Monday, April 02, 2007

It was the Easter Bunny ... I'm sure of it!!

Tonight Mom took me for a walk and I saw the Easter Bunny! He was hopping through a yard in my neighborhood. I can't be sure but I think I saw him carrying some candy! I sure hope he brings me some candy! He was brown and cute and he ran really fast. Mom let me try to get closer but, can you believe it, I couldn't catch him!

If you want to know more about what rabbits DON'T like to eat go to this site. But just know if you plant this stuff, the Easter Bunny might not come to your house.


Anonymous said...

We get bunnies in our yard sometimes. They are great fun to chase but we've never caught one. Mom says that's because they are on the OUTSIDE of the fence. Oh.

Hana said...

Speaking of OUTSIDE the fence, yesterday I saw a skwerrel!! Yes sirree I did. But, I could not chase it because it was on the other side of the fence and then it ran up a tree. Oh fiddle-de-sticks. I have never seen a bunny before. Was the bunny that you saw the Cadbury bunny?

Luckie Girl said...

Drats, I thought you managed to catch the bunny!

Isabella said...

We get visits from bunnies, too. But I don't think ours are the Easter Bunny- just plain o' bunnies. Emmy likes to eat their poop- gross!!
Big Wags,

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Looks like your MOm and Granddaddy had a good time even without you (though that's kind of hard to imagine!)

You asked on my blog why Rafe's picture sometimes shows up--each of the dogs in my house except the baby Kyzer has their own account so they can leave their own comments without pretending to be me. Believe me, I wouldn't want Rafe posting using my account!

See ya