Thursday, July 20, 2006

about Holly ...

Today when I was alone with Hershey we got to talking about Holly and I thought I would blog about her. She was my Mom's dog before me and she lived to be 15. She was an old dog when I came along but my Mom and Dad told me she was a neat dog wen she was young. She loved to jump in her kid's beds and wake them up in the morning and she loved to run in the woods and play with them. Sometimes she would even swim in the creek to find them. She went camping (although I am not sure what that is) and ate the hot dogs and marshmallows that the boys dropped on the ground. She let her people dress her up in a Halloween costume at Halloween so that when she barked at the children who came to the house, they were not so afraid of her. She did a good job of being a dog.

I do not have any kids at my house ... just my Mom and Dad .... but I try to take good care of them. I hope I can be a good dog too.

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