Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knitting, knitting, kniting ....

My Mom is knitting. She just learned to knit and she is either knitting, showing her knitting to Dad, talking about her knitting to her friends or going to the knitting store to get more stuff to knit or to ask them questions about how to knit. I thought my Mom quit her job to stay home with me, not knit.

I think she must be knitting me a sweater. It has been very cold here and I have not gotten to go on a lot of slow sniffy walks because it has been cold .......... and because of the knitting. So, she must be knitting me a sweater. That has to be it. Mom did say something about a baby shower though. Now, Mom takes a shower every day .... but there is no baby here. So, I don't get it.

I like having her home. Today she left me alone and I didn't even have to go in the kitchen. I was a good boy. I will let you know what my sweater looks like ... when I get it.


Hana said...

I wonder if you are a guinea pig... maybe your mom is knitting you a sweater first, learn from it, and then knit the baby a sweater.

Tansy said...

Lovely! One of my people knits. She made a small rug for our most esteemed elder kitty. Alas, no sweaters for us, but we already have double coats. You would look dashing in a cable knit sweater, Copper!


Rosco the wonder mutt said...

First your mom will put you in a sweater, then it will be little sneakers and a goofy hat. Just say no!!!

Lots of love,

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Hey Copper,

That's awesome that your mom learned how to knit. Tell her about a book called "Dogs in Knits" by Judith Swarz--it's a whole book of sweaters you can knit for your dog. Like Tansy said up above, our person hasn't ever knit us a sweater, but she has the book and loves looking through it.

Also, if she *is* knitting for a baby, tell her that knitting a sweater for you will be faster 'cause you're smaller and you won't outgrow it--unless you get portly, but that's not going to happen

See ya