Friday, July 28, 2006

I hate ground screws ...

Hey, everybody. I just want to show you a sad picture. It is one of me and Hersh (sometimes I call him that) at his new house up in Virginia. He doesn't have a fence yet so sometimes if he wants to watch his Dad do yardwork or keep his Mom company while she washes the car .... he has to go outside and be chained to a ground screw!! That is what they call it. I call it TORTURE! One time Hershey's Dad put us both out on the ground screw and we were on the same cable, me on one end and Hersh on the other with the cable in a ring on the ground screw. The cable could slide back and forth and because I am BIGGER and outweigh Hershey by 5 pounds, and because I was pulling, Hershey had about 3 feet of cable and I had the rest. Hershey took the cable in his mouth and tried to PULL me back closer to him. Wasn't he SMART! Too bad the people were laughing and didn't take a picture.

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