Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally ... a walk!

It was a beautiful day and my Mother took a break from her knitting to take me for a slow sniffy walk. This is actually a picture from a previous walk ... today my brain burned (from knitting) mother forgot to bring the camera.

I met a miniature dachshund named Harley. I did not even know he lived in my neighborhood! He was a brown long haired dachshund with black tips on his ears. He was tiny and needed his feet trimmed something fierce! He looked like one of those chickens with the hairy feet. Mom wanted to tell them man that his dog needed a trim, but she was polite and was quiet. Thank goodness! I hate it when she is rude.

Then I saw a school bus up close. I walked right past it as the bus opened up the door and I looked inside to see what was in there. A nice little girl got off and said Hi to me.

It was a nice day.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Copper, looks like you had a great day with the walk. So how's your mum's knitting coming along?

~ fufu

Hana said...

Are ya gonna get to see the brown long haired dachshund again? Like maybe on a play date? That's so sweet a little girl said Hi to you.

Yeah, like Fu Fu said, how is the knitting coming along. Do we get to see the progress your mom is making.

JustMeCopper said...

I don't think that I can have a play date with this dachshund. His Dad was outside cleaning out his garage and so my Mom spoke to him He seemed like the unfriendly type ... as in he did not care that we even recognized that he had the same kind of dog as me.

The little girl was the daughter of a lady down the street whose kids went to school with Hershey's Mom. That kinda freaked my Mom out. Here she is just getting a grandbaby and this lady's grandbaby is ready to go to middle school.

Yes, you will get to see the knitting as soon as Hershey's Mom sees it. It's a surprise!

Luckie Girl said...

Hi Copper,

Been reading your doggie blog for a while and you always have so much fun!

Hana said...

If the man down the street is a crankypants, maybe the dachsie down the street will runaway from home and want to come live with you.

Shmoo said...

I'm glad you got a slow sniffy walk today!

If you don't get more slow sniffy walks, maybe you'll turn into a fruit like Sam, so you'll need to get more slow sniffy walks.


Anonymous said...

Can I come and walk with you? Our Mom won't go on walks when it's cold and snowy.