Friday, March 09, 2007

It was terrible ......

Today my Mom and Hershey's Mom went on an adventure without me and Hershey. They almost always go without us. ....... I know it's terrible. ...... They went to a place called eye-key-a or something like that where they did not buy me ANYTHING! ......... I know .... it's terrible. This is what they should have bought me.

........ They also stopped by Ivy's house and took her some of MY dog biscuits. I don't know why they did not take ME to see Ivy ...... I have a terrible crush on her. So while they were shopping at eye-key-a for things that were not for me, Hershey and I were at home in the bathroom. It is a lovely bathroom and we had nice comfy towels to lay on and some water. We had toys and they even opened the blinds in the batroom so it was sunny. They have left us here a lot and we have always done really fine.

Well, today we did not do really fine. Today there was a lot of blood. The white towel had tons and tons of spots of blood all over it, and there was blood smeared on the tile and on the door. Mom and Hershey's Mom were TOTALLY freaked out. They looked us both over from head to toe. They looked at our teeth and our bottoms and our ears and our feet and our tummies. They finally found a raw pink place about a half an inch long on the top of my nose right where my fur starts. I would show you a picture of it but the camera batteries are dead. You can look at a picture of Hershey's nose instead.

I am not telling them what happened and neither is Hershey and we aren't telling you either. It's a secret. I am fine except my nose is sore and now my new name is Scarface.


Hana said...

Hey Scarface, I betcha I know what happened!! I think you and Hershey were fighting over Ivy's affections. It sounds like Hershey might have won though.

When your moms opened the bathroom door, where were you two doing? Did you just look up at your moms quite innocently?... like nothing was wrong? I hope you and Hershey are still best friends. It would be sad to ruin a friendship over a girl.

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Copper, what have you been up to? Both moms must have been really freaked out by all that blood.
We have an eye-key-a here too in Singapore and well, dad's mom bought me the very same bowl in green color. But it's too light and it moves around a lot when I try to use it.
They have some really cool doggy stuffs there. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, that will teach them to leave you guys locked up in the bathroom! Scarface and Slasher ... what a pair!