Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pictures from my walk ....

The other day my Mom took me for a walk. I was soooo excited because I love to go for walks and I don't think she takes me nearly enough.

This is how she likes me to walk ... she likes me to do a lit of walking.

This is how I like to walk .... a little walking and a lot of sniffing. This is where Spot tinkled, Spot is very tall.

This where Suzie tinkled. I think I met her once.

I met this little dog on my walk. You can't tell it from the picture but he was tied to a ground screw in his front yard. Ha! I never have to get tied to a ground screw ... well I did once at Hershey's house.... how embarrassing THAT was! The little dog wanted to play with me but I was too busy to play with him because I WAS ON A WALK! So I said so long and goodbye.

It was a nice walk, I can't wait to go again.


Anonymous said...

hey copper we can go on sniffy walks when i come and visit in 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - Hershey's coming back???? You are going to have SOOOO much fun! It will be even better than your walk. Lucky dog!

JustMeCopper said...

Are you coming to see me Hershey? My Mom had not told me yet! Yeah, we can go on walks, it will be fun! Way better that staying with the mean cat!

Isabella said...

The solution is to take two walks a day- one at your Mom's speed and one slow, sniffy walk!
Big Wags,