Friday, March 09, 2007

If I was a girl ....

If Hershey and I were girls we would carry this purse. But we are NOT girls!
One more day until I go home to see my Dad. I will really miss Hershey. He and I sleep together at night in my kennel which Mom and Hershey's Mom really like. I will miss Hershey. But maybe I can come back to see him when the baby is born. I would tell you what we have been doing but it has not been very exciting..... just sleeping and barking..... and a little toy tugging.
Today My Mom and Hershey's Mom are going on a big adventure. They aren't taking us with them. I wonder what they are going to do?


Cash said...

That IS a very cute you know any girlie doggies who would like it?
I wonder what the big adventure will be......hummmm....I will stay tuned,

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

Maybe they are going to a spa!!

Hana said...

I think it is okay if you carry around the girl purse. Just like I told Zach, only a truly confident masculine dog could wear pink. My question though is how many greenies can you fit in that purse because you will want to take the purse to the food store to get yummies!

I betcha the big adventure your moms are going on is to get more baby stuff. That baby is gonna rule the world!

Ivy said...

hey hey copper!! i know wut your moms were doing... they were delivering a bag wif cookies from you and hershey! thank you sooooo muchly for sending the cookies! i luved them very much even tho i had to share one wif abby. thank you!!