Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The things my Mother does without me ....

Today my Mother had another big adventure without me. She took her Daddy to this big grassy place and walked a lot. She says she had a wonderful time and will always remember it as a very special time with her Dad. It didn't matter that she doesn't care much for golf or that the tickets were a pain in the neck ....... or that I COULD NOT GO! She was glad to be able to take him to this special place. She took these pictures just for me to post on my blog.

She tells me that this dog was selling tickets (and buying tickets if you were willing to sell them) at an appropriate distance from the gate. Mom didn't need to buy a ticket from him but she took his picture anyway.

This is a big sign. It does not have my name on it.

My Mother did not have a special chair like this to sit in.

She was happy to sit in the lovely green grass ....

and look at the beautiful trees ....

and the gorgeous flowers .....

and the scenery ..... It was a lovely day.
Everydog ........and every peepol ...... spend some special time with your loved ones while you still have them.


Hana said...

Masters? Is that where humans learn how to become masters to their pets? Well, I gotta tell you that the humans need refresher courses because, at least in this household, *I* am the Master of the Humans!! I think the 3 videos of me teaching my parents tricks says it all.

Anyhow, you should start writing a book about the things your Mother does without you... Like how Ivy should write a book about things Ivy doesn't get to eat.

Hmmm, have you been calling your mom "Mother" lately??? Did you used to do that before? Well, it reminds my mom of the movie Psycho where Anthony Perkins would likely call his mom "Mother" instead of "Mom."

p.s. Your mom is a good picture taker.

Anonymous said...

Dang - it's still snow covered here. No lovely grass to eat. I think the dog was scalping tickets so the lady didn't get in trouble. Cheaper to get bailed out of the dog pound than the human pound.

Rafe said...

Hey Copper,

Sounds like your mom had a real nice day. I got to visit my person's parents this week, it made her happy too (I'll write about it.)

Course, you're one of your mom's loved ones too, and it's good she can see you a lot now too!

Wish I saw an Easter Bunny! We only have squirrels.


Tansy said...

Good day, Copper!

What a lovely Place your mom visited with her father! Perhaps best you did not go along - where would you have done your Necessary Business? I know I prefer to be discrete. And I have heard that sometimes odd white balls fall out of the Sky there.

Pippin gave all of us Flock members our own Email and Photograph. Therefore we can each leave Comments and write Guest Blog entries on her Blog. We did not each want our very own Blogs, Goodness!

Best wishes,

Shmoo said...

Look at that pristine yard... it sure does need a bunch of us out there making sure there are no grubs, moles, or other tasty things to bother the humans.