Wednesday, April 11, 2007

'Robin's egg blue'

I told you this place was for the birds .....

Some robins nested in the climbing rose bush on the front porch. Mom named her Rosie or Rose because she is in a rose bush.

"Will you please stop looking at me?
You're scaring me. Go away, I am trying to sit here on my eggs."

Three so far. I read they lay usually lay four eggs. This is where they get the color ..... 'robin's egg blue.'

Then Mom decided the Daddy robin should be Charlie after the character on 'The African Queen.'

This is Rose and Charlie from the movie.

Is this Rose or Charlie? I can't tell.


Tansy said...

Oh My, Copper! You now have Responsibilities! Your mom will now understand when you bark - it is to protect the robins!

My people once sat for several hours, waiting and watching a baby robin take its first flight out of a nest. Maybe you will too?

Lovely pictures, especially the eggs.


Isabella said...

I wonder if those pretty blue eggs would taste good scrambled? The white eggs that grow in the fridge (I wonder if there is a refrigerator bird that lays them?) sure taste good scrambled.
Big Wags,

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Very cool bird houses...but why would you want birds to be on your turf? That is one of my jobs, to keep the birds out of our rose bushes. They keep flying in there and making all kinds of noise...I chase them out but they keep coming back.


Günter said...

Wow, never seen a bird like that before! Seems like your folks really enjoy beeing around birds!

Nice colour on those eggs!!!


Hana said...

Are you sure those aren't Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs? They look like chocolate easter eggs to me!! How would you know if you haven't tried them yet.

They sure are pretty! Thanks for showing them to us. I have never seen robin Easter eggs before. You are so smart to know all about blue eggs! That is another reason dogs should vote for you for the Awesome Blog Award. This is not just any dog blog. It's an educational dog blog. Now, what profession did you say your mom was in, hmmmmm? Maybe that is why?

Luckie Girl said...

Hiya Copper,
That was an interesting post. I had never seen a BLUE egg in my life. Mom says she hasn't too. We have this local chinese culture where during the baby's first month birthday, the parents will give out red eggs (dyed) for good luck!!

Fu Fu said...

Woh.. I never seen blue egg before... I hope there are little baby birdies soon. :)

~ fufu

Shmoo said...

My humans sat and watched robins hatch from a nest, flutter down, testing their new wings and new found freedom... and then we ate them.

They were tasty. The humans weren't very pleased.