Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrestling on many levels ...

With a lot of effort, I have wrestled my blog away from Hershey's baby. Sure she's really cute AND my Mom is totally in love with her. Sure she misses her and doesn't get to see her often enough but I AM RIGHT HERE MOM! Right in front of you!!!! Pay attention to meeee please!

I had an awesome weekend. I went on a car ride to see Hershey! (and his baby.) Mom and Dad took me and Grandaddy on a long car ride. We drove and drove and when it was way past my bed time we got to Hershey's house. Mom and Dad stopped the car and handed me out the window to Hershey's family and DROVE AWAY! Yes, they drove away!! I forgot about them really quickly because, of course, there was running and humping to be done. Hershey and I ran and chased and did zoomies all around the house in the dark until Hershey's Mom and Dad grabbed us and wrestled us still in bed and told us it was 2:30 in the morning and time to sleep. So we slept.

We had a great weekend. We slept together and chased and barked and chased and barked. Every now and then, Mom and Dad came by and ate or played with the baby, or watched tv. But I stayed with Hershey. Hershey and I also did high chair watch. This is high chair watch.

Hershey has a great gig going here. Three times a day he gets to do high chair watch. This is what you do.... you stand and watch the baby eat and wish that she will not like what her Mom gives her to eat. If she does not like it, she whisks it off her chair and SHAZAM, you get to eat it!!! Ham, cheese, bananas, strawberries, sweet potatoes, peas, bagels, crackers ... you name it .. it's a veritable smorgasbord.

The only problem is ... Hershey's mother is very strict and the minute the baby throws her food on the floor, she gets it taken away from her, so we only got a little bit and it is only one shot. But it is still way more food than I ever get at my house.

Wrestling chapter 2 .. tomorrow.


Hana said...

Sounds like high chair watch is similar to waiting for a pinata to empty its contents, except that only one of each type of candy makes it to the floor. Copper, you gotta get a baby at your house so you can play high chair watch.

Asta said...

Hi Copper
I think it's gweat to be on chaiw watch..even if it's just a little it's still a tweat..that oictoowe of you and Hershey suwe is adowable
smoochie kisses

Hana said...

I can't believe your parents just handed you out the window....