Saturday, July 28, 2007

X27 Technology

BAM! Ruff, ruff, ruff, grrrr, ruff, ruff ruff ruff, grrrrr, ruff BAM squeal, ruff ruff ......

Sorry dogfriends .... (breathing heavy) that was me barking at Nixon while I chased him upstairs. I told him "GET off my computer!" I bet he is the reason Mom's computer crashed ... evil cats ...........

Hershey and I made up. Now I know Nixon put him up to the birdy thing and so I have forgiven him. We're buds. He is really sorry. You see, he is just a little guy ... only two years old ... so he is very impressionable and can be influenced easily. I'll have to talk to him about staying away from cigarettes. Anyway, we're cool.

If you don't mind listening to Billy Mays, you can go
here and see a chocolate long haired dachshund that looks a lot like Hershey. The dachshund is getting a bath .... er .... he is being DRIED OFF from a bath. You also get to see a very bad wig on a lady that is cleaning her refrigerator, and of course you get to listen to Billy Mays. Don't you know he is really annoying to live with? ... you know, with that voice? There is another dog on the commercial but I can't tell you what kind, just that he's brown and also needed those fancy absorbent towels for some reason.

Speaking of baths, I have heard Mom say the B word today so I am expecting it soon. If she takes my collar off, I know what comes next. I hate baths.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Copper
I am so happy to hear that you and Hershey had made up. You are the best friends no matter what happens.
I watched that commercial and certainly Billy Mays has a ver annoying voice!
Good luck with your bath!
Take care

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Copper, we are very glad that you and Hershey are friends again. We love both of you and we would be heartbroken if you were not friends anymore. Does Hershey really need X27 technology to get dry after a bath? That must be some luxurious thick coat he has! You have our sympathies in advance it you end up getting a bath but now you've put the idea into Mom's head!! Oh no!!!!

Tansy said...

Dogness, Copper! There has been some Drama at your House! I still believe Hershey to be Innocent. He knew Not what he did, and he is Young. It is Good that you have Forgiven him.

I believe Cats to have a different Wisdom than Dogs. Hence my fascination with our Flock Cats. Perhaps Nixon knew something about that Bird?


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Copper,
I'm glad you and Hershey are friends once again. Keep Nixon away from the compooter!! He's up to no good.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

So glad to hear that you and Hershey have made up and that Nixon is that one that made Hershey did it

~ girl girl

Marie said...

Copper, that is so funny that you mentioned baths (I HATE THEM) because my mom just gave me one today. BLAH! I hope you mom doesn't put you through the torture my mom put me through a gew hours ago!

Ivy said...

cats and baths haf one thing in common... no good can come of either one!

i am sorry that nixon caused so much trubble. we all luv hershey too much to be mad at him.

Isabella said...

Aw geesh! Hershey is as bad as Emmy! If we got those two together there wouldn't be a live snake, toad, lizard or bird alive for miles.
Big Wags,

Miss Reina said...

Hi Copper,
I'm so glad you and Hershey made up. Cats can be really evil sometimes. You gotta make sure Hershey dun get brainwashed by Nixon!


Ricky Pepper said...

Oh my dogness! Dead birds, baths and broken computers! What the heck is going on?? Head for the hills!