Monday, September 04, 2006

Our adventures ...

Mom told me that today is Hershey's last day here. So instead of laying around the house sleeping we have been busy in the yard guarding the house and looking for adventures. Here is the story of our adventures..... sort of like Isabella's adventures ...only with pictures.

We were out in the yard taking a nap on the soft furniture because it was a pretty day. Suddenly a flock of evil dog eating birds came by. We know they were dog eating birds because we heard them talking about it. Because they could sense that Hershey has some recent experience in bird detection and extermination, they ran away quickly. We were happy that we did not have to hurt them.

Then, just as we had recoved from the bird attack, we heard a noise and smelled a smell we had never smelled before. We jumped into action and went to see what it was. It moved slowly up in the tree that hangs over my yard. We were afraid it would fall from the tree and move slowly into the house and hurt my Mom so we acted quickly. We BARKED and BARKED and BARKED at it. We scared it away in the nick of time. We are not even sure what it was but we are glad the threat is over.

Then we were outside smelling the flowers and we heard heavy footsteps. Hershey heard them first because he is closer to the ground. We looked up and saw these big animals with men on their backs! We barked and barked and barked and tried to scare them away but they kept on coming. One of the came right into the in the yard and we attached him. Hershey bit his toes and I bit his tail. There was alot of blood. Hershey broke a nail but we managed to scare him away. It was close but we did it!

What a day. Wait till we tell Hershey's Mom!


Shmoo said...


they are evil honking things, and when they fly over our yard, I woo at them and stomp my tiny delicate feet and dare them to come and land in my yard where I can teach them a lesson.

Um... not buying the elephants though.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the elephant is a bit much .. maybe you should have tried a moose!

Try not to be too sad when Hershey leaves. On the other hand if you mope around a lot maybe you'll get pizza and ice cream.

Hana said...

Wow, you 2 sure had a big adventure! I feel sorry for the sloth thing that was up in the tree. Didn't you think he was kinda cute? Maybe you could have taught him how to play chase or somethin', especially since Hershey is going home. Maybe the tree thing was a tree dog?