Monday, September 25, 2006

Doggie Rules .....

I just read the rules on Roxie, Sammy and Andy's Mom posted on their blog and I want to post my own rules BEFORE my Mommy gets any ideas!

Copper's Rules

1. I get to eat at 5 pm, no later. I can tell when it is 5 pm by how dark it is. If it is a cloudy day, I get to eat earlier. If it is a weekday and you get home from work early, I get to eat early. If Daddy feeds me when he gets home and forgets to tell Mom I get to eat again and it is OK.

2. I like to sleep between you and Dad up beside the pillows. You get pillows, why shouldn't I? It is cold at the foot of the bed because the ceiling fan blows directly on me.

3. I am your shadow. If you lay on the couch, I lay on the couch. If you go outside, I go outside. If you go on the deck, I go on the deck. You can go in the bathroom by yourself, that's all.

4. Gas is down to $2.06 now. Hershey needs to come visit me more often.

5. I like to go for car rides. One a day is good. If you go get ice cream, I get to lick the bowl.

6. Walks ... I like slow, short, sniffy walks. Please do not try to walk for exercise, I have to smell things to know what is going on in my neighborhood.

7. I get a doggie cookie when I go outside in the morning. If I go out for Daddy and for Mommy, I get a cookie each time please.

8. If I stand in front of the pantry, it means I want one of my Lamb and Rice jerky treats. I love them and I have no other way to ask for them.

9. I get to lick ALL ice cream bowls, even Daddy's.

10. I can do the following tricks .... sit, lay down, roll over, and stay ... I do not want to learn to 'shake.' Stop trying to teach me that trick.

Dog friends, can you think of anymore rules we need to make?


Isabella said...

I like those rules! And as i just commented at Zach's blog- one more rule.... Grandkids are never allowed to visit my house for longer than one hour. The one at my house right now has over-stayed her welcome, in my opinion!
Big Wags,

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey Copper,

My mom says you are beautiful (though I'm sure she doesn't mean as beautiful as my awesome tri-ness, no offense buddy). She works with a doxie, got him for her employee from a rescue. Personally, I've meet him and you are WAAAY cooler than him.

I love your list it is great. But you missed this one.
a) I get to enforce all disgressions with a nip to the butt. This includes canine (Lily look out!) human kid and human adult alike. I was breed for this purpose and don't try and stop me anymore.

Thanks for visiting me. I love meeting new buds.


Hana said...

Ah, Copper, you need to alter item #7 on your list. You should get a doggie cookie ANYTIME you go in or out, not just in the morning. Plus, you should get a doggie cookie when YOUR PARENTS go IN or OUT, too, each and every time they go in or out, whether it is dog-related or not! When my mom comes inside from the backyard, I demand a cookie!

JustMeCopper said...

Isabella, we are going to have a grandkid soon .. should I be worried?

Max, I would not know abut that nipping on the bottom, I am too short for that.

Hana, I love cookies too. I like your rule.

Anonymous said...

#3 is very true for me too. Except I get to go in the bathroom when my mommy or daddy does too. If they don't let me in I will just scratch at the door and annoy them. It works every time!

Maximillian the Valliant said...
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Maximillian the Valliant said...


Feel free to alter the rule to fit a nip to the heel.

Whatever works!


Günter said...

Hi Cooper,
you have great rules!!

Gas down to $2.06? Is that per gallon or litre?? In Norway it's about $1.8 /litre... Just crazy...


JustMeCopper said...

Per gallon Gunter. I know ... we're spoiled here in the US. People here complained miserably here when it got to $3.00 a gallon this year.... well I didn't ... I'm a dog.

JustMeCopper said...

Gunter, that's per gallon. I know ... we're pretty spoiled here in the US. People complained miserably here when it got to $3.00 plus a gallon earlier this year.

Hana said...

Ah, gas is about $2.55 per gallon over here. So, us Californians don't have drive thru ATMs that dispense dog treats and our gas is expensive! Is there a correlation?