Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My family revealed !!!!

Hana tagged me to play the 'reveal your family" game and since I still don't have any cake or presents to show you from my birthday YET (ahem ahem), I guess I may as well play the game. (Copper, I am going to get you a present, I promise, just be patient!)

Hana's parents are astronauts, judging by the picture she showed on her blog! How cool is that?! It must be super cool to have parents that fly around in space in red suits. I bet they bring her Tang and stuff.

Tang and astronauts are things MY secretary knows something about.... not because she is or was an astronaut, but because she watched them in the news growing up as a girl in central florida. Now-a-days astronauts going up in space are about as news worthy as interest rates going up. They just don't get the same press they did years ago when moms and dads and school kids all over America held their breath while the astronauts were in space. But anyway, I am a dog and I digress.

This is my Mom and Dad. They did not meet on-line but they might have if the Internet had been invented then. Instead they met at a McDonald's after a football game. This picture was taken only a couple of days ago.

Yeah, I didn't believe that either. ............

They got married and raised two red short haired dachshunds ....... and a girl and a boy. The girl and the boy each got married, moved far away and adopted cats. (The girl DID also adopt a wonderful dog named Hershey.)

My Dad works for a company that makes electricity the nuclear way. He teaches and writes and asks people questions, as far as I can tell from listening to him and Mom talk while they eat dinner. He likes 'hard to understand' books, computers and sci-fi shows on TV. He reads newspapers from all over the world on-line for fun but he does not read my blog! (I know .. it hurts, but I am getting over it.)

My Mom has a new part-time job (6 days) and I'm not sure WHAT she is doing just yet. All I know is she works at the same place she used to work but in a different part, and she is leaving me outside now and not in the evil kitchen. She likes children, knitting, exercising, writing and taking pictures with her digital camera. She also likes to decorate ...... but she has a hard time making decisions about decorating so it takes her a long time to decorate. She likes to try to keep up with technology and computers and cameras and phones and so she considers herself a cool grandmother (which she is now that Hershey's Mom made her and Dad grandparents.) She also knows that Tang tastes pretty sugary and not too much like orange juice. She doesn't think astronauts drink it anymore either, but we can ask Hana about that I guess.

I am not going to tag Pippen, Meeshka and Zach because they can tell about their secretaries if they want to.


Molly the Airedale said...

I can't believe your dad doesn't read your blog! It's much more entertaining that a dumb old newspaper!

Love ya lots,

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
Your Dad sounds like mine..BORING!! He enjoys "educational" stuffs and is forever watching Discovery Channels. Your Mom is cool..and I didn't believe that picture was taken just a couple of days either. Good try Copper's Mom!
Tangs doesn't taste that good..Mom remembers drinking it when she was a kid.
PS : I hope you get more could your Mom take so long with your barkday pressies.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Copper, that picture of your parents look cute. Your mum sure did a great job with your blog.
I've never tried Tang before. Is it yummy?

~ girl girl

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
Maybe your dad doesn't know about your blog!! Tell him!!
That picture of your parents looks like it was taken two days ago, sure!!
My mom says she drank Tang when she was a kid, but no longer. She says its not the same!!
Have a good night

Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper, its me again!
Thanks for the tip about the treats. My mom is going to create something because we don't have those bones here. I have a kong ball, maybe that will work!
My mom has been knitting for a long time, since she was like 12 years old. My mom is left handed so my grandma had a hard time teaching her! But she learnt and to this day she has made like 80 sweaters and summer blouses. She told me that at certain time she didn't have enough money to buy christmas presents so she made 16 sweaters to give them as gifts for her family and some friends! Now she is trying to knitt a sweater for me... but she says that is more difficult than one for humans!

Isabella said...

That is a great picture of your folks! Sounds like they stay very busy with their work. Wow- your mom is working 6 days a week now? I bet that tires her out. You should be extra good for since she is working so hard.
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

Your Mom must be working again so she has money to buy you your birthday present. Good Mom!!!

Günter said...

Hei ("hi" in norwegian)

Sorry for my absence the last couple of months, but as you understand my folks have been seriously busy...

They met at McDonalds??? How romantic... :-)


JustMeCopper said...

not six days a week Isabella, she's only been doing her new job six days.

Gwyn Valentine said...

Oh that is a lovely picture of you parents. Looks like some pictures of a Romance flim!

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

Hey dad doesn't know too much about my blog either. if something ever happened to mom and couldn't help me blog, I'd be in trouble! Oh....and Tang is yumm-o!

Lots of love,

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
Can I have your email?? :) Would like to share something with you.
PS : If you have Hershey's email, that'd be great too!

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Cool picture of your mom and dad Cooper. You didn't mention that they also raised a cute black and tan long-haired Dachshund....

They should take you to McDonald's with them on their anniversary and get you a burger to celebrate. Tell 'em Pip said so.

Now, I have to think about whether to tell about my secretary.....

See ya

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Copper,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back & sign my guest book. When you have time, you should list your blog on You'll find a lot of your mates there.

My mum and dad are from America too - from Los Angeles, but I'm a real Aussie girl. I'm sowy to hear your mum is leaving you outside.

xxx Asta down under

Sasha said...

Does Tang taste good? It looks funny. But sugary is good.
Bet it's not as sugary as that pound of fudge I stole from the table that time....

Hana said...

Hey Copper! That was a great post about your family, and mine too! I didn't know my parents were astronauts... they never give me Tang. Cool picture of your parents. Was one parent working at McDs and the other came in for food, or were they from opposing football teams? I should go head on over to McDonald's too to find my one true love.... anyone want to join me?

Oh, and did your mom ever change the light fixture in the kitchen?

Anonymous said...

Oh super cool photo of your mom and dad! I enjoyed learning more about them!

Ivy said...

hey hey copper! this is reelly fun finding out about everydog's secretaries! i cant beleeve that your dad has no interest in your funny bloggy. i think you shud post silly picktures of him so we can all snicker and he wont even see them!

tee hee! i am so bad!

i will gladly meet hana or anydog else at a mcdonalds if if means i get a hamburger! mmmmmm.... double the meat and hold the bun!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper, I heard from Hershey you mailed the pressies to him. I hope his Mom finds time to blog for him soon. It's ok to destroy Mr Brown Bear. That's what toys are for. I wanna see the after pikture of him!!