Monday, September 18, 2006

They're BACK (with the evil suitcases)!

My Mom and Dad came back! Just when I thought I was never ever going to see my family again, they drove up in the car as I was relaxing on the front porch yesterday. I barked my "Oh my gosh, I am sooo glad to see you!" bark and ran around the yard like a crazy man. They brought the suitcases inside but Mom has not unpacked them and put them away yet, so I am still little nervous. I got to sleep in the big bed with them last night and since they were so very tired, no one moved me from my favorite spot - between them. Mom is home today and I am sticking really close beside her so she doesn't go anywhere, especially with the suitcases.

While Mom and Dad were gone, my friend Miss Cindy took care of me. She came in and fed me and let me outside and petted me and washed my bed. She let me stay outside in my yard on pretty days. But I had to sleep in the kitchen night and day and I was alone and bored except for the TV. (Ask me anything about Animal Planet's programming for the last few days and I can tell you the answer.) One day Hershey called me on the phone and told me he was being held captive by a mean cat. He told me his Mom had taken him over to the mean cat's house and had left him and the mean cat would not play with him. He was sure his Mom has abandoned him forever. I told him to quit whining and get over it and be thankful that at least he had people to stay with ... I was all alone! Too bad he lives so far away or we could have kept each other company.

I read a little of everyone's blogs while I was away and I have one thing to add to The Dachsies list of ways to try Mom's patience. I believe it will top everything you have tried, but I don't recommend it because it will get you in big trouble! This is what you do .... if your Mom gets out an evil suitcase and puts in on the bed and then goes and gets her brand new dress from the closet and lays it on the bed and tells you "This is what I will wear to the funeral Copper." and then she walks back to the closet to get more clothes .... jump up on the bed and pee on the new dress. If you really want to annoy her, try it. But if you hate getting scolded, don't try it. I got in huge trouble and had to go outside while she packed. It was not worth it and she just washed the dress. I was just trying to make it smell like us, it smelled like a store!


Anonymous said...

Oh Copper - you are SO smart! They must have gone away before if you knew about the evil suitcases or why pee on the dress! You're my hero!

Isabella said...

Hi Copper! I am glad your Humans came home. I can only imagine how lonely you must have been. I feel sorry for myself when my Humans leave me alone just for a few hours in the evening. I think you should be extra nice to your mom for awhile 'cause she is probably feeling very sad. No more peeing on her clothes till she is rested up and over her saddness. She needs lots of loving from you right now.
Big Wags,

Elizabeth said...

Copper, I'm sorry about your Grammy's passing. Shame on you for peeing on your mom's dress.

Shmoo said...

Way to go with the peeing on the dress. A few more of those and we'll let you into the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA)... just tell them you have a bit of a thyroid problem if they question your breed :)


Hana said...

Copper, you are a brilliant genius deserving of a Nobel prize of some sort! Peeing on the new dress. They should definitely put this in the Animal Planet news. THAT is definitely the top Patience Test.

I guess another Patience Test would be to pee in the suitcase.

Glad to hear your parents are home. Sorry to hear you were alone day and night. You could have come to visit me. Sorry about your grammy.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...


We are glad your people are home. We are really glad they came home after you peed on your mom's new dress! Now we know why Mom doesn't let us in the bedroom when she is packing her evil suitcase -- she is afraid we will learn tricks from our friends and use them against her! Your mom probably needs for you to cuddle next to her because she will be sad for a little more time. Making moms and dads happy again are what we are best at doing.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Freda said...

Hey Copper,

Please bark your humans we're sorry about your Grammy's passin'. That way too bad.

On the brighter side, dress peein'.... Cooools! Let them know where you stand...or stood. Arf! Arf!

You may not be up to it right now but we're playin' tag again. Can you come up with one two one two (five) attributes that you think might make a true blue dog friend? When you're ready let us know of your great ideas.

Again, sorry about Grammy.



Lacey said...

I hate it when my girl gets out the evil suitcase. She just got back from being gone for 3 days, and when she put the small suitcase away, she pulled out an even bigger one. I think she is going to leave again soon. :-(

Maybe I'll try your trick of peeing on her clothes. She might get mad, but maybe she will stay.