Friday, November 03, 2006

Some dogs need love ...

Yesterday I learned from Isabella that Dr Susan from Pet Peeves is blogging again and I went and read her blog today. She talks about the opportunity she had to help some unfortunate dogs in Bimini.

I told my Mom about Dr Susan and she told me about the unfortunate dogs she saw in Thailand one summer. Here are some pictures she took of them. Mom says there are unfortunate dogs and cats everywhere .... dogs and cats who have no one to give them food at all .... even ONCE a day, or to take them to see the doggie doctor to get ouchy shots and keep them from making more unfortunate dogs. They have no one to trim their nails or make them capes or brush the stickers from their fur. They don't have crates or toys or soft beds. They have no one to write them blogs either. It makes my Mom very sad. I guess everydog should give their Mom or Dad a lick and thank them for all the love and care they get.

This guy lived at an elephant farm.

This dog ate bananas that the elephants dropped.

Hi, will your give me some bananas?

This little guy needed a haircut.

This scrawnie kitty lived at the elephant farm too. He needed food and a bath.


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

We are so very lucky Copper. I thank my lucky stars that my mom & dad picked me just before it was too late. My mom does what she can. Mom was sad at the dogs that ate bananas tho that is better than nothing. I think I'm going to go kiss my mom and dad.


Isabella said...

Yes, we are so lucky to live with good humans. There are way too many humans that don't care about animals, some are even mean to their own human children! Heck, alot of bad stuff is done to dogs and cats right in our own home towns- I hear about it on the news. My Humans are news junkies so I hear alot of sad and scary stuff- I don't know why they like the news because it is usually about bad humans doing bad stuff.
But we sure all hit the jackpot when we got our humans, didn't we? And I sure do love my Humans!
Big Wags,

Günter said...

I got a bit sad when I read your post. Hopefully some humans will help these dogs and give them some food. And I'm agree with you - we are lucky with our humans



Anonymous said...

I would say we could send them our leftover food but we don't have any leftover food.

JustMeCopper said...

Charlie, were you rescued?

Isbabella, you are so right ... we did get good humans.... except righ now mine won't share her brownie with me.

Gunter, don't be too sad. We are only dogs and can't do anything about it. I think the elephants tood care of those dogs anyway.

Zach, actually I have some leftover food right now because my Mom switched my food to one with more oil. Yum. I could send them my old food I guess, but how would I get it there? Or I could give it to Hershey, he always wants my food.