Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow, and I just got to take a Heartworm pill ...

My Mom has a new friend at work and her dog got out of the yard this weekend. She drove around in her car looking for him and put up signs and even posted something on the internet. (My Mom is now curious how and where you do that.) She went to the pound today and didn't find him there and just as she was leaving the pound, a lady called. He had been at a neighbors house playing with her dogs and her kids all weekend. She was so happy to have him back. Here is her note:

I would like to thank everyone for their many
prayers that brought Reese home! He decided
to take a Memorial Day Weekend off and visit
some neighbors. They ate pizza, played fetch,
watched tv and even took a bath! He was
mad that he had to come home.

I asked God to take care of my dog and he
got treated better than at my own house.

Thank you to all my friends. You are such
a blessing to me.

Many Blessings Back to You!,

Wow, the highlight of my weekend was I got to take my Heartguard. I love that stuff. Where is that hole in the fence again?


robin ellsworth said...

Be happy with Heartguard. The grass is not always greener on the other side. God protected Reese this time but if he continues to run away from God's protection, he might not meet a nice family the next time. You're smarter than Reese. Love, Mrs. Robin

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Thank his Dogness that Reese is alive and safe now. It could have be lots worse. Please forget about looking for a hole in the fence. It can be a big bad world out there.


Hana said...

Heartguard? I don't have to take heartguard. It's not that big of an issue where I live. What does it taste like though?

I think Reese was lucky to find a family to play with and who treated him well. Not all dogs are lucky in that way, Copper. I think you should forget about the hole in the fence! Listen to Mrs. Robin and Mona!

Hmmmm, how come the family that found Reese didn't call sooner?

robin ellsworth said...

Hey Hana, The nice lady put signs out on her street which led out to one side of the neighborhood that she used. I had signs on the other street going to the opposite side which crossed the highway into my neighborhood. She never saw my signs but her friend called her about it and they figured out it was my Reese. She already had 3 dogs and 2 boys, she was happy Reese went home! Though she said he was very well mannered. He was very blessed this time. Mrs. Robin

JustMeCopper said...

Hana, Heartguard is really necessary for dogs here. It helps keep us dogs from getting heartworms. I love to eat dead worms on the sidewalk (even though my Mom says it is gross) but she says heartworms are bad bad bad. So, I don't know. Heartguard is a chewy aquare brown thing that tastes yummy. Think of a small piece of brownie. I take it once a month and Mom says it is expensive. I don't know about that part. I can also tell you it comes in a plastic bubble with a foil cover much like some medicines. Mom sometimes opens medicines like that and I come RUNNING, only to be dissapointed ... no this is not for you Copper! Shucks I say.

Hana said...

Mrs. Robin, is Reese gonna start a dog blog? I think he should! He probably has a lot to say!
Hana the Dog

JustMeCopper said...

Hana, do like Reese better than me? Because if you think you do, I am going to tell him to not start a blog.

Your best friend,

Hana said...

Dear Copper,

Why would you think I like Reese better than you? I love your bloggy Copper. You are so handsome and cute and BRAVE, too! You have given me new meaning to dachshunds! (though I'm not sure how to spell that) Shhh, but frankly, I like smaller doggies like your dogself. And Hershey too. I wish Hershey would blog again, but it's still fun when you blog about Hershey and Hershey's baby.

By the way, over here I only have to have Frontline Plus applied on my back. There are ticks in my backyard, but no fleas... still, I gotta take Frontline Plus for ticks and fleas. Frontline Plus is expensive, too, but my Mom says it's so much better than those old flea collars that never really worked many years back. Thank dogness for Frontline, she says! But, even though I am protected from those critters, she doesn't allow me free roam in the backyard to take care of business. I have to be speedy, then come right back inside!

Hana the Dog