Friday, May 30, 2008

Uhh ... can you move over please?

Everydog knows that beds are very important. People like them too. I am really good and share my bed with my people. Here I am sharing it with Hershey. See how big it is? It's plenty big enough for Hershey and I to nap in. Notice we are just napping here because the sheets are not not turned down. Us dachshunds like to sleep UNDER the covers at night. But to remain ever vigilant during the day, sometimes we sleep on TOP of the covers so we can hear danger coming.

Sometimes I nap in actual "DOG BEDS." I hesitate to admit it but I do. They are soft and cozy and easy to get into for quick naps and best of all, they are ALL MINE. I never have to share them with my Mom or my Dad. Here I am sharing one with Hershey. We weren't napping here because a treat was coming, as you can see by our faces. But we have napped together in this bed ...believe it or not. These little dog beds also make great teeth sharpeners/stress relievers/chew toys.

Hershey has his own dog bed in the kitchen of his house. Sometimes he has to relinquish it to Nixon unfortunately. At least he got to sleep on a nice fluffy towel, I guess.

Why am I writing about beds? Well it seems that my Mom and Dad are thinking about getting me a new bed. And I don't mean a dog bed. I can sleep in it at night but I will have to share it with them. They say my people bed is old and worn out and I need a new one and since I like to sleep between them up by the pillows, they think I need a KING size people bed. Everydog, I am not sure what that means. Does that mean I will be a king? Will it look like this? Because I think this looks kinda sissy-fied.

I have seen pictures of this other bed on my Mom's computer. I wonder if this is what she is talking about? It looks comfy and I think there is room enough for me .... AND Mom and Dad. It comes in black and cream but Mom says it is wishful thinking.

I don't really care what color she gets ... as long as she doesn't hog the covers. Ahhhh .... bye for now, I have to take a nap.


♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hey Copper,

You guys do look comfy. It's good to see Hershey again. Is he living with you now? JB, Hana & I are ready for another adventure. Does Hershey want to run away again?


JustMeCopper said...

Mona, I thought for a few hours that Hershey WAS going to come live with me, but it looks like he isn't. He lives a long car ride away and I don't get to see him very much, unfortunately.

No, I don't think he wants to run away anymore. He had too great of a thing going eating food the baby drops.

Hana said...

I like the new people bed you might get, Copper. It looks like you can get those little half step/foot rest things that go near the end of the bed so that you can jump up on it first, and then make your way up to the actual bed. It's good the people thought of those things for us dogs. People can be smart sometimes.

Lady Kaos said...

My mini dachsie sister and my mom shared a king sized bed for awhile before they had to move back to my mom's mom's (aka, the mean lady) house and Mom says a king is NOT big enough for a dacshund. She said my dachsie sister would take up 3/4 of the bed. Mom said it took them awhile to adjust to moving to the mean lady's house because then they had to share a twin bed and that didn't work out very well at all. good luck!