Saturday, November 18, 2006

That's a whole lot of blue jeans ....

Well, what can I say ..... I have a boring life. I don't have a game on my blog like Ivy. My Mother doesn't put shirts on me like Meeshka and I don't have a sister or brother like Isabella or Max and I don't ever go anywhere like Roxie, Sam or Andy.

But I have pictures of cotton.

Yes, my Mom took these pictures when she was driving is southern Georgia (without me!) last weekend. They were harvesting cotton and she thought is was interesting so she took pictures. Meeshka, this is what your dreaded shirt is made of.

This is the cotton on the bush.

This is a field of cotton.

This is what they do to it after they pick it with machines.... squish it into these big bales.

You cannot tell how big it is in the picture, but it was as big as a semi truck.

P.S. Hershey is coming to visit me on a few more days!!! Yipee! Then we can work on our Christmas cards.


Anonymous said...

you mom loves to take pictures! i am seeing lots of pictures of the upcoming grandchild in her future!


Anonymous said...

Cotton looks kind of like what's in plush toys--maybe you could gut some toys and then your mom wouldn't have to drive to GA--she could take pictures of cotton in your living room.

Have fun with Hershey--is Nixon coming too?

You and Hershey need to have a heart-to-hear about "toddlers"--let me know if you need any pointers

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Copper,

I think your Mom should come to my house...everyday Lily makes cotton in our living room. Maybe your Mom could bring you and Hershey to my house....None of my blog friend are close enough to visit me.

pout (ps. I hope Nixon is coming too he was a lot of fun to herd vicariously through you.)


Isabella said...

That's no fair that you didn't get to go on the cotton tour ride. But great news that Hershey is coming to visit you. Hope you have lots of fun together.
Big Wags,

Justin said...
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Ivy said...

hey hey copper! have lots of fun with our favorite doglet! dont keep your parents up all nite!

that cotton is hugely enormous! that is enuf cotton to fill up my gard bears reelly reelly big! then they cud be HUGE gard bears and skare all the skwerrels! did your mom bring any of that cotton home from her trip? maybe you can stuff up your toys!