hope your tummy feels better today Copper. What Queen did they saw?

~ fufu

Hana said...

Why is your mom and Hershey's mom washing baby things? Has the baby already gotten things dirty even though the stork hasn't delivered the baby yet?

My mom must be a dachsie because she likes huddling under blankets too. Actually, so do I. I guess I take after my mom in some ways.

Hana said...

Copper, your mom is one smart cookie and she already loves the baby before the stork has delivered it. I wish my mom cared that much for me. My mom must not care much for me because when she buys me new toys, she doesn't wash them before she gives them to me. Maybe I will come live with you then.

Ivy said...

ooooo i like your blankies! i am not a dachsie but i like to sleep wif blankies too. maybe skwerrels used to live under blankies or sumthin.

haf a lot of fun with hershey and dont forget to eat your kitty crunchies!

Shmoo said...


(I couldn't resist. hope you feel better)