Friday, June 15, 2007

Random thoughts and what we didn't do today....

Well, it is another boring day here at my house. Hershey is still here but we didn't do much today. We spent the morning in my terrible kitchen while my Mom taught 1st graders in Vacation Bible School. (What is she thinking?) But, Hershey kept me company and we took a long nap. We greeted Mom when she got home and we watched her as she ate lunch. (We - ahem ahem - do not get lunch.) Then she made us stay outside in the front yard while she went to look at pictures of the baby that she had taken at a photography studio. (She has NEVER had pictures taken of ME at a photograpahy studio.) While we were outside it rained really hard and Hershey and I had to get in the doghouse. Hershey seems to like the doghouse, but I know it is a DOG house and therefore I avoid it. After all, I am better than that. When Mom got home, Dad was already here and he had given Hershey and I our dinner .... SCORE! ... Dad gives you extra dinner!!! Tonight we will both sleep with Mom and Dad and hog the bed.

The baby (and all her stuff) is gone. I don't know where she went. (I miss her because she was tasty if you got to lick her.) In fact, her Mom and Dad are gone too. I guess they have gone on a long trip to a place far away. Nixon is still here. Yesterday he made us chase him. He came to where Hershey and I were taking a nap and looked right at us and when we woke up, he ran away really fast. Now doesn't that sound like an invitation for us to chase him? Well, we chased him alright and cornered him in Mom's closet. I barked at him (I said, "GET OUT OF MOM'S CLOSET NIXON!") until Mom came and picked me up and made me stop. Gheesh, a dog can't even protect his Mom's stuff. I am sure he was up to no good in there.

For a little guy, Hershey can sure jump up high. Whenever Mom puts up outside, he jumps up on the glass front door to tell her he wants in. He can almost jump up to the doorknob! (But also needs a stool to jump up on the big peepol beds!) Mom has given up cleaning the glass on the front door. He does not like to be out in the yard alone and for some reason I don't count as company. He wants PEEPOL to be out there with him, preferably his Mom or his Dad. He is a really big barker but only barks when peepol he knows are nearby or he knows he is safe and not in any danger. Maybe he is just insecure away from his house. Whatever, he sure is good company. I think I'll go see if he is ready to go to bed now.


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Copper, Hershey just missed HIS people. What if he was outside when they came back and they didn't see him and left again? That would be a sad thing for him even if he would still have you for company. You are right to keep an eye on Nixon. Hershey told us how he knew Nixon was a cat spy and can't be trusted!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Molly the Airedale said...

Hey know what Copper? I've never been to a photography studio either! Think we need to do something about this? hummmmmmmm

Love ya lots,

Gwyn Valentine said...

Hi Copper,
The baby sure looks like she taste good! I love her double eyelid!

Hana said...

Hey Copper, does your Mom not worry about leaving you outside in the front yard and someone dognapping you?

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper, Where did Hershey's hoomans go?? Why didn't they bring him along? I think he just misses them. Poor Hershey....I don't understand why your company doesn't count and he still wants hoomans with him.
Miriam is her her mama's mama...Good looks run in the family!