Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I got a package in the mail today from Luckie in Singapore!! Actually, the package was addressed me and Hershey. Mom says I have to share it with him later. (Shucks!) The package had pretty stamps on it and a customs sticker that said the package contained 'toys.' I did not need to read the sticker. I could smell the toys ...... and the treats inside the package! Mom put the package down on the porch outside where the light was good and wanted me to POSE with it. POSE? What was she thinking?? I grabbed the package and took it out in the yard and started trying to open it by myself! Forget the pictures Mom, there are presents inside.

But Mom took pity on me and opened it for me and gave it back to me and I put my head inside and pulled out the presents. This picture is very blurry because I was very busy.

There were two stuffed toys with squeakers inside, a bag of tiny dog biscuits, a bag of pretzels and a note frm Luckie.

Mom let me taste one of the pretzels. It was yummy. I think they are pretzels. I can't read the words on the package so I can't tell you what it says. That is not unusual because I can't read yet. But even Mom said even she can't read the words. What language is this Luckie?

I picked out the stuffed chicken and will save the bear for Hershey. I will split the treats with him too. (Mom says I have to.) This is the chicken. Hmmm, he needs adjusting. I think he has too many arms and legs, I will have to work on that.

Inside was a note from Luckie. You can read the note. It says I can pull the pants off the chicken (it actually says RIP them off!) and Mom will put them back over and over again. Wow, that sounds like fun. I wonder if Mom will cooperate?

So decided to try it. I ripped the pants of first thing. No Mom, you can't take it away from me!!! No, I don't want you to put the pants back on yet. I just got them off.

Thank you very much Luckie for the package!!!! Hershey, you better come get the bear before I rip his pants off.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper.
Wow! Nice presents from Luckie!
I am sure you will have lots of fun ripping off those pants from the chicken!!
Did you like the treats??
Like your mom said you have to spare some for Hershey!
Have a good night

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper!!

Oh my dog, the package finally arrived!!! I am so happy, I was worried it got lost cos I mailed out like 3 weeks ago. I hope you like the squeaky toy cos I have erm..gone thru a couple of those toys too.
Doggyman is a japanese brand. They make great toys and lotsa of YUMMY treats!!
I was hoping Hershey would still be around to get his share. Too bad then.... :)Be good and share alrighty?

Hana said...

Oh my goodness! I think Luckie has a crush on you and Hershey! You even proposed to Luckie the other day to be boydog/girldog. Is this Luckie's way of saying YES!!!???? Hmmm, did Hershey already finish his visit at your house?

Luckie is so sweet to send you presents. It's neat to get something from sooooo farrrr awayyyyy.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh those are fun and yummy stuff that Luckie sent you. Are you going to name your chicken stuffie? Woh his pants can be rip off...So fun~

~ girl girl

Duke said...

I never had a stuffy dolly that you can dress and un-dress! Luckie thinks of everything! The dog biscuit treats sure look yummy!

Love ya lots,

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Wow, Copper, you have international toys! Luckie is so nice to send you presents even if you do have to share with Hershey. You did a good job of getting the pants off of that chicken. We can't wait to see how you re-design him!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

Wow Copper, those are some cool pressies! You are such a lucky pup!

L said...

Hi ya Copper,
Wow, you are so lucky to get pressies from so far away. Looks like you had lots of funny ripping the pants off of that stuffie.


Asta said...

Those prezzies look wonderful I weally like the stuffy chicken, good choice...that was vewy nice of Lucky to send you such nice were the pwetzels?
have a good time with all your new stuff
smoochie kisses

Gwyn Valentine said...

Hi Copper!
WOW! Those are really really pretty pressies! That was soo soo nice of Luckie Girl!