Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tuesday, my cat friend Tabitha got an operation so that she would not have any kittens. I have not actually met Tabitha, but I know her sister Mari. Mari was abandoned as a kitten in a public place so that hopefully someone would pick her up. She made friends with a nice lady and the nice lady took her home. Then the nice lady married the boy that used to live at this house and now Mari is part of our family. They got Tabitha from the animal adoption place because she did not have a home either. Even my friend Nixon was adopted from cat jail because he didn't have a home. Can you imagine not having a home??? I can't.

The other day my Mom brought two kitties home because someone had dropped them off at the park. She felt so sorry for them. They lived in my garage (I was CRAZY trying to get out there to see them) for two or three days until a nice family adopted them. During that time my Mom discovered just how many kitties there are out there that need homes. I am glad that Mari got Tabitha an operation and I hope you all will tell your friends that have pets to get them operations so that they do not have puppies or kitties that they do not want. All pets deserve nice homes.

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