Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hershey and I went shopping!

The other day Hershey and I got to go to a MALL! I was so excited. At home, I get to go get ice cream in the car sometimes, but my Mom tells me that dogs cannot go to her mall so I always have to stay home. But Hershey has a mall that allows dogs and we went to it. It was awesome. They have stores and we got to go inside the stores. They had an Anthropologie, Brook's Brothers, Restoration Hardware and even a Betsey Johnson Boutique. I do not know who Betsey Johnson is but my Mom did so we had to go in that store. But the best part was Hershey and I got to go in a doggie boutique! They had fancy collars and beds and food and fancy treats. Hershey tried out a bed (he didn't realize it was pink ... and a girl bed .... because he is too little to know his colors yet) and he picked out a lot of toys and tried to tell his Mom and Dad to buy them for him. But the best part was we got some fancy treats that look like little fancy cakes! Here is a picture of me looking in the fancy case. Hershey didn't get in the picture because he was too busy looking at toys and pink beds. The mall was fun and dogs should definately go to it. It is called the Stony Point Mall in Richmond, Virginia. I think I like shopping.

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IndyPindy said...

Cool! Hey, where is that Mall? I live in Maryland with my humans. Virginia is not too far away!