Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I miss my Mom ...

I miss my mom, she left me here with Hershey! I love hanging out with Hershey so I'm happy to be at his house. But my momlleft today so I guess I just miss her. Hersh and I are sleeping on the sofa with Hersh's mom. We had our dinner and of course I finished mine first! We also barked and barked at all kinds of noises. There is a man who lives next door to Hershey and I don't like the look of him! Hershey is used to seeing him but I am NOT! He needs to be barked at! Oh, and Hershey's street is soooo interesting I want to go check it out so much I don't care if my leash chokes me. Hershey's mom looks funny trying to handle the two of us on a leash!

While Hershey's mom was gone at work today we hung out in the bathroom, aparently she doesn't trust us out and about in the house. Well, we had a ball destroying a stuffed toy and we took naps and talked about all kinds of stuff that we are keeping a secret. We are not telling, even in our blog! Friends gotta keep secrets!

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