Friday, November 24, 2006

guest blog from Hershey!

hey, this is hershey, we decided to guest blog on each other's blog! yesterday my mom and dad had to go have thanksgiving at my dad's mom's house. (she won't let me come in her house, so i'll let you guess who is my favorite grammy!!!! and she wonders why i don't know who she is whenever she visits mom and dad??!!!) so i stay with copper and i LOVE IT!!!! but i really really really love it when my mom and dad are here with me and copper. so i was really SAD and BORED when they had to leave. AND copper's mom made us stay outside for most of the day while she made yummy turkey! but secretly we love it out here, i mean look at us we look very happy! in the sun and on the sofa and together. aren't we cute... let me in...i want turkey!!

where is my mom and dad! when are they coming home??!


Hana said...

Hi Copper, Hi Hershey! I hope you got some turkey last night! HaPPY ThaNksGIving!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you two are having fun. Did you get some turkey? My people took Hamish and Rafe and were gone all day long. They had our pet sitter come in and check on me, Renzo and Tansy-but we still sure missed our people. They felt bad, though, so they've hung out with us all day today.

Is Nixon behaving?

I saw you both had blankets in your crates--Copper, how'd you convince your mom?

Ivy said...

she made you stay outside while she cooked the turkley? wuz she askared that you would open the oven and jump in? tee hee! my peepol let me stay inside and smell all those wunnerful turkley smells and see that giant bird all steamy and yummy but then i only got the tiniest piece ever! oh well. at least i got some sour cream licks.

i hope your mom and dad came back to give you lots of love and some pieces of turkley!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hershey and Copper,

My Poppa and Nana don't let us come out to their house either. Sometimes they let me, but they don't even want to HEAR about my sissies and foster sissies/brothers.

Looked like your weather was nice too. It is really warm here today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Copper & Hershey,
You two look so cute sitting on the sofa outside. Our Mama let us stay in the house while she cooked a big dead birdie. It sure smelled & tasted good!
Glad you received our card so fast. We just mailed them on Wednesday.
Hope you both had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Wirey Hugs!!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Thanks for stopping by our blog too!