Monday, November 27, 2006

Cats are spys ....

Now that Hershey and Nixon have gone home, I want to share with you the only picture we got of Nixon the whole time he was here visiting us. I told you he was a spy ..... and here is the proof. He stopped his spying at things outdoors to spy on my Mom's knitting! See the knitting needles in the picture? I bet he is trying to figure out what she is making for Christmas ... if she ever gets to finish it that is. You cannot see it in this picture but he has a new collar .. indicating that he has switched spy organiazations. Whatever organization he is now with, does not require him to rendevous with anyone here at the house because he did not try to escape this time.

I got three more cards today from my dog friends. It is fun to get mail. I get more Christmas cards than my Mom! I am going to save all the cards and send them to Hershey so he can see them. Have you noticed how fun it is to see the stamps from the other countries? I am glad I have friends.

To those of you who have followed my life in my new kennel/prison ..... I have done REALLY well. I have not tinkled in it yet! My Mom is really curious to know if I lay down in it without soft blankets and take a nap and so today she tried to sneak inside to see me in it before I could hear her. It didn't work. I had three hard bones and one soft stuffed toy in there with me today and the stuffed toy was still in one piece when Mom got home. As soon as she lets me outside, I go poddy and want to come right back inside where I go right to the kennel/prison and get all the toys out one at a time and take them in the dining room and play with them. Mom think that I should be bored with them after being with them all day, so she thinks that is wierd. Maybe I am taking a nap after all.

Have you noticed there is no Cats With Blogs organization?


Hana said...
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Anonymous said...

Good observation about no cats with blogs--I think it's because cats are less skilled at getting humans to type for them-they seem to put most of their energy into getting yummy food at weird hours and sitting in laps for snuggles.

I'm glad things are going well with your crate and good job holding it til your mom gets home.

JustMeCopper said...

Thanks Pippin. I knew I could hold it. I just didn't want to.

The cats I know are good at having sharp places and at hiding. Plus I think they just don't feel the need to tell anyone anything.

Isabella said...

Well, of course you take all your toys out- you want them to get out of prison, too! I did the same thing with Little Puppy when I used to have to sleep in a crate. I would go outside and potty, and then come back in to free Little Puppy from the evil crate.
Big Wags,

Fu Fu said...

Hey guys, Nixon really looks like a spy. You sure he's not spying on you guys?

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Copper, so glad to hear that prison is treating you well! I was imprisoned yesterday for the first time in months. Our neighbors were putting up bright statues in their yard and I didn't like it very much so I let my family know. My girl said I really needed to take a nap. I guess that's true because I fell right asleep when I went in.
Toys in the crate with us.... it's nice to have something soft and comfy, but I get mad when the girl gives me a kong with a treat in it. Everyone knows you need to chuck the kong down the stairs in order to get the treat out! Can't do it in the crate!! DUH! Humans are so dumb!

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hiya Copper,

thanks for dropping by my smelly blogplace...this is my first time at your one too. I'd be happy to add you to my list of droolable links, if that's ok with you?

Now, I think you've made a very interesting observation about no Cats with Blogs organisation. Methinks it's because cats couldn't possibly get it together to be interested in each other. Too self-absorbed, they are.

But they do make good spies. I guess they have to be good at something.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Ivy said...

i agree with tin tin that cats are just waaaay too full of themselves to think about posting interesting things for others to look at.

or maybe it is part of theyr code of silence. once they become spies they cant blog. hmmmmmm!